The target of 8 million international visitors in 2023: What should Vietnamese tourism do?

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in 2023, the number of international tourists could reach 80% to 95% of the pre-pandemic level. This is a promising context for Vietnam’s tourism to reach the target of 8 million international visitors this year. What should Vietnamese tourism do to get that target.

International press highly appreciated

Over the past month, Vietnam’s tourism has been continuously appreciated by travel websites, media channels and international newspapers, showing many advantages in attracting international tourists. In particular, the travel magazine Travel + Leisure suggested that Vietnam is the leading culinary destination in Asia in the tourism itinerary in 2023 because “in addition to the beautiful natural landscape, historical and cultural relics, value, Vietnam also has a unique, attractive and delicious cuisine”. Besides, this magazine also rated Hoi An as one of the 25 most beautiful cities in the world in 2023.

According to Australia’s Traveler food site, Vietnam’s pho is one of the best dishes in the world; Vietnam’s banh cuon is one of 10 attractive dishes to enjoy in 2023…

In addition, Travel of Path honoured Ho Chi Minh City as Asia’s top trending destination in 2023; listed Son Doong as one of the 10 most spectacular caves in the world. According to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Con Dao is the top destination for sea and island tourism in 2023. The New York Times mentioned Ha Giang in 52 great destinations for tourists in 2023. Lonely Planet suggested , Vietnam is among the 10 ideal destinations for an affordable honeymoon in 2023,…

As for the region, the official website of ASEAN has just posted an article about 6 ASEAN destinations that have been selected as the “Best Destination” by tourists voted by Tripadvisor – one of the largest travel platforms in the world. , including Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An ancient town of Vietnam.

Welcoming the recovery of international tourism

According to a report by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the number of international tourists to Vietnam in 2022 will only reach about 3.66 million, equivalent to over 70% of the target. Although international arrivals are not as expected, in 2023, Vietnam’s tourism industry aims to welcome and serve 8 million international tourists. This is a big challenge, but with the development momentum of 2022 and the prosperous forecasts of international tourism, Vietnam can achieve the set goal.

Despite many difficulties, Vietnam still has many opportunities to increase the number of tourists, especially when the largest tourist market, China, has returned since the beginning of this year. According to statistics of the General Department of Tourism, in January 2023, Vietnam welcomed over 871 thousand international visitors, up 23.2% over the previous month and 44.2 times higher than the same period last year. Currently, the number of international visitors to Vietnam mainly comes from Korea, the US, Japan, and countries in Southeast Asia. In which, the flow of tourists from Asia accounts for a large proportion, especially the increase of visitors from emerging markets such as India and Cambodia.

Notably, the latest UNWTO data shows that every region of the globe has recorded a notable increase in the number of international tourists. More than 900 million tourists traveled internationally in 2022, double the number recorded in 2021 although still 63% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said that 2023 will bring many positive and optimistic signals to the global tourism industry. Accordingly, UNWTO forecasts that the recovery will continue through 2023, even in the face of many challenges, including the economic situation and continued geopolitical uncertainty. In particular, tourism demand from Chinese and American tourists will bring benefits to destinations in the region and globally.

However, the UNWTO still warned that the economic situation could make tourists more cautious in 2023, with spending trending lower, favouring shorter trips and travel closer to home. Thus, for Vietnam’s tourism industry, the intra-ASEAN tourist market will be a very important target market in 2023, besides Asian markets such as China, Korea, Japan, etc. India… The National Administration of Tourism also assessed that “ASEAN is one of the most important markets and partners of Vietnam’s tourism”.

Through strong tourism promotion activities to ASEAN from the beginning of the year until now, Vietnam’s tourism aims to welcome ASEAN delegations soon to attend major tourism events in Vietnam, such as the Tourism Fair. VITM international calendar in Hanoi and ITE-HCMC in Ho Chi Minh City, a series of events of the National Tourism Year 2023 in Binh Thuan province with the theme “Green convergence”, Hue Festival 2023… This is not just an opportunity. to introduce and promote Vietnam’s tourism but also contribute to opening a new stage in tourism cooperation between countries in the region, raising the level of tourism in Vietnam in particular and tourism in ASEAN in general.

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