Opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s tourism industry 2023

Tourism and travel have been identified as having an important role in the socioeconomic development of the country. The government is committed to promoting investment in the tourism and travel sector. Let’s explore with Passionate Travel the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2023.

1. Actual situation of Vietnam’s tourism industry

Before looking at the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s tourism industry, let’s understand the current state of Vietnam’s tourism industry.

Contributing more than 6% to Vietnam’s GDP annually, tourism is one of the most important driving forces for Vietnam’s economic development. The domestic tourist market is still the main driving force of Vietnam’s tourism industry today. As of November 2022, domestic tourism has recorded an impressive growth, with 96.3 million domestic arrivals, exceeding 85 million total domestic tourists in 2019.

After the restriction period because of the Covid 19 epidemic, international visitors to Vietnam continued to recover with a high growth rate. Search volume for Vietnam tourism has skyrocketed after 1 month of opening international tourism. Notably, since fully opening on March 15, 2022, this search index of Vietnam has continuously maintained the highest growth rate in the world, showing a very strong recovery rate. of the tourism industry in the country.

2. Opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s tourism industry 2023

Vietnam is experiencing strong growth in both international and domestic tourism as well as business travel, which is forecast to continue over the next decade.

Domestic tourists, a young population, a strong increase in available money, and an economy with many years of growth ahead are all factors contributing to the development of the tourism and travel industry. increasingly successful in Vietnam. Due to the forecast of strong growth in the tourism industry, the concept of a “sustainable” tourism industry has been incorporated into Vietnam’s tourism development strategy. This recognizes the need to manage the growing tourism industry responsibly, to avoid problems with mass tourism.


2.1 Opportunities in Vietnam’s tourism industry 2023

Aggregated data from Google’s market trend tracking tool shows that international search volume for Vietnam tourism is growing by 50%-75%, the fourth highest increase in the world.

After two years of the prolonged epidemic, organizations and businesses operating in the field of tourism faced great difficulties, even many businesses fell into a state of exhaustion to bankruptcy. The tourism industry in our country is now showing signs of improvement. Since officially opening all tourism activities from March 15, 2022, the Government has issued policies to create the most favorable conditions for international tourists to travel to Vietnam, such as: restore the policy of visa-free entry and exit as before the epidemic, no longer requiring a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 vaccine.

The promotion of Vietnam’s tourism has also been promoted, especially on digital platforms. Especially on the occasion of the 31st SEA Games, the tourism industry took advantage of the opportunity to promote the image of a safe, friendly and attractive Vietnam to Southeast Asian sports delegations and tourists around the world. gender.

Currently, Vietnam has about 132 hotels and resorts branded with corporations operating. In the next three years, the market is expected to see about 80 more hotels and resorts come into operation. This is a development opportunity for Vietnam tourism.


2.2 Challenges of Vietnam’s tourism industry 2023

According to experts, the slow reopening of key tourism markets, visa troubles and restrictions on international flights are the biggest challenges for recovering Vietnam’s tourism industry.

Mr Tran Le Bao Chau – Chairman of Vietnam Small and Medium Tourism Business Forum (VTF) said that although Vietnam has reopened to international tourism since mid-March, some key tourism markets such as China, Japan, and Russia – which used to account for more than half of international visitors to Vietnam before the pandemic – have not fully reopened until the end of the third quarter.

Many foreign tourists have cancelled their trips to Vietnam because they were not granted entry visas for over a month. The current visa policy is a major barrier to the recovery of Vietnam’s tourism.

Nguyen Ngoc Toan, Director of Images Travel, which focuses on European visitors, said the tourism industry is facing challenges in terms of restrictions on international flights and soaring airfares. , making foreign tourists consider choosing destinations closer to home to save costs.

3. Tourism industry trends in 2023

According to Booking.com’s Travel Forecast 2023, the trend of ‘out of coverage’ travel will prevail. The absence of modern amenities is probably not too worrisome when global tourists and Vietnamese tourists in particular, have the desire to return to nature and experience life based solely on conditions. basic and most basic needs (61%).

Tourist resorts in isolated places like Lasik Ecolodge Sapa are increasingly popular with young people. Travellers at a younger age are more willing to put modern conveniences aside for trips that are “out of coverage” – a higher percentage than previous generations.

Either way, in 2023, many Vietnamese tourists will return to nature with friends (61%) or family (32%) to experience wildlife and enjoy the wildlife. use this tourism opportunity as an opportunity to equip necessary survival skills (73%).

In addition, in the context that the environment and natural resources are under great pressure from tourism exploitation activities, the demand for sustainable tourism is currently receiving more attention. Accordingly, experiential activities that contribute to minimizing the impact on the environment and bring positive impacts to the health and spirit of individuals should be focused on developing to match this new trend.


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