Halloween: A Fairy-Enchanted Holiday

Halloween’s original name is All Hallows’Eve, meaning the night before All Saints’ Day. Halloween is usually referred to be a masquerade celebration, and it is a holiday that a lot of teens look forward to and participate in every October.

A Bootiful Night

Today’s Halloween festival originates from the Celtic people, an ethnic group who lived more than 2,000 years ago in the regions that are now England, Ireland, and Northern France.

The early immigrants, the majority of whom came from England and others from Celtic countries, created many distinct customs in America, including Halloween.

Every year on October 31, the Halloween costume festival occurs, and it is an essential component of the event.

Although this day is not a traditional holiday in Vietnam, it has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the impact of Western entertainment and society. More and more families are allowing their children to enjoy and go out over these holidays.

Costumes, Pumpkins, & Candy, Oh My

Every year on Halloween, people dress up in bizarre costumes and makeup to mimic mythical characters, fairy tales, elves, or movie characters. The purpose of dressing up is to create an odd, terrifying, mysterious, and exciting atmosphere that merges in with the holiday’s joyful surroundings.

On this festival, you are likely to encounter strange pumpkin lanterns. This is the main Halloween symbol, and it is related to old folklore.

People carve pumpkins into various face forms and ignite candles inside to illuminate the interior of the pumpkin. These pumpkins are displayed indoors, in front of the house, or in the yard.

Children knock on neighbors’ homes and ask for candy while holding pumpkin cages that have been carved inside. This is a Halloween custom called Trick-or-treat.

For Westerners, they believe that pumpkins represent prosperity and success. They light candles and display them with the hope of bringing luck and happiness to the whole family.

Halloween Activities Out on the Town & at Home

In many nations, Halloween has become an annual entertaining holiday for both children and adults.

Children may acquire some vital knowledge while having fun through amusing, helpful, and intriguing activities, and parents can spend time bonding with their kids.

Home Decorations

Families will work together with their children to come up with ideas and decorate the house according to their own theme to fit into the frightening mood of Halloween. Strange and frightening accessories such as spider webs, bats, skeletons, or zombies are regularly used.

Get together, cook, and participate in some fun activities

Classic Halloween dishes are not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Cookies, pumpkin soup, Barnbrack cakes, and other delicacies are frequently found. All are intricately adorned with odd, sinister forms.

On this holiday, Westerners also have the habit of hosting apple-themed activities. This is seen as a good luck ritual. “Apple Bite” is the most popular and interesting game.

The apples are cleaned and placed in a big water basin. For a limited time, people will be able to pick up apples with their mouths. Of course, the winner will be rewarded appropriately.

Attractive Halloween Vacation Spots

The Halloween holiday has spread to many nations, with each country customizing it to its own traditions and culture.

Mexico appears to be the country that celebrates Halloween the most. They marched through the streets holding candles. This day for them is also considered to remember ancestors and celebrate the good things in life.

Halloween is also celebrated in England, with thrilling parades featuring the famous “Punkie Night Song.”

In France, you can also run into several prominent designers by chance while participating in Halloween parades.

Halloween in Germany is simpler and less frantic. People attend church to pray, pay their respects to the Saints, and pay their respects to departed relatives.

In Vietnam, the Halloween holiday is likewise extremely hectic and colorful.

You can take part in a carnival, experience a haunted house, wander around the fair, and immerse yourself in an energetic music party at West Lake Water Park.

Hang Ma Street is also a well-known tourist destination in Hanoi. Walking down this street, you’ll notice businesses selling eye-catching Halloween costumes and items.

Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street is also a gathering place for young people during this festival. If you are a fashionista and passionate about dressing up as mysterious characters, what are you waiting for? Join in the Halloween atmosphere and make new friends.

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