Cultural Immersion: Moon Garden Homestay in the Heart of Duong Lam Ancient Village

Nestled approximately 55 kilometers away from the vibrant heart of Hanoi, Moon Garden Homestay offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of Vietnamese history and culture. Situated in close proximity to the venerable Duong Lam ancient village, a national and cultural historic relic, this homestay provides visitors with a unique perspective on Vietnam’s heritage.

Location: A Glimpse into History

Duong Lam village, where Moon Garden Homestay is located, is renowned for its distinctive architecture—a reflection of the region’s abundant laterite, a red soil prevalent in the area. The houses in Duong Lam boast courtyards and outer walls made of laterite, harking back to the architectural styles of ancient and historic Vietnamese villages. Strolling through Duong Lam is like stepping into a bygone era, a stark contrast to the bustling urban landscape of modern Hanoi.

House Overview: A Variety of Experiences

Moon Garden Homestay boasts a variety of accommodation options, each designed to offer a unique experience.

  • Ancient Wooden Houses: Elegantly and comfortably restored, these houses include the Frangipani House, Pomelo House, and Mango House. These traditional abodes reflect the gracious era in Vietnam’s history and feature authentic architectural ensembles, providing guests with a glimpse into the nation’s culture.
  • Wooden House on Stilt: These houses represent the typical dwelling of ethnic populations residing in mountainous regions. Restored elegantly and comfortably, these stilt houses offer a shared living experience in a house with beautiful garden and rice field and lake views.
  • Glamping on Sunny Glamping Hill: For those seeking a unique and eco-friendly lodging experience, Sunny Glamping Hill offers luxurious eco-friendly tents. These tents provide adventure travelers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Moon Garden Hall: The ancient Catholic Church, built in 1846, has been carefully restored and now serves as a multi-purpose hall for dining and special events.

Moon Garden Homestay

Room Amenities: Comfort and Convenience

Each accommodation type at Moon Garden Homestay is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. From the Pomelo Suite to the Guava House, guests can expect a blend of tradition and comfort.

Pomelo Suite 

(Standard Occupancy – 4 Adults and 2 Children & Maximum Occupancy – 6 Adults and 1 Child)**
The Pomelo Suite, nestled in tranquil pomelo gardens, offers scenic views of the lake, rice fields, and mountains. This individual house features a spacious living room and two private bedrooms (each 32sqm) with en-suite bathrooms. Room options include double, twin, or triple configurations in both the private bedrooms and the living room. Modern amenities comprise air conditioning, satellite TV, a mini bar, coffee table, safety box, and a wardrobe stocked with traditional clothing. The private bathroom offers a convenient standing shower.

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Mango Suite 

(Standard Occupancy – 4 Adults and 2 Children & Maximum Occupancy – 6 Adults and 1 Child)**
Surrounded by lush mango trees, the Mango Suite provides picturesque views of the lake, rice fields, and mountains. This individual house consists of a generous living room and two private bedrooms (each 32sqm) with private bathrooms. Guests can customize their room setup with double, twin, or triple arrangements in both the private bedrooms and the living room. The suite is equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, satellite TV, a mini bar, coffee table, safety box, and a wardrobe filled with traditional attire. A private bathroom with a standing shower ensures convenience.

Guava House 

(Maximum Occupancy – 2 Adults and 1 Child)*
The Guava House, an elegantly restored private residence (45sqm), features a cozy double bed and a private bathroom. Amenities include air conditioning, satellite TV, a mini bar, tea table, safety box, and a wardrobe with traditional clothing. The private bathroom comes with a standing shower for added comfort.

Moon Garden Homestay

Wooden House on Stilt 

(Standard Occupancy – 18 Adults)
Representing the typical houses of ethnic populations in mountainous regions, this elegantly restored pile dwelling is a spacious shared house (100sqm). It offers captivating views of the garden, rice fields, and the serene lake. Inside, it comprises nine shared rooms separated by curtains and four private bathrooms. The house is equipped with air conditioning, bamboo tables for tea and coffee, and bathrooms with standing showers. Please note that there are no private rooms in the stilt house.

Glamping Fixed Tents 

(Standard Occupancy – 2 Adults and 1 Child)*
The Glamping Fixed Tents offer scenic views of Ba Vi Mountain and a dedicated firecamp area. These fully furnished tents come in two styles—one rustic with vintage wooden furnishings and the other with rattan equipment, creating a serene “zen” atmosphere. Each tent features twin or double beds, a private bathroom, a shower, and complimentary toiletries. Sunny Glamping Hills also offers a barbecue area and a charming bar for evening relaxation, creating a delightful atmosphere for memorable moments.

Glamping Platform Tents 

(Maximum Occupancy – 2 Adults and 1 Child)*
Scattered around the hill alongside the fixed tents, the Glamping Platform Tents provide a cozy experience. These well-structured tents are designed for the best possible comfort. Bathroom and shower facilities are shared among guests staying in the glamping platform tents. Sunny Glamping Hill also features a barbecue area and a delightful bar, adding to the overall experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

*Please note that occupancy numbers may vary based on room type and guest preferences.

Moon Garden Homestay

Cultural, Worshiping Perception, and Historic Architecture

Moon Garden Homestay is not just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to cultural exploration, worshiping practices, and historic architecture. Visitors can participate in a variety of activities, including biking tours, Buddha worship, cooking classes, local interactions, fishing, Yijinjing exercise, and trekking in Ba Vi Mountain. The homestay also houses an ancient Catholic Church, built in 1846, which has been restored as Moon Garden Hall, a venue for special events.

Service and Facilities: Hospitality at Its Best

Moon Garden Homestay offers a range of services and facilities, including high-speed internet, a tour desk, massage services, and a variety of activities to immerse guests in local culture. There are gift shops, bicycles for guests to use, Wi-Fi access, and umbrellas available at reception. The homestay also assists in organizing tours and excursions in North Vietnam.

Dining Experience: Delightful Cuisine

Meal plans at Moon Garden Homestay are based on set menus, with food-only options. Drinks and beverages are charged separately. Guests can also enjoy barbecues at two picturesque locations: the octagonal campfire area for a lively atmosphere and a barbecue area by the lake for a serene experience.

Relaxing in Moon Garden: Unwind and Rejuvenate

The homestay offers a variety of relaxation options, including Vietnamese traditional spa services such as hand massages, foot baths, and steam baths with fragrant herbs. Guests can also relax in the beautiful gardens, go fishing, and enjoy the sunset atop Tản Mountain, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

Transportation: Convenient Access

Moon Garden Homestay is easily accessible from various locations, including Hanoi Center, Noi Bai International Airport, Duong Lam Ancient Village, Ba Vi National Park, Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Water, “Thầy” Pagoda, Ha Long Bay, Trang An Cave, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Mai Chau, Sapa, and more. The homestay can assist with transportation arrangements to these destinations, making it a convenient base for exploring Northern Vietnam.



In summary, Moon Garden Homestay in Duong Lam Ancient Village offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Vietnamese history, culture, and nature. Whether you choose to stay in an ancient wooden house, a stilt house, or a glamping tent, this homestay provides a rich and authentic experience. Explore the culture, engage in activities, and enjoy the serene surroundings while creating lasting memories of your visit to Vietnam. Moon Garden Homestay is not just a place to stay; it’s a cultural immersion that will leave you with a profound appreciation for Vietnam’s heritage.


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