Moon Garden Homestay: Immerse in the Natural Countryside

Moon Garden Homestay – the perfect spot when you are looking for a serene, rural experience but still comfortable and exciting. Let’s look into what makes this homestay special and different.

Moon Garden: Rustic & Tranquil

Moon Garden Homestay is located 55 kilometers from Hanoi, adjacent to the ancient village of Duong Lam, which is a national and cultural historic relic.

Most residences in Duong Lam have their own courtyard and laterite exterior wall, evocative of many ancient and historic Vietnamese villages that embody our national character.

Nestling in a tiny and serene town, it provides a nice escape from Hanoi’s hectic center.

Moon Garden homestay has authentic historic buildings, a stilt house, and a hall. They designed this homestay in the form of a tranquil, traditional country house, yet it has a contemporary air to it.

Tourists are able to observe the traditional architectural features here. The doors and nearly all of the furnishings are made of wood.

This homestay also features a vast garden with a variety of fruits and flowers such as pomelo, mango, logan, and many frangipani.

Countryside Adventure: The True Value

Coming to Moon Garden homestay is a fantastic opportunity for tourists to participate in a variety of activities and immerse in authentic Vietnam.

A spacious yard in front of the home allows kids to enjoy traditional games. The yard has areca and betel trees that entail to a folktale in Vietnam.


Sunny Glamping Hill at homestay offers one-of-a-kind, exquisite eco-friendly tents. Adventure travelers looking for a unique lodging experience can immerse themselves in nature while reducing their environmental footprint.

You might wake up in the center of a lively hill surrounded by nature and chirping sounds. Take in the magnificent views at Moon Garden Homestay, an eco-resort. Enjoy the magnificent sunset from the summit of Ba Vi mountain.

Bonding & Memorable moments

Put away the city’s clamor and bustle for the time being in order to enjoy the vacation with family and loved ones.

Moon Garden has a plethora of exciting and interesting activities to provide tourists with a memorable and rewarding holiday.

Cycling, culinary workshops, mingling with locals, fishing, and other useful and interesting activities are available. Children are able to learn and grow while developing an emotional bond with their families.

In addition, after various activities, visitors will unwind with a hand spa and steam bath infused with aromatic plants such as lemon grass, pomelo leaves, and holy basil leaves.

If stay a longer time, travellers can visit Thuy Thuy An hamlet, a center of habitation for disabled children, and Ba Vi National Park, which is rich in different tropical and subtropical flora and fauna.

Moon Garden homestay is not only an idyllic and less loud tourist location, but it is also a perfect place for all travelers.

What are you waiting for, let’s come to Moon Garden to unwind while discovering about traditional Vietnamese architecture and culture. I’m bet there’s a lot of fascinating activities in waiting for you there.

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