Panhou Retreat “Oasis” resort in the heart of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage, Ha Giang

Welcome to Panhou Retreat, an idyllic sanctuary cradled amidst the pristine wonders of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage in the heart of Ha Giang, Vietnam. This enchanting resort offers an oasis of serenity and natural beauty, inviting you to discover the secrets of this captivating region. Nestled in lush landscapes and surrounded by rich cultural traditions, Panhou Retreat promises an unforgettable experience. Join us on a journey to explore the essence of this unique retreat, where nature and culture harmonize in perfect tranquility.

Location of Panhou Retreat

Panhou Retreat is nestled in the heart of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage, a region known for its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural history. This location, often referred to as “Quần sơn, Tụ thủy,” is where the confluence of three major rivers occurs: Phìn Hồ, Nậm Ông, and Nậm Khòa, creating a vast plain atop the shoulders of the surrounding mountains. In ancient times, this area was envisioned as the “land of the future,” signifying a bright and promising destiny.

The concept behind Panhou Retreat draws inspiration from the unique natural surroundings and the millennia-old cultural stories of this region. Its name, “Panhou,” originates from the Dao people’s traditional royal figure, Long Khuyển Bàn Hồ (Bàn Vương). Long ago, due to his significant contributions, he was married to a princess by King Bình Vương and later ascended to the throne as the Dao people’s king. He was renowned for his leadership, simplicity in lifestyle, and teachings on farming, weaving, and hunting to the Dao community.

Panhou Retreat aspires to offer its guests an experience reminiscent of royal indulgence, where they can relish and immerse themselves in a resort atmosphere and receive top-notch royal treatment, much like the ancient kings and nobles. It aims to provide more than just short getaways; Panhou Retreat seeks to deliver a profoundly royal resort experience.

Hoàng Su Phì, located in the western part of Hà Giang, is a highland district characterized by steep hills, numerous streams, and a relatively mild climate with average temperatures ranging from 18-20 degrees Celsius. When visitors arrive in Hoàng Su Phì, they are immediately captivated by the majestic landscape. The imposing mountain ranges of the Tây Côn Lĩnh range lie shrouded in mist, while primeval forests stand amidst the headwaters of meandering rivers. The terraced fields cascade down the mountain slopes, creating a stunning visual display.

Additionally, tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique cultures of various ethnic minority groups residing in this region, such as the Nùng, Dao, Tày, Mông, and La Chí. Visitors can witness and partake in the mysterious and remarkable rituals of the local indigenous communities, including the Quyã Hiéng Festival, soul-calling rituals, Dao ethnic dances, Nùng forest spirit ceremonies, La Chí Khu cù tê New Year, and Mông Gầu tào Festival, to name a few. These cultural encounters provide an enriching and authentic experience for travelers exploring the Hoang Su Phi National Heritage.

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How to go to Panhou Retreat

To reach Panhou Retreat, you have two convenient options:

Option 1: Shuttle Bus A daily 16-seater shuttle bus departs from Hanoi Opera House to Panhou Retreat:

  • Panhou Retreat Hanoi to Panhou: 7:00 AM
  • Panhou to Hanoi: 1:30 PM

Option 2: Personal Vehicle or Public Bus If you prefer to travel by personal or public vehicle, head to the Tân Quang intersection in Bắc Quang District, then turn onto DT 177. Continue for approximately 40 kilometers, and you’ll arrive at Panhou Retreat.

During your stay at Panhou Retreat, you can expect pleasant weather conditions in the Hoang Su Phi region. The average temperature typically ranges from a comfortable 18°C (64°F) to 26°C (79°F) during this time of year. Days are pleasantly warm, making outdoor activities enjoyable, while the evenings may bring slightly cooler temperatures, especially in the higher elevations. This climate provides an ideal setting for exploring the natural beauty of the area, participating in outdoor adventures, and taking in the stunning landscapes of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

Accommodation options at Panhou Retreat

Panhou Retreat offers a range of comfortable and charming accommodation options to suit various preferences and needs:

  1. Bungalow: The Bungalows at Panhou Retreat provide a serene and spacious stay. With a garden view and a private balcony, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. These bungalows are perfect for those seeking a tranquil and private retreat.
  2. Suite (60m²) with Garden View and Balcony: For those looking for a little extra space and luxury, the Suites are an excellent choice. These generously sized rooms offer a garden view and a private balcony, providing a perfect setting for relaxation.
  3. Deluxe Room (30m²) with Garden View and Balcony: The Deluxe Rooms are well-appointed and provide a cozy retreat. Featuring a garden view and a private balcony, these rooms are great for couples or solo travelers.

  1. Superior Room (28m²) with Garden View: The Superior Rooms offer a comfortable and budget-friendly option while still providing a pleasant garden view. These rooms are ideal for travelers looking for a simple yet cozy place to stay.
  2. Shared Single Mattress in Dormitory (120m²) with Garden View: For those on a tight budget or seeking a communal experience, the shared dormitory option is available. Despite being budget-friendly, you can still enjoy a garden view while sharing the space with fellow travelers.

Activities to do in Panhou Retreat

Panhou Retreat offers a diverse range of activities that allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty and culture of the Hoang Su Phi region:

  1. Nature Treks and Hikes: September is an ideal time for nature enthusiasts to embark on treks and hikes through the captivating landscapes surrounding Panhou Retreat. Trained guides lead visitors to hidden waterfalls, stunning viewpoints, and other undiscovered gems. The moderate temperatures and reduced rainfall during this season provide a comfortable environment for outdoor exploration.
  2. Photography Expeditions: For photography enthusiasts, Hoang Su Phi’s breathtaking scenery offers endless opportunities to capture its natural beauty. Panhou Retreat organizes a yearly photo contest during the months of September to November, allowing guests to showcase their photography skills. Additionally, there is an exhibition area at Panhou where guests can display their photographic works.

  1. Terraced Field Exploration by Motorbike: Exploring the terraced fields is a must-do activity in this region, and Panhou Retreat offers motorbike tours with experienced drivers. This thrilling experience allows visitors to witness the transition from lush green landscapes to golden terraced fields while capturing stunning photographs.
  2. Culinary Experiences: Panhou Retreat provides visitors with the chance to delve into the rich local cuisine. Guests can participate in cooking classes where they learn to prepare regional delicacies using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This hands-on culinary experience is a delightful way to connect with the culture and flavors of the area.
  3. Relaxation and Reflection: Panhou Retreat offers moments of tranquility and reflection amidst nature’s beauty. Whether it’s meditating in the serene surroundings, enjoying a peaceful picnic, or indulging in the resort’s services such as mineral baths, leaf baths, and spa treatments, guests can unwind and rejuvenate in a serene environment.


With a plethora of activities to choose from, Panhou Retreat ensures that guests have a memorable and enriching experience in the heart of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage in Ha Giang, Vietnam. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature lover, or cultural enthusiast, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this remarkable retreat.


Panhou Retreat stands as a tranquil oasis nestled within the breathtaking beauty of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage in Ha Giang, Vietnam. With its lush landscapes, cultural richness, and a range of activities to immerse in, it’s a destination that promises an unforgettable experience. For those seeking a private trip designed to capture the essence of this haven, Passionate Travel is your trusted partner. They specialize in curating personalized journeys, ensuring every moment aligns with your desires. Embark on an exclusive adventure to Panhou Retreat and let the serenity and allure of this remarkable destination enchant your soul.


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