Discover Ha Giang – admire the beautiful spring colors of the rock region

In February, discover Ha Giang enters spring, putting on a new and youthful shirt full of life with peach blossoms, plum flowers, and mustard flowers in full bloom, creating vivid colors in the spring sunshine. In the article below, Passionate Travel will share interesting experiences when traveling to Ha Giang on this occasion.

Ha Giang tourism in February embraces all the spring in the hands through unique Ha Giang travel images. Do not hesitate to pick up your backpack and go right into the warm and gentle spring weather on the border of the country. Once sobbing, immersed and fascinated in the radiance of heaven and earth in the spring of Dong Van Stone Plateau, a little bit of morning dew still lingers on the roofs of Sung La Valley, or standing on top of Ma Pi pass Leng spread his arms wide, embracing the whole world in his heart. Spring in the first land of the country is so beautiful, if you intend to go to Ha Giang to welcome spring, don’t miss the great things shared below!


Ha Giang weather in February

Ha Giang weather in February is as peaceful and gentle as other seasons in Ha Giang. In fact, every season Ha Giang is beautiful in its own way, but February – the month of heaven and earth in spring, the month when couples invite each other to date, the month of the hustle and bustle of spring invitations, months of the peach blossom branches are still shy and dreamy.

The temperature in Ha Giang in February usually fluctuates at 20oC during the day and about 10-15oC at night. Although it is spring weather, this time in Ha Giang is still quite cold, so when coming here, visitors should prepare warm clothes and scarves to ensure the best health throughout. let’s journey!

Ha Giang weather in February is quite pleasant, the sky is extremely clear, the air is fresh and cool, and sometimes during the day there is light sunshine, most of the time there is no rain and local weather phenomena affect where to go. This is extremely convenient for traveling to explore and conquer the land of Ha Giang in the first February of the year.


The most beautiful flower scene in Ha Giang in February

The field of yellow canola flowers in the spring sunshine

Reaching out in the warm spring weather in the middle of the barren rocky plateau, it seems that no plants can survive, but the fields of canola stand out with its brilliant golden color and the rows of mountains. majestic mountains is Ha Giang flower season not to be missed in February.

In December, after harvesting the buckwheat, people here begin to plant canola flowers in time to bloom in February and March of next year. Throughout the Northeast mountains and forests at this time, there is a sweet fragrance of mustard flowers. Perhaps this is a witness to a “blooming rock” under the hardships and harshness of the weather, but with the love of labor and hard work, the rustic simplicity of the people in the upland. has made a very poetic and dear Ha Giang.

The area where you will have the opportunity to see canola flowers in February in Ha Giang that you should not miss: Sung La Valley – which is known as the “Cinema Village” of Ha Giang. Or Quyet Tien and Tam Son communes in Quan Ba ​​district.


Peach and plum blossoms bloom in spring weather

In February, spring crept through every corner of the small villages on the Dong Van Stone Plateau. Peach blossom branches bloom in the abundant spring sunshine every morning, and the pure white color of lovely plum flowers embraces the sky of Ha Giang. Places you can refer to see pink peach blossoms, or pure white plums can be mentioned such as Pho Bang, Lung Tao, Lung Cu, Sung La…


Discover the Top Destinations in Ha Giang

Ma Pi Leng Pass –  The king of passes

Ma Pi Leng Pass, known as the king of passes in the Northwest mountains, is a rugged pass with a length of about 20km, belonging to Pa Vi and Pai Lung communes, Meo Vac district and Ta Lung commune, Dong Van district.

Ma Pi Leng Peak is located at an altitude of 1,200m in the Dong Van Stone Plateau on the road named Hanh Phuc connecting Ha Giang city with Dong Van and Meo Vac districts. From the top of Ma Pi Leng, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Dong Van Karst Plateau. The majestic mountain scenery on one side is a steep cliff, the other side is the deep abyss of Nho Que river with jade green water. Ma Pi Leng is unique, dangerous but beautiful, worth conquering in the journey to the beautiful land of Ha Giang.


Dong Van Old Town – A marvel in the heart of the rocky plateau

Referring to the old town, not only Hoi An or Hanoi, there is also Dong Van Old Town in this land of Ha Giang. Dong Van town is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by four rocky mountains. The Old Quarter has only 40 houses, stacked under the rocky mountains. In the early morning, the painting of the old town is an ingenious blend of two tones: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the old houses, imagine waking up early in the morning, you might miss a cup of coffee and enjoy it. enjoy the space, the ancient beauty of the highlands. It is truly an experience not to be missed.


Lung Cam Cultural Village – Context in the movie “Pao’s Story”

Lung Cam Cultural Village is located in Lung Cam Village, Sung La Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. This place is mainly Hmong ethnic people living with a few other ethnic people such as Hoa, Lo Lo, …. For generations, it has been likened to a peaceful, beautiful oasis embraced by Sung La Valley in its arms.

Coming to Lung Cam, visitors will see the typical beauty of the rocky plateau with successive mountains, verdant cornfields, colorful flower gardens, long rows of green trees or hundred-year-old houses, and colorful brocade costumes of highland boys and girls.


Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

This place is considered Da Lat in the north. Vastly in sight is a charming natural feng shui scene.

As its name suggests here, visitors will be able to step up to the clouds and touch the sky that many people want to conquer. This is a famous landmark of Ha Giang with an altitude of more than 1500m, about 43 km from Ha Giang city. Heaven’s Gate is located between two mountain peaks and lowers enough for a road to run through and is also the beginning of the road to happiness, the first gateway of Ha Giang. Standing on the mountain, you can see the whole Northwest mountains.


Traditional festivals

In the early spring, when coming to Ha Giang, you will discover the traditional festivals here. This time is for tourists who like to explore cultural beauty. Here you will have the opportunity to witness the Tay people’s birthday celebration – This is the traditional custom of the Tay people, and also the time when children and grandchildren gather to congratulate their grandparents and parents on their longevity. Besides, there are also other early spring festivals such as Trai Trai, the Horse fighting festival, Long Tong festival…

Traveling to Ha Giang in February is the experience of spring in a remote region full of flowers. From the roofs of houses with bright pink peach petals or the flat fields made by the skillful hands of the hardworking ethnic minorities, a bright yellow color of mustard flowers stands out, or from the top of the mountain. legendary happy sugar plum trees are blooming with pure white pure and pure…. All have created Ha Giang a perfect picture of spring at the top of the country. Check out some of Passionate Travel’s tours for a chance to explore this land HERE


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