8 Quality Suggestions When Traveling To Vang Vieng

Once a paradise for partygoers, Vang Vieng in Laos has become a dream destination for those who love nature or experience thrills. Coming here, you can freely surf through the ripe rice fields on a Zipline or explore a mysterious cave chain on … swimming buoys. If you want to relax, head to the riverside bar to enjoy ice cream while admiring the majestic rocky mountain views. Do not ignore the 8 travel suggestions when traveling to Vang Vieng as quality as distilled water in this article.


Where is Vang Vieng?

Vang Vieng (or Vang Vieng) is a small town about 150km from the capital Vientiane of Laos. This place is famous for its peaceful countryside scenery, cool fresh air, and slow but not boring pace of life of local people. Vang Vieng is not too famous for food, shopping or performing arts, but it is the first choice for those who like to explore wild nature and active games such as climbing, kayaking, and skiing. zipline…. To meet the needs of tourists, Vang Vieng is equipped with quite a complete infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants, or tours, exploring, exploring the ecosystem … extremely unique.


1. Exploring Tham Xang & Tham Nam Cave

When it comes to the phrase “cave”, people immediately think of climbing or trekking rather than… slide. This experience allows you to explore the two famous caves Tham Xang and Tham Nam by bouncing floats, kayaking across the Nam Song River all the way to Vientiane, and best of all, enjoying grilled meat on “standard” banana leaves. Laos. Don’t forget to check in on Facebook, with a set of “super unique” photos from this new schedule!


2. Learn to Climb in Vang Vieng

Laos is an ideal destination for those who love to climb mountains, whether they are professionals or just starting out. The country of a million elephants possesses many rocky areas with undulating and rugged structures, countless alleys and wild wilds. If you are new to this challenging sport, you need to take a training class or two, to equip yourself with the necessary safety knowledge and skills. When you are ready, you are free to conquer the peak and enjoy 360 degrees of the romantic Nam Song River.


3. Cycling Sightseeing Vang Vieng

There is nothing more relaxing than cycling while admiring the lush nature and the scenery of the Lao countryside. With just a bicycle, you can explore most of the town’s highlights on your own, such as the tree-lined forest, the golden fields of ripe rice, the ancient cave of Phou Kham, or take a dip in the water. the clear water of the Blue Lagoon (the term for the natural blue lake).

And yet, with the Vang Vieng Sightseeing Bike Tour, visitors also have the opportunity to stop in small villages to experience the life of local people. Don’t forget to “fill your hungry stomach” with crispy sticky rice or fried shrimp cakes.


4. Exploring Religious & Culturally Colorful Caves

Do not think that the cave in Vang Vieng only has stalagmites, stalactites, and bats. In Laos, people often choose caves to build pagodas or temples. This habit is most clearly shown in Tham Hoi cave, where there are colorful Buddha statues and extremely “sparkling” underground lakes; or Tham Loup cave with a golden Buddha statue lying majestically among the statues of his disciples.


5. Take a Zipline to See Abundant Nature

Soaring through towering trees and gently gliding through Vang Vieng’s most beautiful rivers is a “very cool” experience. The feeling of plunging from the top of Phar None is not friendly at all, especially for those with weak hearts. However, in just a moment, you will forget the feeling of fear to “swallow” into the view of the vast landscape on the lush forest canopy, and feel the cool and relaxed atmosphere like never before.

After an exhilarating Zipline ride, take a dip under the 30-meter-high Kaeng Nyui waterfall. These are the experiences included in the Kayak and Zipline in Vang Vieng itinerary


6. Dancing & Partying with Swimming Floats

“Tubing” is a term that refers to all the fun adventures along the river by swimming buoys. To participate in “tubing”, you just need to register at an office in town. The tuk-tuk will take you over a 4Km long distance upstream to start your journey. Usually, a “tubing” trip can last from 2 to 3 hours. Don’t be afraid to stay at a riverside bar to recharge with cool, sweet ice cream.


7. “Release Your Soul” At Blue Lagoon

Vang Vieng has not only one but three beautiful Blue Lagoons; Each place is located in the middle of a wild forest landscape and possesses its own charm. For example, at Blue Lagoon 2, you will be able to relax by swimming in the calm water or walking around the forest on the small Zipline. Blue Lagoon 3 allows visitors to ride a bamboo raft and then dive into the deep turquoise waters.


8. Learn Lao History In Luang Prabang

About a four-hour drive from Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang is a must-see for history buffs. The ancient capital of the country of a million elephants – Luang Prabang – owns 33 golden temples, many Buddhist monasteries and a few fancy French colonial villas. Similar to Vang Vieng, the countryside of Luang Prabang really deserves the title of “beautiful scene”, with blue waterfalls flowing through dense forests.

Laos is not a strange tourist destination, but it hides many interesting surprises. Let’s explore this “jewel” with Passionate Travel HERE


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