Hà Giang Festivals in October: A Kaleidoscope of Cultural Riches

Hà Giang Festivals, each bearing the unique cultural essence of its indigenous people, have an irresistibly mystical allure for travelers. Which remarkable festivals are celebrated here? When you embark on a Hà Giang tour, you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of these events, a stark contrast to the region’s serene mountainous landscapes.

1. Khâu Vai Love Market

Also known as the Phong Lưu Love Market, the Khau Vai Market is located in Khâu Vai commune, Mèo Vạc district, Hà Giang. This market has been held for nearly a century and convenes only once a year, on the 27th day of the 3rd lunar month.

Hà Giang Festivals

Khâu Vai Love Market


The Khâu Vai Love Market is where people reunite after years of separation, whether due to destiny’s obstacles or other reasons that kept them apart. Each person seeks a new romantic connection as they gather here on this special day to confide in one another and reminisce about their past love affairs. Many married couples even come together and then separate to reconnect with old flames, all while demonstrating profound respect for one another’s choices, considering it a sacred act and a responsibility to their spiritual lives. 

Since the 1990s, young men and women from various ethnic groups in the region have also joined in the festivities, seeking potential partners and sometimes finding their true love at this unique market. When you visit the Khâu Vai Love Market during your Hà Giang tour, you’ll have the chance to participate in this extraordinary love market festival, which consists of two parts:

  • Ceremony: Village elders and local authorities offer incense to commence the festival, paying tribute to the forebears who established Khâu Vai and honoring the pure love between couples.
  • Carnival: Traditional cultural and sporting activities are held for young men and women to engage in.

2. Fire-Jumping Festival

At the end of the year, as harsh winter sets in, the Fire-Jumping Festival, also known as the Fire Bridge Festival, is celebrated by the Pà Thẻn people.

Fire-Jumping Festival of the Pà Thẻn People

Fire has long played a crucial role in human spirituality. It serves both as a protective deity and a source of fear. To the Pà Thẻn people, fire represents the supreme god who ensures their safety and good fortune. The Fire-Jumping Festival is a manifestation of spiritual strength, with fire symbolizing warmth and gratitude. During this festival, the Pà Thẻn express their gratitude for a bountiful harvest, seek blessings for prosperity, pray for good health, and ward off malevolent spirits and illnesses.

In this Hà Giang festival, offerings to their god consist of symbolic items from gardens and forests, and the ceremony takes place on a vast piece of land. Even the musical instruments played by the shaman are handmade. The most crucial part of the festival is the chanting ritual, which lasts for 5 to 7 hours, inviting the spirits to enter the performers, allowing them to jump on the burning charcoal without harm. This mystical experience draws travelers on Hà Giang tours to My Bac village, Tân Bắc commune, Quang Bình district, Hà Giang.

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3. Coming-of-Age Ceremony (Cấp Sắc)

For the Dao people, especially Dao men, the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, or Cấp Sắc, is an incredibly significant milestone. Regardless of their age, those who haven’t undergone this ceremony are considered children. Those who have gone through it, even if they are young, are considered adults and are allowed to participate in the village’s significant activities, help the shamans, and conduct worship ceremonies. For the Dao, the Coming-of-Age Ceremony signifies morality, conscientiousness, and the ability to tell right from wrong. Only after undergoing this ceremony can they recognize their wrongdoings, and it is only after death that they can reunite with their ancestors. Therefore, aside from its religious and spiritual aspects, this festival also carries a strong educational message, encouraging people to do good and avoid evil.

Cấp Sắc Festial

When you visit Quản Bạ, Hà Giang during the harvest season, typically around November to January, you may have the opportunity to witness how the Coming-of-Age Ceremony is celebrated.

4. Moon Chasing Festival (Lễ hội Cầu Trăng)

In the 8th month of the lunar calendar, Tày people in Bắc Mê district, Hà Giang, celebrate the Moon Chasing Festival, also known as Cầu Trăng Festival. They welcome Mother Moon and her 12 fairies down to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. They believe that Mother Moon blesses their village with peace, good fortune, abundant harvests, favorable weather, and prosperity.


Hà Giang FestivalsMoon Chasing Festival

During this festival, you’ll get to experience traditional Tày cultural activities such as folk songs and traditional games. You’ll also have the opportunity to savor traditional Tày dishes, such as bamboo rice, forest vegetables, and colorful sticky rice cakes.

5. Gầu Tào Festival

This unique traditional festival, known as the Gầu Tào Festival, is a cultural gem that attracts local residents and tourists alike. It’s an essential part of the culture of the H’Mông people in Hà Giang, as well as in the broader region of Northwest Vietnam.

Hà Giang Festivals

Gầu Tào Festival

The festival takes place from the 1st to the 9th day of the lunar New Year month. If it’s held continuously for three years, each year lasts for three days, while if it’s celebrated every three years, the festival spans nine days.

The Gầu Tào Festival is a way to express gratitude to heaven, earth, deities, and spirits for protecting the local people and ensuring good health, luck, and prosperity. The festival serves as a time for people to gather, celebrate the arrival of spring, and enjoy traditional music and dance, all while sipping on cups of New Year’s wine.

When you’re on a budget-friendly Hà Giang tour, make sure to check if your visit coincides with the Gầu Tào Festival. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the H’Mông people and witness their vibrant festivities.



In the vibrant tapestry of Hà Giang’s festivals during October, travelers discover a world of cultural treasures. From the heartwarming Khâu Vai Love Market to the awe-inspiring Fire-Jumping Festival, these events reveal the region’s profound spirituality. The Dao’s Coming-of-Age Ceremony imparts lessons of morality, while the Moon Chasing Festival adds a touch of Mid-Autumn magic. The Gầu Tào Festival captures the essence of H’Mông culture. Passionate Travel, the agency known for crafting unique journeys, can transform these festivals into a private adventure, offering travelers an unparalleled cultural odyssey through Hà Giang’s October celebrations.


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