Explore Kampot, a beautiful, peaceful small town of Cambodia

Not as noisy and bustling as Phnom Penh or does not have as much heritage as Siem Reap. Kampot, a city located in the south of Cambodia, has a tranquil and poetic beauty. So what is this attractive and interesting city of Kampot? Let’s follow Passionate Travel to explore Kampot attraction right away!


Kampot is the capital of Kampot province, located in the south of Cambodia, about 150km from the capital Phnom Penh. Different from the bustling cities in Cambodia, Kampot brings me an extremely peaceful and quiet beauty.

Because it shares a border with Vietnam, Kampot is a tourist destination in Cambodia that is visited by many Vietnamese tourists. From Xa Xia border gate (Ha Tien), you can travel by motorbike to Kampot province.



Bokor Plateau (Bokor Mountain)

With an altitude of 1080m above sea level, Bokor Plateau has a cool, fresh, cloudy climate all year round. In particular, behind the mountain, there are cool streams with flows from upstream. The combination of mountains and flowers and flowers makes Bokor plateau like a beautiful landscape picture.

Phnom Chhngok Cave

If you want to experience the feeling of climbing, you must definitely go to Phnom Chhngok cave. This is a small limestone cave about 1.5km from Kampot city, inside there is an ancient shrine. When climbing the cave, visitors will have a panoramic view of the poetic and peaceful city of the countryside.


Teuk Chhou Stream

Another place that visitors cannot miss when coming to Kampot is Teuk Chhou stream. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, coming to Teuk Chhou stream, you will feel peace and relaxation after stressful working days. The murmuring streams, chirping birds, and rustling forest leaves…all create an unusually peaceful scene.

The town of Kampot

Kampot town is the administrative center of Kampot province, where many ancient French architectures, large markets, temples,…

Kampot is considered the king of fruit, because it has all kinds of fruits, but especially durian. Right in the town square of Kampot, there is a huge durian symbol, surrounded by many different fruits such as coconut, rambutan, and pineapple, …

The markets here are filled with mountains of durian emitting a sweet scent, the durian segments here are both large and thick, the seeds are flat, and the flesh is soft and smooth. If you have come to Kampot but have not tried durian here, it is considered a waste of your trip.



After the journey to discover Kampot city, remember to recharge your energy with the special and quite strange dishes here. Ta Eou restaurant is known for having a lot of delicious dishes at extremely affordable prices, so there are many visitors to choose from when traveling here. Some special dishes here such as tom yum, squid with pepper sauce,…

If tourists want to snack, there are many restaurants in Kampot. You can enjoy dishes such as snails, grilled meat, or all kinds of rice, tea, and porridge.

Kampot – a poetic and peaceful land that has made many people fall in love when coming here. If you have the opportunity to come to Cambodia, do not forget to visit this great place! If you have a need to travel to Cambodia and are looking for a professional, affordable, and professional tour organization, do not hesitate to contact Passionate Travel immediately HERE


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