What do Westerners do at night in Hanoi?

If anyone said that Hanoi at night is boring, they must have never tried a trip to the wharf. Although hidden in ancient beauty, Hanoi still exudes many different spices of life. If you can’t sleep for a day, let’s bring your close friends to these 15 places for Westerners do at night in Hanoi


Eat ice cream, walk around Hoan Kiem lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the famous destinations in Hanoi not only for domestic tourists but also for international tourists. Tourists can come here, enjoy the gentle, quiet atmosphere in the heart of the capital, and walk on the street to enjoy the Trang Tien ice cream brand.

In particular, coming to Hoan Kiem Lake at the weekend, visitors will participate in the bustling pedestrian street with many fun and entertainment activities. Around Hoan Kiem Lake, there are also many attractive street foods for tourists to enjoy.


Drinking Bia Hơi (Vietnamese Draught beer) on Ta Hien street

Right near Hoan Kiem Lake is Ta Hien street which is busy at night with many bars and restaurants popping up close by. The street is always full of lights. Visitors come here mainly to drink beer, drink with friends and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Ta Hien night street is as famous to Westerners as Bui Vien street in Saigon. On weekends, more and more tourists come here, filling the whole neighborhood.


West Lake

Exploring Hanoi at night cannot help but mention the windy West Lake. Around West Lake, there are countless sidewalk restaurants for you to choose from. You can enjoy West Lake shrimp cakes, and eat lakeside ice cream or lemon tea on the sidewalk. Especially near West Lake, there is a very large yard for friends gathering all night until morning.

Besides, around the West Lake area, there are also restaurants and bars with foreign styles cuisines from many different countries, and many types of craft beer that many foreigners will surely love.


Eat street food in Old Quarter 

Vietnam is famous for international tourists because of its unique cuisine and many great street foods. Therefore, dining is also one of the top choices of foreign guests when coming to Hanoi.

Hang Buom, Ma May, Luong Ngoc Quyen are the snack paradise of the capital. Here, the restaurants that mainly sell food grow up close to each other. In the evening, the street is arranged with tables and chairs on both sides of the road, always bustling with people passing by, enjoying the food from Ma May area to Hang Ngang intersection.


Going to Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market is most crowded at about 20h00-23h00. The market is more than 100 years old and is also one of the attractive destinations of Hanoi.

In addition to selling items such as clothes, brocade, souvenirs, and household items… the market is also famous for delicious restaurants selling filtered flour cakes, dried beef noodle soup, mixed vermicelli…


Join the night tour

To serve the needs of domestic and international tourists, Hanoi now organizes interesting night tours. Among them can be mentioned: Discover Hanoi at night by motorbike, Visit Hoa Lo prison, decode Thang Long Imperial Citadel…

With the Hanoi Discovery tour by motorbike, visitors will be able to ride through famous destinations such as the Old Quarter, Cathedral, Long Bien Bridge… While, tour to visit Hoa Lo prison, decode the Imperial Citadel Thang Long has interpreters for foreign tourists.


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