Revealing the hottest tourist spots in Vinh city

With a magnificent natural landscape, a rich and diverse ecosystem, and friendly and hospitable people, Vinh city is becoming an attractive tourist destination in the North Central region. Let’s explore with Passionate Travel what Vinh city has to offer in the article below!


Cua Lo Beach

The first place that tourists often come to Nghe An is Cua Lo beach, 16km from Vinh city (to the northeast). The clear blue sea and gentle sunshine on the long stretch of golden sand make the landscape here become magnificent.

Before becoming a famous tourist destination, Cua Lo beach used to be a pristine beach with few services and activities. But with the right development path, the cooperation of the people and the government, Cua Lo beach has become a “paradise” for people and tourists to experience life.


Lotus village in Uncle Ho’s hometown

Uncle Ho’s lotus village, one of the prides of Nghe people, is only 16km from Vinh city, similar to Cua Lo beach. Visitors can also enjoy the unique red dirt road with thousands of green eucalyptus and casuarina trees if coming from Vinh city.

When coming to the lotus village, visitors should visit the following places: the well, the lotus pond at the beginning of the village, the five-room house with friends in the thatched roof in childhood, Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan (Uncle’s mother).

You will immediately recognize the fresh air and typical lotus scent of the Vietnamese countryside as soon as you arrive here. Everyone experiences this differently, but all in all, it’s a feeling of belonging and gratitude to the heroic land that gave birth to a great old father.


Sunflower field

Brilliant – That is the only word that can be used to describe this fascinating destination. The sunflower field planted by TH True Milk company in Nghia Dan (Nghe An) attracts the eye with flowers that are not too large but are always bright yellow towards the sunlight.

The field of sunflowers is planted next to the Ho Chi Minh trail, extending nearly 1km from Yen Khang hamlet to Lang Lam hamlet, Nghia Lam commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province.


Thanh Chuong tea island

Unlike other places that can be reached by road, to get to Thanh Chuong tea island, you have to rent a boat and make sure to cruise on the boat to the island, your camera can also be filled with beautiful photos of nature.

Thanh Chuong tea island is located in the west of Nghe An – where the climate is quite harsh, the sun is hot all year round, but as soon as you get off the boat and set foot on the island, you will see a clear difference. The tea scent is cool, wafting in the light breeze and the fresh feeling awakens all your senses. This also seems to be the reason that quite a few people rate it as a miniature Da Lat right in Nghe An.


Pu Mat National Park

Pu Mat in Thai means the highest mountain – this is also a feature of this area. The national park was established in 2001 with a natural area of ​​about 194,000 hectares.

Pu Mat National Park has a magnificent and unspoiled natural landscape. When coming here, tourists will be “wholeheartedly” immersed in the vast green forests and the beauty of all kinds of rich plants. In addition, the waterfall in the middle of the thousand murmurs day and night as if telling endless stories about things that happen every day here.

When coming to Pu Mat, you can visit places like Khe Kem, Oc cave, Ma Nhai beer, Tra Lan citadel, Ong Trang cave… and learn more about the history of these places.

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