Hai Phong specialties – 10 dishes that delight diners

The city of red phoenix flowers is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also for a variety of Hai Phong specialties that attract visitors to this land. If you have the opportunity to come to Hai Phong, you should not ignore the suggestions below for 10 Hai Phong specialties to enjoy and buy as gifts!

Cá mòi kho (Braised sardines) – a specialty of Kien Thuy Hai Phong

Hai Phong specialty braised sardines is the first dish you should try when coming to this land. This is not only a famous dish of the Kien Thuy region but has been sold to neighboring provinces, or even exported to foreign countries.

A special feature of this braised fish is that sardines are caught fresh every day, cleaned, seasoned with spices for 30 minutes, then put in earthen pots and boiled over charcoal for 8-10 hours. Delicious braised sardines must be boneless, rich in taste, characteristic aroma and greasy fish.

Braised sardines are a specialty of Hai Phong braised fish with a characteristic flavor, which is not only a dish to enjoy but also can be bought as a gift.


Nem cua bể (Crab spring roll)

Crab spring roll is a typical dish in Hai Phong’s cuisine that anyone who comes here must try at least once. Crab meat to make crab spring rolls must be from fresh crabs caught in the waters of Do Son, Cat Hai, or in Bach Long Vi – places with rich and fresh seafood sources, combined with ingredients such as pork. , carrots, wood ear, bean sprouts, … create attractive fresh flavor.

Hai Phong crab spring rolls are rolled in a square shape, so it is also called square spring rolls, and eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce to create an unforgettable taste.


Bánh đa cua (Crab noodles)

Referring to Hai Phong specialties, it is impossible to ignore crab noodles, an attractive dish that not only attracts tourists but also locals. You can find this dish anywhere on the streets of Hai Phong with typical ingredients such as red rice noodles, tortillas, shrimp, crab meat, grilled pork rolls, fish cakes,…

Hai Phong specialty, crab noodles with broth made from bones, dried shrimp create an attractive sweet taste, eaten with many seafood toppings is a dish you must try when coming here.


Nem chua – An Lao specialty in Hai Phong

From a specialty of An Tho commune, An Lao district in Hai Phong, now An Lao spring rolls have become famous not only as a Hai Phong specialty that should be tried but also bought a lot as gifts.

An Lao spring roll is made from selected fresh meat, naturally fermented, so it has a very delicious taste. This is an old and very familiar dish on the drinking table of the people of An Lao, An Tho, often served with fish and raw vegetables such as fig leaves, apricots, salads, sweet and sour fish sauce to enhance the flavor. 


Ha Lung sausage

Ha Lung sausage originates from a long-standing village of making sausages and is named after this land. Ha Lung spring rolls are shaped quite like spring rolls of the Central region, but the processing method and ingredients are completely different. Cha is made from pork, fat and squid from Cat Ba, wrapped around sugar cane to create a rich flavor.


Giá bể

For the people of the port, the price of Giá bể has long been a familiar seafood, but for many people, this is a quite new dish. Giá bể is shaped like a clam, as big as a thumb, but the legs are as long as bean sprouts, so it is named the sea shelf. The meat of giá bể is sweet and very delicious, easy to process into many different dishes such as salad of giá bể, stir-fried with the bean sprouts …


Bánh mì cay (Spicy bread)

Among Hai Phong specialties, spicy bread is probably the most memorable dish because of its distinctive pate taste that is nowhere to be found. Hai Phong bread must be bread sticks, only as big as 2 fingers, sandwiched with fragrant banh chung and dipped in spicy sauce to stimulate the taste. This is a dish you can snack on for the afternoon or breakfast at a very reasonable price of only 2,000-3,000 VND/piece.


Spicy porridge

Hai Phong spicy porridge is not a dish with too special ingredients, but the way of processing and especially the “spiciness” of this porridge is what makes an unforgettable impression on diners.

Porridge is cooked with finely milled rice, cooked with bone broth and served with stir-fried mussels or eel, pork ribs,… However, what makes this dish’s flavor is the chili powder sprinkled on top. stimulate the pungent taste. If you can’t eat spicily, you can omit or add a little to taste.


Hai Phong Coconut sweet soup

Hai Phong Coconut sweet soup is not only a specialty in Hai Phong, but it also causes fever in many places because of the cool and greasy sweetness of coconut milk, which is an extremely refreshing dish in the summer. The main ingredients of this dish are quite easy to find such as grated copra, coconut jelly, coconut pearls, and coconut milk, … but to create the original taste in Hai Phong, you can only enjoy it here. only you can feel it.


Coconut cake

If you do not know what to buy Hai Phong specialties as a gift, you can refer to the coconut cake, one of the rustic Hai Phong specialty confectionery that is very popular with the people here. Coconut cake is made from glutinous rice flour, desiccated coconut, sugar, cooking oil, and is baked crispy, so when eaten, it smells like dried coconut.


In particular, a package of coconut cake only costs about 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND, so it is quite ideal to buy as a gift in large quantities. You can find Hai Phong coconut cake at any grocery store, supermarket, or market in Hai Phong.


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