Quy Nhơn and what make it unforgettable

Many people still know Quy Nhon as an open economic area on the rise, but few people expect that this beautiful coastal city in the Central region contains countless wonderful things from landscapes to monuments. making the hearts of travelers who have stepped foot once always feel nostalgic nostalgia. What does Quy Nhon have behind the flashy cover of industrial buildings? If you are curious about it, what are you waiting for without traveling to the middle of the country, experiencing it all to keep yourself unforgettable memories?



Like other central provinces, Quy Nhon in particular and Binh Dinh in general always carry indelible imprints of mysterious Cham culture from thousands of years ago. Perpetuated in the strong wind with the smell of the salty sea and shady trees on the red dirt road, travelers will have the opportunity to visit the Cham towers – the pride of the people of the martial land.


Binh Dinh Cham Tower

Perhaps one of the pleasures of traveling to the central provinces of Vietnam is visiting the ruins of the ancient Champa culture. Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is one of the largest cultural and political centers of the Kingdom of Champa; Therefore, the architectural works, historical imprints, art … still left here are also very special. Passing through Cham Towers, Banh It Towers, Duong Long Towers, etc., the bustling life in the most flourishing period of this ancient kingdom seems to be unfolding right in front of your eyes. You can also listen to mysterious anecdotes about the history of the Cham people in the glorious Tay Son land.


Ky Co, Quy Nhon

Belonging to Nhon Ly island commune, Ky Co beach has a wild and clear beauty that has never been exploited for tourism. Ky Co Beach features a strip of golden sand embracing the blue sea, next to undulating rocky cliffs.

Ky Co beach is a flat, calm beach, so it is very safe for swimming. Besides, the climate here is always fresh and cool, the locals are friendly and hospitable. Ky Co is really the ideal choice for you to have great experiences at Quy Nhon beach.


Phuong Mai Sand Dunes

Phuong Mai Sand Dunes is one of the most beautiful sand dunes of Binh Dinh province, with many sand dunes up to 100m above sea level. The sand dunes here are vast, vast with an iridescent yellow color, making you feel small as if you were lost in the desert. You can come to play at Phuong Mai Quy Nhon sand hill at any time of the day because each time has a different beauty.


Ganh Da Dia, Quy Nhon

Ghenh Da Dia, also known as Ghenh Da Dia, is a prominent landscape in Phu Yen. Due to the special geological structure, this place is made up of countless stones of all shapes and sizes, stacked on top of each other, like a stack of large plates. The rocky beach here is black and yellow basalt spreading out to the sea, looking from afar like a giant natural beehive.



Cuisine in Quy Nhon is extremely rich, including:


Bánh hỏi lòng heo (Noodles with pork organs)

Pork belly cake is a rustic dish, present in the morning menu of Quy Nhon people. Thin slices of cake are sprinkled with onion or chives fat, served with pork intestines and boiled pork, along with chili garlic fish sauce, very stimulating to the taste.


Shrimp pancakes

Still the familiar pancake you know, but the highlight of Quy Nhon’s version of banh xeo is the small, fresh crayfish that are still “jumping”, sweet and firm. Enjoying a plate of crispy shrimp pancakes next to raw vegetables and spicy chili sauce on a rainy day in Quy Nhon, will surely make you remember forever.


Grilled chicken with sticky rice

As one of the dishes that “cut the heart” of tourists when coming to Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh, grilled chicken with sticky rice is known for its extremely elaborate and meticulous processing. The combination of tender and fragrant grilled chicken, combined with fragrant sticky rice, and fresh green vegetables will satisfy any diner.


Shrimp noodles

Chau Truc Village – Quy Nhon is famous for shrimp noodles. With ingredients and a very simple way of making vermicelli and shrimp in Chau Truc lagoon, it can make many people jealous. In particular, shrimp meat is not pre-cooked, but only processed when guests come, ensuring a sweet and rich taste.

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