What does the Vietnamese Tet candied fruit tray have?

An indispensable image in the traditional Vietnamese New Year days is the trays containing candied fruits and seeds. On New Year’s Day, almost every family displays a variety of sweets and candied fruits on their guest table. They called the Vietnamese Tet candied fruit tray.

First is to treat guests to play, then for the whole family to gather together to enjoy. It is also said that the level of prosperity and wealth of a house through the tray of candied fruits and seeds is displayed on that family’s New Year’s Day. A tray of Tet candied fruit is not only delicious because of its appearance, but each type of candied fruit has a different meaning. Many types of candied fruit displayed on the same tray also mean the desire for harmony and reunion.

Join Passionate Travel to find out the deep meaning of the candied fruits appearing in the candied fruit trays of Vietnamese people on the traditional Tet holiday.


The meaning of Tet candied fruit tray for Vietnamese people

The tray of Tet confectionery never known has become a custom associated with each Vietnamese New Year. The beautiful Tet candy trays are usually red, mahogany or bright yellow, golden copper, coconut candied fruit, papaya candied fruit, carrot candied fruit, in general, candied fruits, then marshmallows, hard candy, chip chips, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, chestnuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts… implies many good things, wish a good new year.

Not only that, the candy tray is arranged um with colors that also contribute to creating the red and yellow colors of the New Year, dotted for the living room to be more cozy and joyful. Especially when guests come or children come to play, the candy tray will make the conversation sweeter: sip a sweet candy to make the mood as sweet as sugar.

A traditional and basic Vietnamese Tet candied fruit tray is always full of residual seeds, lotus candied fruit, kumquats, ginger, apples, and peanuts … corresponding to sour, spicy, sweet, and fleshy as typical for the taste of life as well. It’s like showing the weather of the four seasons in a year.


What’s in the candied fruit tray on Tet?

Red melon seeds bring luck and joy

Did you know it is the red appearance of the melon seed that makes it always displayed by family members during Tet? Vietnamese people believe that the red color of melon seeds symbolizes luck, joy, and fortune on the first days of the year.

Melon seeds – a kind of “national” seed – always appear in every tray of candied fruit and confectionery on the Tet holiday for Vietnamese people.

Melon seeds are not only delicious food, but they also prevent and cure many diseases and contain many valuable nutrients. Eating melon seeds regularly helps to enhance memory and brain-nerve function, and quickly restores the activity of brain cells.


Lotus seed candied fruit “new year reunion, children and grandchildren are together”

The cool, fleshy taste of lotus seed candied fruit brings enjoyment to the tip of the tongue. Those who love sweets are sure to fall in love with this lotus seed because of its special taste. Not only does it have a unique and nutritious taste, but lotus seed candied fruit means a new year of reunion, full of children and grandchildren.


Coconut candied fruit “family gathering, reunion, happiness”

Coconut candied fruit is a traditional delicacy and is chosen by many people in the Tet candied fruit tray every spring. Coconut candied fruit is characterized by its sweet aroma and color. This type of candied fruit is very diverse and interesting thanks to the different ways of making depending on the preferences of each person. In the early spring days of gathering, sipping delicious, sweet coconut candied fruit, and enjoying a passionate cup of tea, all blend together to create a warm atmosphere in the family, tightening friendship.

Coconut candied fruit is a traditional delicacy and is chosen by many people in the Tet candied fruit tray every spring. Coconut candied fruit is characterized by its sweet aroma and color.


Ginger candied fruit “brings a warm and happy life”

Ginger candied fruit is preferred for its characteristic delicious taste and warm taste. Therefore, the level of ginger is meaningful for a warm and happy life in the new year. Moreover, this is a very good candied fruit for health, has the effect of warming people, stimulating digestion, detoxification, anti-vomiting, bloating, and abdominal pain caused by eating disorderly.

When Tet comes, we have the opportunity to eat and drink freely. If you have a full stomach, or indigestion due to eating a lot of oily and fatty foods, don’t forget to “sniff” a piece of ginger candied fruit and drink hot tea to warm your stomach.


Candy or marshmallows bring a sweet year

Grandparents are always delicate when giving sweets and candies to candied fruit trays on the Tet holiday. The candies and marshmallows appear with the meaning of wishing a sweet new year, full of love.


Peanuts – a symbol of longevity

Peanuts, also known as peanuts, are known as “longevity nuts”. If you regularly eat peanuts in a scientific and moderate way, peanuts can help you promote good health.

Peanuts are also “present” in the candied fruit tray on New Year’s Day with the meaning of wishing for health and longevity.

Peanuts as well as nuts emerged as healthy snacks and nutritionally balanced equivalents to fruit during the traditional Vietnamese New Year celebrations. These nuts have long been seen as fun snacks. But in fact, they have contributed important nutrients to health to prevent and cure many diseases because they contain a lot of valuable nutrients.


Winter Melon candied fruit “wish for good health and growth”

It is considered a crunchy, delicious, and fragrant snack with the smell of squash that is not only beautiful but also attractive to you thanks to its heat-clearing effect. Pumpkin candied fruit is also a medicinal herb with a diuretic, cooling, and detoxifying effect.

This is the only type of candied fruit that is used a lot when making cakes such as moon cakes, and pia cakes due to the use of pumpkin candied fruit which is beneficial to the health of the user.


Kumquat candied fruit: prosperous yellow

Kumquat trees usually bloom and bear fruit in the sixth lunar month. At this time, the fruit begins to grow, and ripen on the occasion of Tet, and is often used to make candied fruit. Pots of yellow kumquats are chosen by many people as indoor plants on New Year’s Day to pray for a prosperous and prosperous year. Golden kumquat candied fruit with beautiful wavy yellow color will make your candied fruit tray more colorful and vibrant.

In the cold early spring days, using a little of this candied fruit with hot tea to warm your body will help you avoid colds and coughs, and at the same time, stimulate digestion and feel better.

When you take a piece of candied fruit in your mouth to enjoy, the sweet, smoky, pangolin taste right from the touch of your head feels like a warm feeling in the cold spring weather. Kumquat candied fruit has the effect of stimulating digestion, making appetite, and treating cough.


Tet candied fruit is the culinary culture of the nation on Tet holiday. candied fruit dishes in the South have a sweet taste. A tray of Tet candied fruit is presented with all the dishes to sip, full of candied fruits with different, rich, and diverse colors. Tet candied fruit means nutrition and medicine if you know how to eat reasonably and in moderation.


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