Vietnam to grant E-Visa for all nationalities from August 15, 2023

On August 14, 2023, the Vietnam Government issues Resolution No. 127/NQ-CP authorizing the use of E-Visa for inhabitants of nations and territories. Foreigners with electronic visas can enter and depart through international border crossings. Let’s find out more about this new Resolution issued for E-Visa for all nationalities in August 2023.

E-visa-An Outstanding “Leverage” in 2023

This Resolution takes effect on August 15, 2023, amends Resolutions Nos. 79/NQ-CP dated May 25, 2020, and 60/NQ-CP dated April 27, 2022. There are 13 air border gates, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border crossings on the list of international border gates that enable foreigners to enter and depart using electronic visas. During the execution of the Resolution, the Government charged the Prime Minister with directing functional agencies to take the necessary steps to preserve sovereignty, national security, social stability, and safety.

This resolution represents a significant extension in the provision of E-visas to inhabitants of all countries and territories, a major change from the previous list of 80 exempted countries. The key objective of this strategic shift is to boost tourism and promote Vietnam as an easily accessible and enticing destination for international visitors in the present and as well as in the future.

The extension of the E-visa will also be appropriate for the length of stay for foreigners who have accountability for setting up a commercial presence, vendors of services, and contract vendors as committed by Vietnam in Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

How does the E-visa be effective?

Foreigners who seek to enter the nation for tourism, market investigation, or investment… but lack the necessary circumstances to contact local businesses or agencies can apply for an electronic visa on their own without necessarily the country’s agencies, organizations, and individuals receiving welcome or guarantee.

The entire procedure is electronically done, from electronic visa application through processing, verification and issuing receipt, and printing of e-visas. Visa fees can also be electronically paid. Foreigners can print their own visas via the electronic transaction system, eliminating the need to go through the formalities for receiving visas at Vietnam’s visa-issuing agencies overseas or at international border crossings via the intermediary stage.

Find out more detailed informations about this Resolution: VIETNAM E-VISA

Expanded “Visa-free” Privileges for specific nations

On the same day, the Government issued Resolution 128/NQ-CP, revising Resolution 32/NQ-CP of March 15, 2022, on visa exemption for citizens of certain countries.

In particular, amending Article 1 of Resolution 32/NQ-CP: Visa exemption for citizens of the following countries: Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of France, Republic of Italy, Kingdom of Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Russian Federation, Japan, Republic of Korea, Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Finland and Republic of Belarus with a temporary stay of 45 days from the date of entry, regardless of passport type, purpose of entry, on the basis establishments that fully satisfy the entry conditions as prescribed by Vietnamese laws.

The extension of the scope of issuing and lengthening the period of electronic visas for foreigners entering Vietnam assists in modernizing administrative operations, shortening time, and reducing manipulations for applicants. This strategy, which has been evaluated by a number of agencies and organizations, will provide ideal conditions for foreign visitors to visit Vietnam, providing a chance for Vietnam’s tourism to strengthen its competitiveness and compete fairly with other countries in the region.

Another Plus Point of the New policy

Another significant change brought about by Vietnam’s new E-visa policy is that the application procedure will be entirely in English. This is a significant improvement over the old method, which required applicants to complete application forms and submit documentation in Vietnamese.

The switch to English was made to make the application process easier and more accessible to visitors who are unfamiliar with Vietnamese. It also fits in with Vietnam’s larger initiative to encourage the use of English as a second language in both education and business.

By using English as the language of the E-visa application, Vietnam signals to tourists from all over the world that it welcomes them and is always ready to provide them with the best experience possible.

Tourism promotes by attracting Top-notch Individuals & Business tourists

Tourism has been more vital to the Vietnamese economy in recent years, accounting for around 10% of the country’s GDP and Vietnam has implemented this shift in a strategic move aimed at boosting tourism and attracting international investments. The extension of the e-visa validity period is important for both business travelers and tourists, offering them an enhanced opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Vietnam’s offerings.

Moreover, this adjustment will facilitate the entry of skilled professionals and experts, making substantial contributions to the growth of Vietnam’s economy. In addition to the extended e-visa duration, the National Assembly has approved the introduction of multiple-entry visas.

The government expects that by making it simpler for tourists to travel to Vietnam, it would increase tourism profits and generate more employment in the industry. Rising visitor numbers also benefit different businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.The new visa policy in Vietnam is an important advance forward for the country’s tourist industry. Vietnam is promoting itself as a top tourist destination in Asia by making travel to Vietnam easier and more affordable for travelers from all over the world.

Vietnam’s rich history, vibrant culture, and spectacular scenery will keep visitors visiting for years to come. Vietnam always has something for all, whether you want to explore the city, sunbathe on the beach, or hike through the mountains. The new E-visa policy makes it easier than ever to discover everything that Vietnam has to offer. So, what are you waiting for to start planning your trip today?

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