Hotel De L’Amour Tam Dao: A Charming Four-star resort

Hotel De L’Amour – Tam Dao’s newest 4-star resort is preparing to open its doors to guests. So, what makes this luxurious resort unique? Let’s discover out together.

The Tale of the Brand

Only 50 kilometers from Noi Bai International Airport, Hotel De L’Amour rises at an excellent height of more than 900 meters above sea level, concealed in the stunning mist and white clouds of Tam Dao. Perhaps this is why the resort draws a panoramic view of primeval forests and marvelous mountains.

It is the ideal destination for all travelers who desire to take an opulent amenities vacation and immerse in the picturesque, fanciful scenery of floating white clouds and magnificent majestic mountains of Tam Dao.

Taking inspiration from the rendezvous between two lovers in a place where nature is truly enchanted, appearing out of fairy tales, Hotel De L’Amour Tam Dao exploits the inverse splendor of love, a half warm, half mellow into the design and interior decoration to create a space that is ardent yet delicate and gentle.

With its exquisite antique European architecture, offers visitors the most elegant and pleasant resort space with enthusiastic, thorough attention to every aspect.

Classical Poetic loveliness

De L’Amour gives tourists the feeling of coming into an overflowing space via cool tones intermingled with neutral hues that generate an aesthetic effect, as well as semi-classical and contemporary designs.

Hotel De L’Amour’s design is centered on precise touch points and every perceived element is painstakingly measured to create the perfect atmosphere, allowing each visitor to feel the most exquisite vibrations of love.

With 226 rooms divided into 9 unique lodging types, as well as the finest facilities and international standards, Hotel De L’Amour assures that all of the requirements and aspirations of each tourist are satisfied when they come here and utilize services. View the room types Hotel De L’Amour

Wholeheartedly in Every Moment

More than just a place to lodge, Hotel De L’Amour Tam Dao gives customers an unforgettable vacation with extremely diverse and attractive experiences.

4-season swimming pool with constant warmth and temperature stabilization technology allows visitors to unwind after a long day


Enjoy the space to work out with cutting-edge equipment at the hotel’s Gym & Yoga club. The highlight is that this utility is completely free
Kid’s Club – The Children’s Club is an entertaining environment filled with activities and games that promote children’s overall development. Parents may relax and enjoy their stay while their children play & explore freely under the supervision of hotel staff


The Family Lounge is designed with a warm space at the forefront of the design as a resting area. Family members can spend time bonding with one another, offering each member of the family great moments together


Culinary Quintessence: From Simple to Sophisticated

Hotel De L’Amour gives tourists to experience an explosion of premium gastronomy from renowned chefs. From sophisticated and elegant European delicacies to the essence of Asian cuisine, or similarly refined and appealing traditional Vietnamese foods.

__ ______ ❁ ______ __


De L’Amour provides an extensive and varied buffet spread across several restaurant sections for culinary connoisseurs.

La Vie En Rose Restaurant


A romantic vision of a lovely life full of love feelings, inspired by the classic French love song – The Land of Romantic and Seductive Wine. La vie En Rose resembles an elegant piece of music that brings diners to a sophisticated area of Western culture in the dreamlike ambiance of “Northern Da Lat”.

La Palace Restaurant


It is the ideal blend of modernism and generosity, luxury and dignity. La Palace Restaurant is created with huge windows, providing diners with a culinary place that is close to the landscape of Tam Dao while still being intimate and close to family and loved ones.

Plus, Les Amoureux, located in the hotel’s main foyer, takes visitors to a realm of nostalgia and deep love between couples.

Le Ciel Bar, located on the hotel’s top level, provides customers with a one-of-a-kind experience. Visitors can see the panoramic vista of the enchanting Tam Dao.


Hotel De L’Amour‘s other indoor and outdoor spaces

Amenities of the Highest Caliber

A unique event venue with the most contemporary and elegant amenities in Vietnam.

Hotel De L’Amour guarantees to accommodate any size event and provides precious and lasting moments for your crucial celebrations.

Amour Ballroom, with its rich and noble Neoclassical architectural style, is the ideal option for any special occasion.


Inspired by opulent and wonderful banquets in great castles from fairy tales, Amour Ballroom brings every visitor to the affluent realm of noble France.

On top of that, Hotel De L’Amour has three usable conference rooms on the second floor, as well as Eden Garden, a luxury and romantic garden. View more details De L’Amour 


Hotel De L’Amour is about to open and go into operation. Are you ready to be among the first to explore and immerse yourself in the lyrical and charming setting at Hotel De L’Amour?

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