A Brief Overview of Tourism in Vietnam in August 2023

Overview of Vietnam tourism in August 2023 has nearly fulfilled the year-long aim of hosting 8 million foreign tourists. International visitors to Vietnam in August reached 80% before the pandemic. Should Vietnam tourism modify its aim after reaching the finish line ahead of schedule?

Prosperity in Tourism 2023

According to the Vietnam National Tourism Administration, Vietnam received over 1.2 million foreign tourists in August 2023, a 17.2% increase over the previous month. This is the month welcoming the highest number of international visitors since the beginning of 2023.

Over the course of eight months, the overall number of international visitors surpassed 7.8 million, with the goal of reaching 98% by 2023. In comparison to the objective of 5 million tourists last year, the country only received about 3.66 million visitors.

After a year of stalling owing to the worldwide pandemic, Vietnamese tourism appears to have reached the finish line.

Ready for The Peak Season

Visitors arriving by air accounted for 87.6% of all international visitors to Vietnam in the previous eight months, while visitors coming by road accounted for 11.6% and tourists arriving by sea accounted for 0.8%.

Korea is the largest sending market in the first eight months of 2023, with 2.2 million arrivals (representing 29% of total visitors). China came in second with 950,000 visitors. America came in third place with 503,000 visitors. Following that are the Taiwanese and Japanese tourism markets.

European markets, particularly in August, had the highest growth rate among the continents, increasing 37.7% from July 2023. The majority of European visitor flows come from England, France, and Virtue. Russian, Italian, and Spanish markets also experienced high growth.

Following the amendment of the Law on August 15, 2023, and several modifications in visa policy and residency time, the tourist sector appears to be sending out positive signals in the context of the peak season for welcome foreign visitors.

New Ambitions for Tourism industry

The end of the year is the peak season for foreign travelers, and an open visa policy has a beneficial influence. It is forecasted that the number of international visitors to Vietnam will continue to increase sharply.

Visa-free markets such as England, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy continue to develop rapidly.

Currently, despite a constantly expanding number of visitors, Vietnamese tourism has a variety of obstacles. Limited air connectivity and the Chinese market that has not yet fully recovered are typical examples.

On top of that, policies put in place to develop tourism require to be more flexible to promote the whole industry. The purpose of welcoming tourists is more than just a number. The advantage of modifying goals is that it allows the tourism sector to develop precise and timely responses and plans.

In general, the tourism industry must aggressively generate numerous unique and enticing tourist attractions in order to make tourism more appealing to foreign travelers. Promotion and advertising in key and potential markets should also be prioritized.

Finally, to increase service quality, tourist human resources must be trained in both quantity and quality. Update more information about Vietnam Tourism and more

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