Topas Ecolodge: Special Offer 2023

Topas Ecolodge – National Geographic named the top ten most beautiful eco-resorts in the world. Let’s find out what makes this resort unique and what is it special offer in 2023.

Rustic experience: Immerse in Nature

Topas Ecolodge provides an extraordinarily distinctive taste of vacation that is distinct from traditional standard hotels.

Topas Ecolodge, which operates on the principles of sustainable development, employs local labor as well as local products and items to offer economic advantages to the community.

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle, visitors can immerse themselves in the majestic mountain scenery on a private balcony, relax in the saltwater infinity pool, or experience the spa with traditional care treatments of the Red Dao people.

The journey to Topas is only 18 kilometers from Sapa town and takes about 45 minutes by bus, so visitors can still enjoy the stunning landscape and primitive life of mountain people.

Travel Sustainability & Luxury

Possessing a classy landscape and rooms that also carry the spirit of a Nordic eco-resort, all bungalows and villas at Topas are built on the idea of ​​helping visitors completely escape from busy daily life and completely immerse themselves in a peaceful nature.

As the weather will be variable due to the high mountain topography, tourists may have the opportunity to experience all four seasons (Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter) on the same day.

Each of the 50 bungalows is built of white granite and has a spacious balcony with a view of the broad backdrop of mountain peaks and valleys of poetically beautiful terraced farms.

Special Offer: Exclusive Discounts

Topas Ecolodge is offering a unique package in 2023: Combo Topas Riverside Lodge & Topas Ecolodge. The combination package is inspired by traditional homestays and includes one night at the renowned luxury Topas Ecolodge.

Tourists have to be Vietnamese nationals or foreigners with a residence card in Vietnam to be eligible for this promotion. The unique feature is that you can purchase vouchers in advance and choose a later travel date. The discount offer is available from September 6, 2023, to December 20, 2023), so act quickly to take full of this fantastic deal.

What awaits visitors in Topas

Experience local cuisine and visit Nam Cang hamlet, home to the Red Dao people known for their traditional brocade needlework.

Tourists can visit goldsmiths working silver and families making traditional paper. Gain a more real and comprehensive understanding of Sapa’s creative culture.

Nothing beats waking up to the pure sound of the mountains and having your breakfast amidst the magnificent splendor. Book a forest and waterfall exploration tour with BBQ lunch.

Tourists at Topas Ecolodge are able to immerse themselves in the infinity pool and indulge in a variety of wellness treatments.

Let’s explore Sapa through Topa’s sights. Make each of your journeys meaningful and enjoyable with the various activities and services that Topas Ecolodge offers. View details about the offer at Topas Ecolodge

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