2023 Eco-Travel Trends: AVANA RETREAT “Off the Grid”

AVANA RETREAT – more than a luxury mountain resort; it is a love and enthusiasm for nature, the environment, culture, and the people who live in this part of the world. So, let’s see what type of “off the grid” experience Avana Retreat offers travelers.

Eco-Travel Trends: Sustainable & Developing

Looking back on 2022 as the period of the “spectacular revival of tourism,” 2023 is expected to be the year of “breakthrough tourism.” Tourism trends in 2023 indicate a shift toward conscientious travel, in which travelers consider their trips in a more holistic manner.

As the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation become more apparent, sustainable travel is more crucial than ever. In the future, sustainable travel habits will be important to the travel industry’s recovery, particularly following a worldwide pandemic in order to make up for time lost. People are increasingly looking for solutions to reduce their negative environmental impact while simultaneously helping local economies and societies.


At this point, the growing number of young, wealthy travelers seeking distinctive experiences and pursuing luxury as a lifestyle, as well as “solo and self-focused” travelers preferring excursions focusing on wellness and mental health, is likely to grow.

Sustainable tourism has emerged as a critical component of the travel industry, with tour operators at the forefront of this trend. People who are interested in traveling responsibly are also more likely to visit off-the-beaten-path locations in search of a more genuine and sustainable experience.

Understanding the desires and requirements of each visitor, Avana Retreat is proud to be the business that creates the most meaningful, cohesive & memorable journeys.

Travel “Going off Grid”: The Value of Sustainable Tourism

Why the name “Avana” and what makes it stand out in the travel industry? “Avana” means “beautiful flower” and originates from an African term. Avana was created out of a desire to spread fragrance over the highlands. The origins of this wonderful project begin with a trek in Mai Chau, where nature, the wild and majestic landscape, still exudes the poetic and peaceful character that inspires and arouses the idea for Avana to bring the precious gift of nature, a seed of joy and peace, to everyone.


Avana prioritizes sustainable development, thereby they planted hundreds of trees in this area and are going to keep bringing green color to this land. While saying “no” to waste made of plastic and limiting its impact on the environment, Avana Retreat is still enthusiastic to provide visitors with the highest level of luxury and convenience throughout their stay.

The inhabitants of the mountains who have been involved in the foundation since its inception, along with many other locals, have now become an integral part of Avana. They came to Avana seeking to develop themselves, while Avana was eager to cultivate the “green” land. Avana can be the one who provides the opportunity to work in the motherland to the people here, and for Avana, they are close family members, the parts that contribute to developing and completing the Avana Retreat today.

The Balance in “Body-Mind-Mind”

Avana Retreat provides the ultimate experience of Northwest Vietnam’s mountains and forests and the nature here is full of hills and verdant  valleys. What could be more breathtaking than leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind to strut freely on the vast grassland, immersing yourself in pure nature, and inhaling in the fresh mountain air?


With the idea of honoring the unique architecture of the indigenous people and under the dedicated guidance of artisans from 3 ethnic minorities in Mai Chau, Avana Retreat has built 36 bungalows, suites, and private villas.

Visitors who spend a day exploring Avana will come across a house on stilts nestled on a gentle hill. It is not just a well-preserved historic house, but also a museum with centuries-old tales and memories.


Choosing organic, eco-friendly items is becoming more popular in society, hence Avana Retreat’s products always contain natural and healthy components.

Along with immersing in nature, travelers also have the opportunity to discover and experience the customary splendor of the people here such as Brocade weaving – the soul of Thai culture, the traditional beauty of Mai Chau, or traditional knitting,…

Experience More, Impact Less

Avana Retreat will take you to the mountains, unspoiled grasslands, peaceful countryside, or poetic lakes through countless exciting exploration activities. The activities with the inhabitants here are likely to amaze and interest visitors. Tourists can participate in various activities like making fragrant candles, producing handicrafts, observing Thai dancing, and so on. The best part is that all these activities are absolutely free throughout your journey.

There are also cooking classes where you can make your own Northwest delicacies using recipes from Avana chefs. For travelers who love adventure and active activities, Avana provides a Jeep, Trekking, picnic lunch in Thai villages, or Kayak tours for discovering the lake,…


Avana Retreat’s 15-hectare land allows visitors to explore at their leisure. Nature enthusiasts may unwind in a variety of grassy spaces. Couples always find romance and privacy. Families with children will appreciate the play area with games particularly intended for young customers to have a family bonding place when engaging in pottery workshops, kid’s clubs, kid chefs, and so on.

Visitors who prefer tranquillity and relaxation can attend free Yoga and Meditation courses with a coach in a peaceful area in the highlands. On top of that, there is a library with intriguing literature on traditional culture and Vietnamese history, a gym, and the Hidden Spring Lagoon, where tourists may soak in the natural spring water nature and enjoy drinks in a lovely natural environment. Look into more details here

Ecotourism: For a New Future

Garbage Collection Day has become a regular practice for all Avana Retreat staff once a month, with the goal of keeping the streets and alleyways clean and spreading the habit across the community. Avana Retreat in collaboration with the region’s Youth Union, it will rotate to a community surrounding the resort each month. Each month, the workforce becomes more congested, and everyone is ecstatic about meeting new people, cleaning the village roads together, and putting a meaningful activity on the monthly calendar.

Nature is constantly plentiful and fresh at Avana Retreat all year round, due to the Pung waterfall running through the center of the resort, as well as the care of staff members and a sustainable green lifestyle.

Many animal species may come to this region to live because of of the green and welcoming natural environment, contributing to an increasingly rich and diversified ecology.


Avana Retreat is bestowed by nature with the best gifts and perhaps that’s why they always cherish and protect the ecosystem to bring an idyllic and sustainable life to Mai Chau. That is the way Avana Retreat enthusiastically honors a land’s beauty and makes every single visitor’s experience more authentic and enjoyable than before! So, what are you waiting for to visit Mai Chau and create the most exciting and unforgettable excursions with Avana Retreat?


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