Traveling to Siem Reap, Discover 10 Slices of Brilliant Culture

Famous for its rich history and countless rugged ruins, dating back hundreds of years, Siem Reap has long surpassed the limit of a religious tourist destination. From the countryside nestled between the forest node, and the bustling floating village to the unique street food, Siem Reap is a “jewel” that you need to explore in your travel plan this year. 10 Cultural Slices You Shouldn’t Miss When Traveling to Siem Reap 


1. The Timeless Beauty of Angkor Wat

Although 9 centuries have passed, Angkor Wat is still the first name mentioned when talking about temples in Cambodia. Built-in the 12th century, Angkor Wat is the largest cultural monument in the world, possessing impressive architecture, including 3,000 carved images and a statue of a cobra 7 full of Naga typical of Hinduism.

Watch the sunrise or sunset at Angkor via hot air balloon: An option for you when visiting Angkor is to admire the whole Angkor complex from above by hot air balloon, especially at sunrise or sunset. The higher you go, the more majestic Angkor will be, and of course, don’t forget to take a few photos as a souvenir.


2. Kampong Phluk Floating Village

Fields, riverside villages and floating markets are the most common images when traveling to Siem Reap. What are you waiting for, without launching a boat on the river to see the peaceful Kampong Phluk floating village, nestled among the twisted roots of mangrove trees? Many houses are up to 9 meters high to withstand high tides.


3. Riding Off-Road To The Countryside

It’s time to heat up your Siem Reap trip; and of course, driving off-road to explore the countryside is a “free-of-charge” idea. This not-for-the-lazy journey will take you to find Siem Reap’s hidden charms, from villages among golden rice fields to ancient Buddhist temples. Along the way, you will be enthusiastically supported by a professional guide so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.


4. Waterfalls in Phnom Kulen

Hot weather in Cambodia makes you tired? Then find a way to cool down in “nature’s shower”. Lakes and waterfalls in Siem Reap are very famous for their almost… unreal beauty, with emerald green lake water, surrounded by green natural carpets.

Phnom Kulen, located about 40Km northeast of Angkor, is where visitors will find beautiful waterfalls and architectural works, carved masterpieces dating back to the 9th century. Don’t forget to take the time to visit the famous temple. with a Buddha statue up to 8 meters high.


5. Phare – Famous Cambodian Circus

Combining dance, comedy, music, and elaborate acrobatics, Phare offers a unique entertainment experience you can’t find anywhere else. Each artist tells their own story and the country of Cambodia in Khmer. Don’t worry about the language barrier because the program will have subtitles. Now enjoy the extraordinary acrobatics or fire circus.


6. Enjoy Cambodian dishes “Standard”

Cambodian street food is as rich and diverse as in neighboring countries such as Thailand or Vietnam. In the morning, visitors can walk and explore the markets in the city as well as the food stalls on the street.

Guests will enjoy unique dishes such as pancakes with grilled fish sauce sandwiched with pickled cucumber, coconut cream dumplings, and bean milk soup with pumpkin… Local flavors such as num banh chok , rice noodles with fish cooked with coconut, and chicken cooked with herbs are also very attractive. You also get to visit a village where many families make vermicelli and noodles by hand and craft tools.


7. Tuk-Tuk

Besides bicycles, tuk-tuk is also a convenient means of transportation that allows visitors to enjoy the scenery of Siem Reap to the fullest. A tuk-tuk can carry at least 4 people, so if you travel to Siem Reap in a group, you absolutely cannot ignore this great suggestion. From Siem Reap, hop on a tuk-tuk to head straight to the 12th-century Beng Mealea Temple, surrounded by an unspoiled jungle. This place used to appear in the blockbuster Indiana Jones; Don’t forget to bring back some “cool” check-in photos.


8. Shop at traditional markets and night markets

Going to the traditional market is an indispensable activity when traveling to Siem Reap. Visitors can observe the daily life of local people, participate in games and freely shop for typical cultural gifts here. The market is usually open from 4 pm to midnight with a variety of items, especially bandanas, silverware, jewelry, etc.


9. Apsara Dance

Koulen Restaurant is the home of many “standard” Cambodian experiences. The most popular activities here are enjoying a dinner of fried crab with chili and curry sauce and watching the traditional Apsara dance performance. With dance and poetry, Apsara’s performance will tell you the story of mystical creatures and gods in the land of pagodas. 


10. Crispy Fried Fire Ants

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Pretty much every Southeast Asian country has an impressive yet exotic cuisine and Cambodia is no exception. If you are bored with the usual mid-range options like grilled beef with fragrant leaves, spice up the dish with crispy fried fire ants. The results exceed your expectations (in a positive sense)!

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