Decoding the magical attraction of the luxurious and romantic Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa

Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa is the first and only resort in Sapa with a 5-star standard. It owns a breathtaking view, embracing the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, but that is only part of the intense attraction of this resort. Let’s decode with Passionate Travel of Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa!

A brief overview of Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa

  • Location: Doi Quan 6, Group 10, Sapa town, Lao Cai province, Vietnam

This resort is located on the romantic hill of Sapa with a view embracing the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa is the largest luxury resort in Sapa town, including a restaurant, karaoke, games, hot pool, spa, and outdoor sunbathing…

With a convenient location, visitors can immerse themselves in the ethnic culture as well as the lifestyle here, various outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, cycling… an enjoyable experience.

From here, visitors can easily move to famous tourist attractions of Sapa such as Fansipan cable car station 2km, Cat Cat village 3km, etc.

What’s in the Silk Path Grand Resort?

Not only is this a high-class 5-star resort, but this resort also attracts young people to admire the beautiful scenery and freely check in on the rose palace in the mountains of the Northwest.

The entire resort has 152 bedrooms and luxurious villas that bring a modern resort space with typical ethnic minority touches. In addition, it is a resort built in the European architecture of a luxurious and magnificent French castle.

The resort is decorated with sophisticatedly shaped wooden furniture, and large chandeliers made of gold and copper bring a luxurious and high-class space to the resort.

In addition, the decorative details of brocade patterns with fabric on the walls, lacquer paintings, skillfully hand-woven tapestries, elegant ceramic vases, etc. bring unique and novel features to the space. time.

Inspired by the romantic and beautiful French castles, Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa has been cleverly recreated by the builders, making visitors feel like they are lost in the magnificent Paris in the middle of Sapa town.


The impressive design of the rose palace

Visitors coming here will be able to see firsthand the beautiful rose garden as in the story, attracting many young people to come to live virtually. It is hard to miss the natural space with these beautiful fairy-like flower gardens. Besides, Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa Lao Cai also has an impressive swimming pool with a 180-degree glass frame to help guests have relaxing moments.

Whether in the living room, on the porch, or along the path, from the garden, visitors can also admire the ancient roses, Da Koi roses, hydrangeas, forest peaches, or precious flowers blooming.


Types of rooms at Silk Path Sapa

The resort has categories of the room such as:

  • Classic: is a room type with an area of ​​about 33m2 with a total of 97 quite spacious rooms, quite nice room view arranged neatly by the resort. The room is fully equipped with hotel amenities and has a nice clean bathroom with a bathtub, and a balcony with a view of the mountains.
  • Premium Classic Room: room size is about 33m2, including 25 rooms, a room with a garden view and mountain view, this room type has 01 double bed, no extra bed, a fully designed room with modern equipment, and a bathroom. full amenities such as toothpaste, towels, hair dryer, bathtub, and shower.
  • Studio Suite: room area 44m2, mountain view, studio class with extra living room, this class has 01 double bed, no extra bed, toilet with full amenities such as bathtub, towels, shower 

  • Junior Suite: 3-room class with an area of 55 – 60m2, all with mountain view, 1 living room and 1 bedroom, double bed, fully equipped bathroom
  • Executive Suite: Executive class has 7 rooms in all, the area of this room is about 60 – 70m2, mountain view, designed with 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 double bed, and full standard room equipment.
  • Duplex: Including 8 rooms and 2 floors, area 65m2, mountain view, 1 living room, and 1 bedroom, 1 double bed or you can choose 2 single beds
  • Bungalow: class with 4 rooms, 2 floors, area 90m2, mountain view, 01 double bed, 02 single beds, bathroom with bathtub with full amenities
  • Ambassador Suite: Room with an area of ​​90m2, mountain view, 01 living room, 1 bedroom, and 01 double bed, all furniture in the room is neatly arranged and fully equipped.

The room categories are arranged by the resort by area and named after the local language with bold national identities such as Sin Chai area, Ta Van area, and Ta Phin area. The rooms here are all designed with wooden floors, furniture, and amenities in the room are also made of wood and are decorated with eye-catching decorations and brocade motifs bearing Sapa’s character. The rooms are designed with a garden view or mountain view.

Facilities at Silk Path Grand Resort

When coming to Silk Path Sapa Resort, there are many facilities and entertainment for you to choose from.

Coming to the hotel, you can not ignore the mountain view swimming pool. Here you can see the wonderful Hoang Lien Son range. The swimming pool is not very deep, and the staff in charge of the pool is regularly present, ensuring the safety of visitors.


Silk Path Sapa’s spa area, you can feel the airy, clean and beautiful space, the resort is fully equipped with equipment, with intensive massage routes, helping you forget fatigue and be full of energy. living.

Come here, and you will have free experiences such as a bath, and dry or wet sauna … then massage is a fee-based service.


The gym at Silk Path Sapa is designed near the swimming pool, with modern, diverse, and new exercise equipment.

Sky 6 lounge

At the resort every night with a DJ playing music and professional bartenders, Sky 6 lounge is the ideal destination for guests who love cocktails and vibrant sounds.

In addition, Silk Path Sapa also knows that there are a number of other entertainment facilities such as a kid club area, book library, and karaoke room


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