Lap dishes of the Lao people – irresistible attraction

Made from simple ingredients: chicken, beef, duck, and fish combined with esoteric spices. Yet, the Lap dish of the Lao people has sown many memories in the hearts of diners because of the quintessence, the fresh and sweet taste from the meat emanating. Enjoy it while traveling to Laos.


Exploring traditional cuisine in Laos is one of the extremely interesting experiences of many tourists on their pilgrimage to the beautiful and dear land of Million Elephants. From the rich cuisine with many delicious dishes to the unique architecture of the sacred ancient temples, the unique culture of the Lao people is also one of the interesting things to attract diners to come here. with Laos one more. And one of the dishes that is quite famous because of its sweetness is Laotian Lap – one of the special dishes that you should try immediately if you come to Laos. Now, let’s explore Vietnam Travel to find out how the Lap dish in Laos is prepared.


Learn about the Lapp dishes of the Lao people in culinary culture

What is the dish?

Lap is one of the national dishes in Laos and it is also a traditional dish of the people living in the Isan region in Northeast Thailand. Because it is made from different types of meat plus a few basic vegetables, the Lap dish also has another popular name, which is Lao salad.


The meaning of the Lap dish of Lao people in culinary culture

Mon Lap has the same reading as “loc” in the Lao language. Therefore, this is the most meaningful dish in the cultural and culinary life of the people living here. Usually, Lao people often have the habit of giving each other Lap dishes with the desire to send wishes of peace and luck during Tet. Lap dishes of the Lao people are carefully prepared by the people here with gratitude and respect. Because according to them, if you do not prepare a Lap carefully, it will bring bad luck and bad luck to the recipient.

There are no vibrant colors like many other dishes and the ingredients are quite simple. But it is the Lap dish of the Lao people that always contains the wishes of peace and luck that the Lao people want to give to tourists when visiting their country.


How to cook Lap in Laos

In terms of cooking, Lap is mainly made from minced meat from beef, turkey, pig, duck, and fish mixed with fish sauce, spices plus lemon juice, and other herbs. However, the Lap dish of the Lao people also has a place where tiger meat is used for processing and is called Lap Ho. To prepare this dish, people often leave raw or cooked meat that has been sautéed. After that, the meat will be chopped finely and then mixed with chili, mint leaves, and other aromatic leaves.

For this Lap dish, in addition to the ingredients of meat and aromatic leaves, the main ingredient to make this dish delicious and attractive is roasted rice. Then evenly sprinkle each layer of rice on the surface of the minced meat without being too thick and then enjoy with sticky rice and raw vegetables, oh so delicious to the corner of the mouth.

And in order to prepare delicious Laotian Lap, you must have skillful hands when filtering the skin, bones, and meat to make the dish without water, which will avoid the fishy smell of the dish. And the attractiveness of this Lap dish cannot be a lack of marinated spices such as hearing, fresh ginger, Chinese smell, fresh chili, and finely ground pepper… delicious, luscious, and sweet.


Note when enjoying Lap dishes of Lao people

Lap Lao dish is one of the delicious dishes because the fresh and sweet taste of the meat blends with the aromatic, sour, and salty taste of spices. However, for those who enjoy this dish for the first time because they are not used to the pungent taste of chili peppers and peppers that rush to their noses, you should remember to eat them with sticky rice, fleshy with raw vegetables to reduce it. spiciness.

In fact, in order to feel its true delicious taste, the Laotian Lap dish eaten raw will be delicious. Because of the sour taste of lemon, the spicy taste of chili, and the resonance of spices and herbs is enough to make the minced meat rare but still retain the freshness and sweetness of the meat.

It can be seen that Laos possesses a lot of rich specialties with delicious and sophisticated dishes with a distinct and simple taste like the people of Laos. However, one of the ecstasy dishes that leave many impressions on tourists is Lap. With a unique and delicious taste from meat, the Lap dish of the Lao people is also one of the dishes with a deep spirit of luck and happiness for people to enjoy. And come to the country of Million Elephants, remember to enjoy this unique Lap dish.


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