Experience 3 days 2 nights in the city of thousands of flowers Da Lat city

Referring to Da Lat, surely everyone is touched by the unique beauty of this city of thousands of flowers. With mild year-round weather, peaceful life with gentle people, Da Lat is always the number one choice for short trips or long vacations. Let’s go with Passionate Travel to experience a 3 day 2-night tour in Da Lat city



Morning – Langbiang Mountain Da Lat

Like the heart of Da Lat, Langbiang mountain is famous for its type of picnic, and nature exploration, attracting young people who love backpacking and adventurers. It is the common home of many herbs, herbs, and precious birds. In Da Lat Langbiang Tourist Area, the usual activity is sightseeing. In addition, you can try climbing, paragliding, and conquering the top of the mountain.

Radar hill area is also the choice of many visitors, you can rent a jeep or walk to the top of the hill. On Radar Hill, there are many fun spots such as: a flower garden, bonsai, coffee shop, binoculars area, horseback riding, etc. In addition, you can explore Ong and Ba mountains by walking through the pine forest. This way of moving is a bit risky but will definitely bring you many unforgettable memories.


Afternoon – Cu Lan Village

This Da Lat amusement park is nestled in a beautiful little valley right under the massive Langbiang peak. Cu Lan village is very popular with tourists. Because of owning a picnic area with beautiful scenery and many interesting outdoor activities such as kite flying, horseback riding, …

As soon as you enter the village, you will be overwhelmed by the immense pine forest surrounding the beautiful small houses. The deeper you go into the village, the more you will be surprised. Because everywhere is covered with fresh flowers: From the small roads to the suspension bridges across the stream leading to the village. It is thanks to this poetic landscape that gives you incredible peace of mind, completely different from the crowded city.


Night – Da Lat Night Market

For a long time, Da Lat night market has become a familiar destination that anyone traveling to Da Lat wants to visit. Da Lat night market, also known as m Phu market, is located in the city center, very close to the bus stations and the city square. The night market is bustling both indoors and outdoors, so it’s very convenient for you to stop by.

Da Lat night market starts operating from 6-7 pm and lasts until the next morning. You can buy souvenirs and specialties at some stalls or kiosks. The delicious and cheap snack shops around the Da Lat night market area are a paradise for foodies.



Morning – Datanla Waterfall Dalat

This is a very popular Da Lat entertainment place, located right in the heart of the dream city. Coming to Datanla waterfall, visitors can not only admire the poetic beauty. Visitors can also immerse themselves in heaven and earth thanks to the slide system. This is the longest slide system through the jungle in Southeast Asia and many other exciting adventure games.

Datanla waterfall with a height of more than 20m. The location is between Prenn Pass and upstream, so the flow of the waterfall is very stable. And the water in the lake is calm all year round. Therefore, Datanla waterfall is also a Da Lat entertainment place that is very suitable for boating to see the nature of the mountains and forests of Da Lat.


Afternoon – Sculpture Tunnel

The sculpture tunnel, also known as the clay tunnel, is one of the interesting places to play in Da Lat in 2022. This is the longest tunnel in the world formed from works made of red clay. with diverse themes. From nature, and people to typical works of Da Lat such as Con Ga church, train station, etc.

In particular, when coming to Clay Village, do not miss the infinity area because this is a super hot “virtual living” place here. This area with four green grass surfaces surrounds a clear lake located halfway up the hill with the shape of two impressive figures lying on the water.


Night – Experience Dalat cuisine

The evening is an opportunity for you to enjoy specialties in Da Lat such as:

Da Lat Chicken Heart Wet Cake

This is a unique Dalat dish that you must try at least once in your life. . The soft and supple taste of wet cake with delicious chicken, with the addition of mixed fish sauce, herbs, and onion sprouts make the eater nod and praise the deliciousness.


Da Lat Avocado Ice Cream

The colder it gets, the more ice cream I like to eat. Sweets addicts cannot ignore delicious Da Lat avocado ice cream “forgetting the way home”. The avocado cream is special because it is made from fatty, fragrant butter mixed with sweet condensed milk. Enjoying the numbing cold buttercream is an extremely enjoyable experience.


Artichoke Beef Hot Pot Dalat

Beef hot pot is not a strange dish for diners near and far. But the version of beef hot pot is modified when cooked with artichoke leaves, making this rustic dish much more special. Still with the main ingredient is beef, but the hot pot is cooked with artichoke leaves to become more delicate and sweeter. Experience listening for yourself.



Morning & Afternoon

On the last day of Da Lat, you can chill gently in beautiful places right in the city center like


Dalat Old Railway Station

When arriving at this place, visitors will be overwhelmed by the architecture of Dalat Railway Station with the harmonious beauty between the communal house architecture of the Central Highlands and the classical architecture of France. This blend has created a unique and new experience for visitors from the very first moment when coming here.


Chicken Church

Chicken Church is an ancient typical French architectural work from ancient times. It is because of this unique beauty that quickly attracts tourists when come here

The birth of this name is because the top of the bell tower is shaped like a chicken, this is a symbol of repentance with definitive lines and small details, the church is architecturally designed in the style of churches in Vietnam. Europe.


Da Lat Pedagogical College

Da Lat Pedagogical College, formerly Grand Lycée Yersin School, has an architecture recognized by the World Union of Architects (UIA) as one of 1,000 unique constructions in the world in the 20th century. Among the schools in this highland city, Da Lat Pedagogical College is the most attractive place for tourists.


Night – Buy Da Lat souvenirs

And finally, you should not forget to buy souvenirs for relatives and friends, right? Please refer to the following specialties of Da Lat


Da Lat Jam

The climate in Da Lat is fresh all year round, the air is airy and peaceful. Therefore, this is also a very favorable condition for better and more delicious agricultural products than in other places.

With a wide variety of products, rich in processing methods. Made Dalat jam brand, one of the delicious specialties.


Dalat Wine

Referring to drinks in Da Lat, it is impossible to ignore wine. A wine with a delicious, mild taste. This is a specialty not to be missed when coming to a romantic city.

Wine products are produced under a closed line and strictly managed. Supply for both domestic and export markets. Dalat wine products have had a separate and solid foothold in the beer and wine market, which is on the verge of international integration.


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