Is 2 days to explore Dak Lak enough?

Dak Lak tourist destinations always have a big attraction for those who like backpacking. The simple and rustic beauty of this place comes not only from the natural space of the mountains and forests but also from the traditional culture of the ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. Let’s plan a 2-day tour with Passionate Travel in Dak Lak!




Coming to Dak Lak, it is impossible not to miss Buon Don. Buon Don is located about 40 kilometers from Buon Ma Thuot city. Buon Don or better known as the familiar Ban Don. Both names mean the island village because it is located next to the Serepok river of the Central Highlands mountains.

For a long time up to now, Buon Don is famous for its profession of raising and purebred elephants, forming a unique culture and attracting a lot of attention from tourists.

Here, there is not only a wild natural space but also a concentrated living place of the Ede and Gia Rai ethnic groups… It is from the combination of natural scenery and colorful ornate beauty. That ethnic group has made this place one of the famous Dak Lak tourist destinations at home and abroad.



Spirituality hill tourist area is the next place you can experience. It is only about 5 kilometers from Buon Don. The most prominent thing about this place is the statue of Quan m up to nearly 40 meters high, standing out among the green trees. Not only that, but scattered around the garden are also 18 statues of 18 Arhats with many different expressions and facial expressions.

Although many people call this place a pagoda, it is not a familiar enclosed temple space in most places. But here, it is built in open architecture, allowing visitors to admire the natural scenery of the mountains.



The evening is also the time to enjoy the cuisine of the Highlands. Foods that you can try include:

Red noodles, this is a specialty of this highland city. The name of the dish comes from a bowl of vermicelli with the characteristic red color of the broth. The dish is a combination of many ingredients such as crab bricks, quail eggs, and vegetables.

Leaf soup of the Ede people, also known as leaf hot pot. The dish is made from 10 different types of forest. When eaten, it has a very strange and bitter taste. You can find this dish in specialty restaurants in Buon Ma Thuot.

Lam rice and chicken satay are two famous dishes of the people in Don village. Coming here, you can enjoy this dish in restaurants in Buon Ma Thuot.




It’s great to experience the fresh air in Chu Yang Sin National Park in the morning.

Chu Yang Sin Garden is located about 60 kilometers from Buon Ma Thuot city and owns an area of ​​more than 59,000 hectares.

This is also one of the major national parks of Dak Lak province. Unlike Yok Don National Park, this place has many higher mountains and especially Chu Yang Sin mountain – the highest mountain of Dak Lak with an altitude of more than 2400 meters.

With that attitude, this place has quite a lot of steep slopes and has a slightly lower temperature than the general temperature in Dak Lak. In addition, there are many kinds of flora and fauna here, and there are more than 44 rare species recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam.



Another place, not to be missed when coming to Dak Lak is the waterfalls flowing in the mountains here. Including Dray Sap Waterfall, Dray Nur

This cluster of two waterfalls is probably not strange to tourists anymore, right! This place fully possesses the majestic beauty of nature with the perfect combination of mountains and lakes.

In particular, the caves hidden behind the fierce waterfall are always attractive challenges that visitors cannot help but explore.



In the last evening, you can go to Buon Ma Thuat city center to buy souvenirs as gifts such as:

Ratel coffee is the first specialty that we introduce to you. Coffee has a unique aroma mixed with a different chocolate flavor. Once you come to Buon Ma Thuot, don’t forget to buy this coffee as a gift.

Honey is a specialty formed on the windy and sunny Buon Ma Thuot land. This honey has a medium-sweet taste and is one of the nutritious gifts you should buy as a gift when visiting Buon Ma Thuot.


Rượu Cần (Can wine) is a famous specialty near and far from Buon Ma Thuot. The wine has a characteristic aroma, and mild sweetness, and when drinking, it will not cause headaches. Having come to this place, you should try or buy this wine as a gift.


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