No matter where visitors go to Laos to travel, there are many markets, where everything you need for your trip is sold. Here are the top 5 shopping areas in Laos with the names of many markets there. Tourists coming to Laos only need to give the names of these markets to the drivers and they will bring visitors right away. In addition to the list of shopping places, below the article, there are also notes when shopping in Laos.

1. Shopping center in Vientiane

Vientiane is a great destination for travelers interested in handicrafts and antiques. The markets in Vientiane are crowded with Vietnamese people living and trading, so they speak Vietnamese very well. In addition, Vientiane is also famous for textile products, jewelry… Some famous markets sell these products such as Samsenthai Street, Panggkam, and Setthathirat, Morning Market.

A duty-free shopping center in Vientiane


 2. Xieng Khuang

Like shopping centers in other localities in the country, Xieng Khuang sells a wide variety of souvenir goods. However, this place is famous for fresh agricultural products and Lao sorghum in the markets. You will easily find shops selling items such as fermented NOK aen dawng and sago mushrooms, and other sorghum at markets such as Fresh Market, Chinese Market, etc.

Buyers and sellers are busy in the Chinese market in Xieng Khuang


3. Savannakhet

Savannakhet is the second largest economic center in Laos, it is home to many bustling urban areas as well as bustling markets of buyers, sellers, and tourists. Products here are obviously very rich and diverse, they also have imported items, especially tax-free with very “soft” prices. Savanxay Market, Dao Heuang Duty Free Store, Singapore Market, … are large and famous markets selling a variety of products from all over the world including Cuban cigars.


 4. Luang Prabang

Like Vientiane, Luang Prabang is also famous for handicrafts, art products, textiles, and jewelry. The famous markets in the Luang Prabang area are Luang Prabang Night Market, Kopnoi, Lisa Regale,…

Stalls at Luang Prabang Night Market


 5. Champasak

Champasak is known not only as a place to provide daily food, but also as a place to sell souvenirs and specialties of Laos such as silk weaving, jewelry, and antiques… Including Paske Morning Market, the market was opened very early and is the main commercial and shopping center of this city.

Only about 200m from the city center, Morning market specializes in selling fruits, vegetables, and other foods. In addition, the Paske market is also crowded with buyers, sellers, and tourists with items of clothing, crafts, jewelry, and household appliances… Restaurants and cafes serving food and drinks are also found here. The second market is Dao Heuang market, located on Highway 13, near the Japanese bridge over the Mekong River. The market is organized and divided into very hygienic and reasonable areas for visitors to easily search for shopping from the clothing area, and the souvenir shop to the food area.

Champasak is famous for its handicrafts


Some notes for tourists when visiting – shopping in Laos:

+ To be able to shop in Laos easily, tourists should visit markets and duty-free shops, mostly at the border gate area. Because the prices here are much cheaper than in other places and the goods are also extremely diverse.

However, tourists should remember that when shopping at markets, they should bargain because the price here is often unstable, each person sells a price.

+ When shopping at duty-free areas, remember to pay attention to how many products, goods, and prices each passenger is allowed to buy because these areas are very limited in quantity. If tourists buy more than the allowed number, Customs will not allow them to bring them back.

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