Explore the majestic Bokor plateau in Cambodia

Bokor Plateau in Cambodia is a famous plateau with majestic natural scenery, attracting tourists. Located at the top of the most visited tourist destinations, Bokor Plateau is an interesting destination for those who love wild nature. If you have the opportunity to travel to Cambodia, you should visit Bokor plateau to enjoy the wonderful scenery that nature bestows on this land.

Where is Bokor Plateau located?

Bokor Plateau, also known as Ta Lon mountain, is located about 10km southwest of Kampot town, Kampot province of Cambodia. From the center of Kampot province, reaching Bokor plateau will take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

To get to Bokor Plateau, you will need to follow the pass road for more than 30km to reach the top of the plateau by taxi or motorbike, the plateau has an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level, the higher the altitude, the denser the fog creates. So mysterious beauty, attracting tourists. The best time to go to the plateau in Kampot is around October to February next year. Take advantage of the most favorable time of the year to travel to Cambodia as well as explore the Bokor plateau.

History of the Bokor Plateau

The heyday of the Bokor Plateau was in the early 20th century. It was the period of French colonial rule and the construction of high-class resorts. In particular, realizing that the plateau has a separate terrain and majestic natural scenery, France has exploited and built works in the Kampot plateau for use.

After 1017, France withdrew from Cambodia to return home, Bokor Plateau was owned by the Sihanouk royal family and later became a luxury resort for the aristocracy in the 40s and 50s of the last century.

Sometime later, the plateau was abandoned and no one left. The buildings are degraded, sagging, and quickly covered with moss. The fog on the top of the plateau creates a scary feeling of wilderness, that’s why Bokor Plateau is also known as the “Ghost City”.

By the 90s, the plateau here was reopened and welcomed a large number of tourists to visit each year. The fresh air, green scenery, and dense fog create more attraction for each visitor.

Great sights on the Bokor plateau

Bokor Plateau Cambodia has a relatively cool climate, and fresh air with the weather on the top often cold nights and hot days. Standing from the top of the plateau, you can look out over the entire Gulf of Thailand and Phu Quoc island of Vietnam. The attractions at Bokor plateau that visitors cannot miss are:


Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park is now an area that has been preserved and preserved by Cambodia. Here, you will be immersed in the natural scenery of the old forest many years old, admire many kinds of endangered animals being protected by the national park such as the Indian elephant, Malayan bear, Macacacon monkey, Culi Sunda, and Asiatic black bear. mouse mouth deer…

The park also has Popokvil waterfall which is also the destination of many visitors, a 16m high waterfall with 2 cascades, surrounded by layers of green trees creating a charming landscape that makes it hard to resist. 

Visiting Five Boat Pagoda

Going to Bokor Plateau, you must definitely visit the Five Boat Pagoda. Nam Thuyen Pagoda is also known as Samprov Pram Pagoda. The pagoda is called Nam Thuyen Pagoda because around the pagoda, there are 5 boat-shaped rocks surrounding the pagoda and the architecture is not magnificent, but it has a unique and ancient beauty. Every sunset, standing from here, you will be able to see the great beauty of the whole plateau when night falls, Nam Thuyen Pagoda is really a great stop for all visitors.

Statue of Saint Yeay Mao

When coming to Bokor, there is no guest who does not know about the giant statue of the goddess Yeay Mao in the position of the mountain. The statue is 22m high, placed on a 15m high podium with a surrounding area of up to 1500 m2. According to Cambodian people, Saint Yeay Mao is the ruler and protector of Bokor. She is the woman known for her legend of finding a husband today Cambodians revere and worship her to look forward to her protection and blessings to have a safe trip when coming to the Bokor plateau.

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort is a 5-star resort with a complex of restaurants, hotels, eateries, and casinos recently developed to serve tourists. Located in Preah Monivong Bokor National Park, the resort offers a full range of facilities for guests with 5-star standards and is also listed as one of the largest resorts in Southeast Asia. Behind the resort there are small temples, visitors can stop here and spend moments enjoying the natural scenery in front of them.

With attractive attractions and tourist attractions, Bokor Plateau is a great stopover that you cannot miss in your journey to discover Cambodia. However, before exploring a new country, you need to pay attention to prepare well to have a complete and meaningful trip.

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