Ben Thanh market – immortal symbol of Saigon

Referring to Saigon tourism, the first thing to mention is Ben Thanh market – a symbolic market in the hearts of the people of the city. Let’s explore with Passionate Travel what is known as the “first generation” paradise of this city named Uncle!

Among the top 3 destinations not to be missed when traveling to Saigon with the Independence Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market is an indispensable piece in the bustling and vibrant picture of the city named after Uncle Ho.

With outstanding European architecture in the center and many virtual photo corners, this market attracts a large number of tourists every day to check in as well as shop.

Let’s explore with Passionate Travel the paradise of Ben Thanh market in the article below.


About Ben Thanh Market

The origin of the unique name “Ben Thanh”

This unique name comes from the old market, then still located on the banks of the Ben Nghe River and next to a river wharf near Gia Dinh citadel. This area is used for passing passengers and military personnel to enter and exit the citadel, hence the name Ben Thanh, which means landing before entering the citadel. And since then, this special ancient market has also been called by the intimate name Ben Thanh market.

Over hundreds of years of history, Ben Thanh market is considered a typical symbol of Saigon that everyone wants to discover once arriving in the city named after Uncle.


Location of Ben Thanh market

The market is located in District 1, in the downtown area with 4 main doors leading to the busiest streets in Saigon. This is considered a prime golden land, helping trade and business activities always take place extremely busy and vibrant even during the day and late at night.


Map and sales subdivision of the market

Ben Thanh Market is divided into 4 main doors including:

The East Gate faces the busy Phan Boi Chau neighborhood: a cosmetics and confectionery paradise dedicated to sweet lovers.

West gate facing Phan Chu Trinh street: is the place where the stores of shoes, handicrafts, and souvenirs are for you to freely choose to buy as gifts.

Cua Nam overlooking Quach Thi Trang square: is the place to sell the most fabrics, clothes, and dry food.

North Gate on Le Thanh Ton Street: specializes in selling a variety of fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables.

In addition to these 4 main doors, the market also has 12 side doors radiating in 4 directions.


Activities at Ben Thanh Market

Take pictures at the main gate 

The most famous check-in point at Ben Thanh market must be the main gate of the market with an extremely unique three-sided clock tower. Rent ao dai or ba ba shirt right away to save yourself some Saigon-style photos, to commemorate your visit to this city named after Uncle.

Inside Ben Thanh market


Challenge to go shopping

Considered to be the largest retail market in Saigon, this place has all kinds of goods from popular to luxury, from fashion to household goods for tourists.

You can go around the market with your friends to choose for themselves the most fashionable outfits or the most convenient household products with extremely diverse designs. Don’t forget to pay a little price to buy your favorite product at the best price!

Note, the number of visitors to Ben Thanh market every day is extremely crowded. You need to take care of your wallet and personal items to prevent theft.


“Discover” the food court inside the unique market

When it comes to Saigon’s cuisine, the food court in the market is always the first choice of locals and tourists. This place was also selected by the American magazine Food and Wine as one of the top 10 destinations with the most attractive street food on the planet.

Unlike other markets, the shops are only concentrated in a few spots. In Ben Thanh market, the food court is arranged by the management into a spacious area that is true to “trade with friends, sell with wards”.

Lost in this culinary paradise, you should protect your wallet carefully because you may be “out of pocket” at any time because of countless delicious dishes such as Hue cake, vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli, and vermicelli. grilled meat, broken rice, snail dishes, and tea dishes.

Ben Thanh market at night


Explore Ben Thanh market at night

The night market is the “last boss” that makes the name “playing paradise” of Ben Thanh market. Not only for tourists, this is also an entertainment and entertainment destination for young people or office workers after a long day of hard work.

Take a moment to walk along the busy streets of Phan Chu Trinh and Phan Boi Chau to mingle with the crowds, enjoy street food, and shop for interesting souvenirs.


Notes when visiting Ben Thanh market

If you are a first-time visitor to Saigon in general, and Ben Thanh market in particular, immediately remember the important notes that Passionate Travel listed below to make the trip more comfortable.

Always ask for the price first and remember to bid every time you make a purchase.

Protect personal belongings such as phones, bags, and wallets to prevent theft due to the extremely crowded market.

When taking photos at the market gate area, pay attention to observing carefully because the vehicles passing through here are extremely crowded, especially at peak hours.

Ben Thanh market

Passionate Travel hopes that through the detailed article about Ben Thanh market above, you will have a lot more experience for the upcoming journey to discover Saigon.

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