Delicious and rich with the quintessential Savannakhet grilled chicken in Laos

Visiting the beautiful country of Million Elephants, you should remember to enjoy Savannakhet grilled chicken in Laos – one of the typical delicious dishes and sow a lot of love in the hearts of diners because of its rich, greasy, soft, and fragrant taste of meat.


About Savannakhet grilled chicken

Savannakhet is the name of the second-largest city in Laos. This is the city that is considered the “economic capital” of the land of Million Elephants. Not only famous for its sacred and unique beauty from ancient temples with rich Buddhist beliefs. Savannakhet is also known for its diverse cuisine with many unique, authentic, and simple dishes such as sticky rice, fried moss, and Tam Maak Hung salad… Especially, Savannakhet grilled chicken is one of the dishes. Famous food that any tourist visiting Laos must enjoy.



If you have enjoyed this grilled chicken, you will certainly feel the passionate taste as well as the processing ingredients that are somewhat similar to Vietnamese cuisine. From the choice of free-range chicken to the stage of marinating spices and then grilling, although it looks simple, it makes Savannakhet chicken taste so fragrant that every street corner and road in Laos radiates a seductive fragrance to visitors. . And of course, can not resist the sweet aroma of this dish, surely diners must stop their feet at a certain roadside shop to enjoy their stomachs and eyes.



What ingredients are Savannakhet grilled chicken made from?

Talking about how to cook Savannakhet grilled chicken, it is also the chef’s own secret. However, in order for this chicken to be delicious, fragrant, and sweet, we must first choose the right type of free-range chicken. Because free-range chicken is a type of chicken that gives extremely firm and chewy meat and is moderately sweet, the aroma of this type of chicken has to be said to have a distinct characteristic. Because free-range chickens are usually grass-fed chickens, eat worms, and dig up the soil themselves. From there, it will create a natural rustic aroma that permeates every fiber of the chicken. So when you put a piece of chicken to eat, you will feel the crunchiness, and sweetness of the meat, not the residue, or less sweet like industrial chickens. That is also the reason why when you bring the chicken to the grill, you will feel the chicken is extremely delicious and the sweet scent rises up around every street corner.



After the chicken is selected, it will be cleaned by the chef, then marinated with the typical flavors and spices of the region. After being evenly moistened with spices all over the chicken, they will now be clamped on a bamboo stick and grilled on embers – the type of charcoal burned from the perennial, fire-filled tree trunk, contributing to the greasy aroma of the dish. especially it will make the skin and chicken have a wonderful aroma. Bake the chicken until the skin is glossy, the meat is burned, it means the chicken is cooked. Just looking at it, you can see that the corners of your mouth are hungry and your stomach has protested because of the constant “screaming and screaming”.


Ingredients of Savannakhet grilled chicken in Laos


Savannakhet grilled chicken served with what?

Usually, Savakhanet Lao grilled chicken will be served with Khao Niaw sticky rice and Jeow Bong sauce. Just enjoy the delicious chewy chicken, sweet and spicy, served with a small soft rice ball and dipped with a distinctive spicy sauce… “Why is it so delicious? Just chew slowly and feel the crispiness of the chicken skin, and the sweetness of the meat on the corners of your mouth, you will find Savannakhet’s grilled chicken is a quintessential dish in the cuisine of Laos.


Savannakhet grilled chicken in Laos


Where to find Savannakhet grilled chicken?

When it comes to Savannakhet grilled chicken, appears almost everywhere in Laos. But perhaps, the best appearance is the capital Vientiane – which is considered the capital of Savannakhet grilled chicken with a standard and sweet taste. If you walk on the streets of Vientiane, you will easily come across images of small grilled chicken shops, not whole chickens, but they have been separated by parts to help Diners easily choose to buy food and save money.

By now, you have understood why Savannakhet grilled chicken is extremely famous, not only causing nostalgia for Lao people but also becoming an inspiring tourist dish and making an unforgettable impression in the hearts of every visitor. . And surely, coming to Laos, you will have to stop your feet to go to a certain roadside restaurant and enjoy this grilled chicken right away. Guaranteed you will be mesmerized by the esoteric seasoning as well as the sweet aroma spreading around each piece of meat. That’s why many tourists only wish to return to Laos again just to enjoy this Savannakhet chicken.


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