Tam Dao Resorts that everyone wants to visit once

Tam Dao Resort is always the resort that visitors to the “foggy land” want to experience. The resorts in Tam Dao are now more and more diverse and suitable for tour groups. Passionate Travel will introduce you to some of today’s famous resorts, loved by travel enthusiasts through this article.


Tam Dao Golf and Resort

  • Address: Ho Son, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc.

Another Tam Dao resort that is also quite popular and loved by many people is Tam Dao Golf and Resort. Located in Hop Chau commune, Tam Dao district, the resort has an area of 7,200 square feet. As an attractive destination for golfers, Tam Dao Golf & Resort is quite picky about visitors. Most of the people who come to the resort are rich and famous businesspeople.


The resort combined with the golf course has a very beautiful and luxurious design; by the world-famous sports marketing and management group IMG. The golf course area is created with streams, lakes, waterfalls, very beautiful sand traps, and challenging players. Green space also brings a feeling to visitors to this resort in Tam Dao. Tam Dao Golf and Resort also has a resort area with many high-class and attractive services.


Tam Dao Belvedere Resort

  • Address: Zone 2, Tam Dao Town, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc.

Located in a beautiful location of Tam Dao Town, Belvedere Tam Dao Resort is one of the Tam Dao resorts with the most beautiful swimming pool. Coming to the resort, you will be immersed in the poetic and lyrical scenery. From the sky to the clouds, the scenery is fresh and fresh. Not only that, the convenient location of Tam Dao resort also makes sightseeing here easier.

Belvedere Tam Dao Resort offers many good services and facilities. Some of the services at the resort include 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, gift shop. Not only that, the entertainment area, swimming pool, spa, and sauna always bring the most perfect experience for guests. You will surely enjoy your stay here.


Three islands Floating Cloud

  • Address: Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc

This modern homestay is very close to the Stone Church of Tam Dao town, so it is chosen by many tourists to easily move into the town center. The bedroom has a view overlooking the valley, you can enjoy the romantic scenery around in the early morning or sunset.

There is nothing more wonderful than watching the sunset while sipping a cup of tea. Especially with the surrounding glass wall design, it makes the space feel more spacious and bright. This homestay is very suitable for groups of 10-15 people.


Writer Nguyen Quy Duc’s villa

  • Address: Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc

As a quiet resort, the space close to nature brings comfort to visitors. The house is delicately designed mainly with stone materials, creating a new living space and being sought by many people to enjoy.

The architectural style combines European and Asian architecture, creating a warm, modern space. In addition, this resort also has a swimming pool area, although not too big, but enough for you to admire the beautiful scenery of Tam Dao town and have beautiful views.


Golf View Villa

  • Address: Hop Chau, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc

This homestay stands out for its simple design but gives a lot of impressions of a modern, sophisticated European-style house. With 3 bedrooms, 2 small rooms and 1 large room.

Opposite the living room is a lake and a large yard. This is the ideal resort for a group of friends or family on the weekend.

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