Discover Vientiane in 48 hours

Located in the lower Mekong River region, Vientiane city in the Kingdom of Laos is undergoing strong transformations. With the advantage of being one of the most peaceful capitals in the world, visitors coming here will surely feel excited by the rare beauty found elsewhere.

Below is a suggested itinerary to visit the Lao capital within 2 days.


Day 1:


The capital of Laos is famous for its delicious cakes and fine coffee. Start your tour at Le Banneton, one of the best croissants and tarts in the area.

At about 8:30, you can tour the whole city on a tuk-tuk with the service of Tuk Tuk Safari travel agency. You can also choose to join the “Explore Laos in one day” tour to visit many famous markets, enjoy many snacks such as kao larm and visit the silver workshop.


Some famous Lao dishes

+ Lao sticky rice – Vientiane specialty, delicious Lao food

Laotian sticky rice is a daily dish of the Lao people, grown from sticky rice grown on the fields, so sticky rice when eaten is very soft and smooth, has a beautiful white color. For better taste, people often eat sticky rice with grilled chicken or boiled vegetables. This is a popular dish in Laos, so you can easily see it in any restaurant.



+ Lap – the most attractive food in Vientiane

Lap is also a popular dish of Lao people. To create this dish, people have to harmoniously combine ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken, etc., mixed with minced liver, lemon juice, chili, etc. You just need to mix everything. All the ingredients are ready to eat. Remember to serve with raw vegetables to enhance the deliciousness of this dish.

+ Savanakhet grilled chicken – a unique and delicious dish in Vientiane

Referring to Vientiane cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Savannakhet grilled chicken. To make this delicious dish, the cook must choose the type of chicken with fragrant and delicious meat. The chickens after being cleaned will be clamped on bamboo sticks, and placed on cooked embers.



Hop on a tuk-tuk to visit one of Laos’ most famous monuments – Pha That Luang.

Located right in the center of the capital, That Luang is the main architecture of a temple (also named That Luang) the most beautiful and famous in the country of Million Elephants, also a national symbol and printed on banknotes as well as a National coat of arms of Laos.



Built-in 1566 on the foundation of a temple dedicated to the emperor of Vientiane dating from the 13th century, after a long time, in 1930, That Luang was directly remodeled by a French architect.



Let’s once visit the famous Ban Anou night market in Vientiane. From about 4 p.m. until late, hundreds of brightly lit stalls line the road. The market is a popular nighttime destination for locals and visitors alike. Here, visitors can quickly grasp local fashion and trends, as well as a variety of modern and traditional products such as handmade silks, souvenirs of the highland ethnic groups and jewelry made of wood. the silver.



Day 2:


Laos is famous for its landmarks and historical sites, including WAT SISAKET.

Designed and built in 1818 during the reign of King Anouvong, this place is considered the most sacred and oldest temple in Vientiane and is also a famous tourist attraction in Vientiane (Laos). You go inside the hall, and right in front of you will be hundreds of small temples with countless large Buddha statues (About 6840 statues), very suitable for those who love but want to explore the land of Buddhism. Laos. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Vientiane, do not miss this temple.




This is the perfect time to shop. In the famous markets of Laos, you can buy the following items as souvenirs:

Brocade clothes

The scarves, shirts, and brocade items of Laos are very beautiful and of very good quality. Visitors can visit the markets of the Lao people to choose and buy brocade cloths, intricately hand-woven scarves, and shirts, and delicate patterns with extremely rich colors. The sellers are easygoing and you can watch, take pictures and haggle until you are satisfied.




Lao jewelry is also a very popular gift for tourists and buys when they have the opportunity to travel to Vientiane. Those who have set foot in the peaceful and beautiful capital of Vientiane will certainly not be able to ignore some small and beautiful silver jewelry of the Lao people.

After shopping, treat yourself to one of the most popular services here: massage. Massage shops that specialize in serving local customers will give you a great experience.



On the last evening in Vientiane, you can spend time relaxing at the restaurants, bars, and cafes here.

The cafes along the Mekong River have beautiful scenes, and the menu is extremely rich. You can find a wide variety of food and drinks, both traditional and modern. Therefore, this place not only attracts tourists but also locals who like to come here.



Besides, the bars in Vientiane will be a place for beer connoisseurs. Most of the bars have a variety of beers. Combined with that, there are equally rich drinks such as cold meat, spring rolls, burgers.


Above are just simple suggestions of Passionate Travel for a 2-day tour in Vientiane. You can design your own private tour HERE


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