The Nam Hai Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan – Living space embracing nature

You can feel the rippling rays of sunlight flowing under the eaves, the winds blowing through the porch, and the majestic natural scenery right in front of you. It’s a unique experience that can only be felt in The Nam Hai Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan which embraces the whole of nature. Immerse yourself in the true beauty of this resort when you arrive here. And Passionate Travel is very pleased to accompany you on this exciting journey.

About Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

The name of the resort is written with the Sanskrit compound word “Ama” which means peaceful, and “noi” which means place. When put together they mean a place of peace. When coming to Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan, is a unique experience that you have the opportunity to feel in your life, this is a place for you to relax and recharge after the fatigue of life’s chaos.

In addition, Amanoi Resort is owned by Aman Group, known as one of the largest travel and resort groups in the world, founded by Adrian Zecha. An interesting thing is that when separating Amanoi into Amanoi, the word is considered as the word “Oi” in Vietnamese making this place more familiar and friendly to visitors.

Amanoi Resort enjoys a spectacular location, a location that could not be more harmonious and perfect. Amanoi Ninh Thuan Resort was built in Nui Chua National Park in Vinh Hy village, Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, bringing the scent of the sea and mountains and cool breezes bring visitors a worthwhile experience.

Amanoi Ninh Thuan Resort is surrounded by the majestic mountains of Ninh Thuan National Forest and Vinh Hy Bay, where the beauty of the harmony between the nature of the mountains and the sea, along with a relaxing space will surely bring gives you a feeling of peace and flutter, Passionate Travel is sure that you will soon fall in love with this place.

The area of Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan is up to nearly 30,000 hectares, with such a vast space placed in the spectacular and beautiful scenery that has made this place a famous resort and popular with tourists. It is known at home and abroad as a top 5-star resort.

Enjoy a wonderful break with your best friend while sipping a cup of tea to relax in a peaceful space. Pamper yourself with time to the fullest and get back to nature at Amanoi Resort.


Space and design style

Amanoi Resort is designed by Belgian architect Jean-Michel Gathy, this place has a bold contemporary Vietnamese style, with elegant, peaceful, cozy, intimate, and private space. With such a design, the space here is imbued with Vietnamese traditional art and culture, but equally luxurious and classy, attracting many foreign and domestic tourists.

The pavilion rooms and villas here are inspired by the architecture of a traditional Vietnamese rural house by architect Jean-Michel, with a delicately curved and elongated roof made from various materials. Mainly wood materials bring a sense of relaxation and wonderfully flexible space between the spaces of the rooms. This place is a masterpiece of great interaction with the landscape, Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan is like one with nature.

Another special feature is the feng shui here. With a deep understanding of Feng Shui and extensive knowledge, German architect Jean-Michel has harmonized the elements together, with a prime location facing the sea and leaning against the mountain. Converging all the elements of heaven and earth, yin and yang, creating a solid and developing position makes visitors when coming to Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan extremely satisfied and impressed.

The combination of the space inside the room with the outside space is an essential thing, so the rooms are designed in a way that maximizes light, which will make you feel extremely comfortable and comfortable, even in the living room. indoors, but you can still connect with nature.


Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan’s room system

Amanoi Vinh Hy is a well-rounded 5-star rated resort, but most visitors when coming here will have a feeling that is not the case, this place cannot be limited by 5 stars but they stay here as a vacation. paradise, in reality, to treat and relax. Therefore, this place has an extremely expensive price, but along with that, the system of rooms here always ensures the best quality for visitors.

Amanoi Resort has a total of 36 resorts, including 31 Pavilion rooms and 5 international standard Villas. With such a luxurious and elegant design, are you curious about how they look? Let’s explore with Passionate Travel



Amanoi Ocean pool villa

This is a villa with a sea view with an area of 280m2. Beautifully designed and the large wooden verandas are always exposed to the sun giving you a pleasant feeling of relaxation. What creates a deep highlight is the infinity pool, which has harmonious colors with nature, suitable for couples, especially for your honeymoon.

When entering the room you will feel the extremely elegant beauty, with a king bed and a relaxing, quiet living area. This place is full of light and luxurious amenities designed with a comfortable and airy bathroom system

Ocean Pool Villa

With an area of 125m2, the villas are placed in the forest with a wonderful view of the sea. Facilities here are equipped with a private swimming pool, and wooden sundeck to create an open space for visitors. The bedroom is designed with a bed, the living area is equipped with a sofa and the bathroom is combined with a tub and shower, this is definitely a pleasant and relaxing space.

Mountain Pool Villa

This place has an area of ​​125m2, designed in harmony with the nature of the mountains and forests, combined with a private swimming pool and sundeck with views of the sea and mountains. The room is designed with a desk, a sofa, a bathroom equipped with a sink, and a shower. The bedroom has a king bed to bring you a cozy and relaxing space


Ocean Pavilion

The room has an area of 125m2 with a sundeck overlooking Vinh Hy Bay, bringing a warm and healing space. The doors here are designed in a formal, sliding style. The space is airy, spacious, and full of light. Equipped with a deep soaking bathtub, dressing table, and king bed to bring you a relaxing feeling

Mountain Pavilion

The room here has a very special view of the green color of the national forest, you can watch it all the time. With an area of 95m2, is designed with an elegant, elegant interior, typical of Vietnamese media. Facilities are equipped with a deep soaking bathtub, king bed, and extremely luxurious sofa

Lake Pavilion

The view of the room overlooking the lotus lake is really peaceful and peaceful combined with a spacious balcony and modern furniture, giving a feeling of relaxation. The room with an area of 95m2 gives you the most modern amenities.


Wellness Pool Villas

Designed specifically for travelers who want to experience the feeling of being in nature, let’s explore together.

Forest Wellness Pool Villa

With an area of 172m2, this place gives you a private space and most especially is designed with health care and healing facilities. This place has a very beautiful view which is a combination of a swimming pool, mountains, and sea. Includes a wood-paneled banya treatment room, double treatment room, steam room, and even a spa therapist. This will be an ideal place for you to heal your soul. The room includes a king bed, sofa, desk, dressing table, and bathroom with bathtub and shower.

Lake Wellness Pool Villa

If you are a person who is particularly interested in health, you should not miss this place. The Villa with an area of ​​172m2 is equipped with an integrated spa room for comprehensive health care. Includes hammam style treatment room, private pool, cold plunge pool, sauna, jacuzzi, sundeck.

This place is definitely the ideal place to restore your health. The space here is designed with a spacious king bed, bathtub, and dressing table to bring a safe and private space for you.

Thousand Dollar Villas at AMANOI RESORT.

The 5-bedroom villa overlooking the bay, the 4-bedroom villa is the perfect place for your whole family to relax, this is a place to bond between friends, and colleagues and bring you unforgettable rain experiences. Let’s explore with us.

5 Bedroom Villa with Bay View

With an area of up to 1000m2 with a direct view of Vinh Hy Bay, equipped with a private swimming pool to bring a private and relaxing space for visitors. The villa provides you with an entertainment center such as a dining room and large wooden floors combined with 24/7 butler service to bring you diverse and delicious Asian and Western dishes.

The space of the rooms is fully equipped with five bedrooms in private pavilions with king beds, a living room, and dining room, wifi, a tv connected to youtube and Netflix, a coffee maker, and a comfortable minibar for you to relax and use.

4 Bedroom Villa

With an area of 800m2 and a private infinity pool giving this place an airy space to attract visitors, this place is perfect for your whole family to relax. View overlooking the mountains and the surrounding ocean creates a natural harmony.

Facilities here include a private pool, wooden sundeck, four bedrooms with king bed, 14/7 butler service, coffee machine, wifi, Netflix, sound system, safety deposit box, and mini bar. Everything will make your vacation more complete and comfortable



Health care service

This place is known as a place of peace and tranquility, and could not be more perfect for healing the soul and body. Located by the lotus lake, with bold Vietnamese country style, spa services in this place are the very best. Even visitors with a busy schedule also love this service.

It is home to holistic health professionals with a wealth of knowledge and techniques for miraculous healing through therapeutic therapies. Spas change color for both your body and your soul, regaining focus and helping your mind to focus better thus improving your health significantly.

The most special is the meditation program, an indispensable thing if you want to have a peaceful, relaxed mind and control your breathing, control your thoughts. of Amanoi will guide you in the most methodical way. The program is designed to include meditation practice and spa massage therapy to bring you a purified soul, a healthy body, and a balanced body and help your life become more meaningful.


Well-appointed rooms will include 2 hydrotherapy rooms equipped with hot stone tables, a steam room, a jacuzzi, a cold plunge pool and terrace, a gym and fitness equipment Modern, outdoor tennis court in the resort.

Cliff Pool Extreme Chill

With an area of 140m2, located on the mountain, giving visitors a free and airy space. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to swim in front of such a majestic space. In addition, you will also enjoy those wonderful cocktails, your soul will be soothed and relaxed by the nature here.

Luxury Food Court

When you come to Amanoi Resort you will be surprised by the service and experience here. No shame is expensive to cut into pieces. This place also provides you with extremely attractive and delicious food services. Bold Vietnamese flavor. Now let’s explore together

The Nam Hai Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

Beach Club Restaurant

Located right on the white sand bank, bringing a natural space for visitors, the dining view will be the swimming pool, bringing a cool feeling. The restaurant will serve you all 3 meals a day and include snacks. When coming here, the dish you cannot miss is grilled fish, a specialty in Amanoi.

If you have a romantic dinner like in the movies, when coming to Amanoi Resort it becomes extremely easy and simple. When night falls, the lights here are turned on, adding to the beauty of this place. romance for you with your other half. At the blue and romantic lake, you will enjoy a unique BBQ dinner with delicious glasses of wine, especially the candlelight that gives you a sense of privacy and enjoyment. seafood pride.

Experience games on the beach

Here, you can participate in extremely attractive underwater adventure games such as:

  • An experience by Catamaran Sailboat and Kayak to explore the bay.
  • Visit and learn about the surrounding fishing villages.
  • Conquer waterfalls, rocky mountains, and mysterious Coves.

Amanoi Resort is known as one of the most expensive resorts in Vietnam, this place not only brings elegant and classy beauty but also harmonizes with the nature of the mountains, and the sea, and carries the tradition of traditional houses. Vietnam can therefore promote our country’s tourism to international friends.


Amanoi is on the way to strong development, as a 5-star resort. Passionate Travel firmly believes that when you come here, you will probably have to give this place 6 stars because of its perfect beauty.


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