Traveling by train – discover the most beautiful train lines in Vietnam

Traveling by train is not new, but it is gradually becoming a trend with young people thanks to the beautiful roads. Join Passionate Travel to save the train travel experience below and discover the top 8 most beautiful train routes in Vietnam.

Traveling by train is a new travel trend for young people who like to experience the slow rhythm and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on each road. With advantages such as simple, economical procedures, and easy sightseeing, traveling by train is a suggestion not to be missed for slow-living believers.


1. Discover the most beautiful train routes in Vietnam

1.1 Saigon – Nha Trang train route

With a length of more than 400km passing through provinces such as Binh Duong, Lam Dong, Binh Thuan, and Phan Thiet, the Saigon – Nha Trang train offers you the opportunity to admire the landscape stretching from the hills to the blue sea. What could be better than when you can watch the sunrise on the sea or the sunset slowly falling through the window, right?

The train route Saigon – Nha Trang is full of dreams.


In the experience of traveling by train, Nha Trang station is one of the most favorite stations when it is located right in the city center. Travelers will save quite a bit of travel time compared to going by plane. In addition, you are also comfortable living on a 5-star standard train with full amenities from toilets, beds, and soft blankets.


1.2 Phung Hung Train Line (Hanoi)

As a famous check-in place in the old town, Phung Hung railway village is no stranger to young people and tourists coming to Hanoi. This is just a 2km long train track in Kham Thien and Le Duan neighborhoods with a winding road running right next to people’s houses.

A visit to Phung Hung railway line will be a memorable experience when you can witness firsthand the locomotive close to the narrow street and the shops on both sides. It is because of this special location that the Phung Hung train line has become famous, attracting many tourists who come to “hunt the train” in the middle of the night and at dawn.

Phung Hung Train Street – a hot check-in place in the heart of the old town.

  • Address: Railway section from Dien Bien Phu to Phung Hung, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.


1.3 Railway station from Da Lat to Trai Mat (Da Lat)

The train route from Da Lat station to Trai Mat departs from Da Lat station, with a travel time of about 45 minutes, it will bring a new experience even though you are very familiar with the city of thousands of flowers. In addition, on the last leg of this train, you can also visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda – a temple with unique architecture and this unique nickname Ve Chai Pagoda.

Da Lat – Trai Mat train line in the city of thousands of flowers.

Trains on the Da Lat – Trai Mat route are not like the North-South passenger trains, but mainly for tourism. The train moves slowly and gently, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery during the trip, watching the flower fields, cherry trees or Da Lat’s small houses passing through the door frame.


1.4 Da Nang – Hue train route

With a distance of 110km and a total time of about 3 hours, the Da Nang – Hue train route is an interesting trip for those who like sightseeing. This train will pass through Hai Van Pass, the boundary between the two provinces of Thua Thien Hue – Da Nang, and spread out before your eyes a picture of a magnificent and vast natural landscape. There’s nothing like just sitting chill, watching a sky of clouds and mountains shrink by the window.

Sightseeing Hai Van pass on the train route Da Nang – Hue.

With the experience of traveling by train, Passionate Travel suggests that you choose a sleeper ticket so that you can conveniently enjoy the scenery.


1.5 Saigon – Binh Thuan railway line

The Saigon – Binh Thuan railway line is one of the most beautiful train routes passing through the immense dragon fruit garden of the sunny and windy sea. With a distance of nearly 200km and 4 hours of travel, you can also see the blue sea in the distance, blending with the sky to create an extremely poetic blue carpet.

Traveling by train

The landscape of the dragon fruit garden on the Saigon – Binh Thuan train route.


1.6 Da Nang – Dong Hoi train route

Passing Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula, and a panoramic view of Da Nang Bay, the Da Nang – Dong Hoi train route is a “must try” experience in the train travel experience set of believers. With a period of 6 hours from Da Nang station to Dong Hoi station in Quang Binh province, you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery during the journey.

Traveling by train

The scene from the train line Da Nang – Dong Hoi.


1.7 Train route Da Nang – Quy Nhon

The whole South Central Coast region will fall into view when you take the train from Da Nang to Quy Nhon. Starting from Da Nang station to Dieu Tri station, Binh Dinh province, the journey is about 6 hours long with a distance of more than 300km will give you hours of rest, and admire the beloved Central land.


1.8 Muong Hoa mountain climbing train (Sapa)

Reaching the record of “the longest mountain train in Vietnam ”, the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train route is a travel experience you cannot miss when coming to Sapa. With a distance of about 2km from MGallery hotel to Fansipan cable car station, you will have 4 minutes to admire the wild beauty of Hoang Lien Son mountain and Muong Hoa valley. If you go early in the morning, you will be lucky to see the villages hidden in the fog.

Traveling by train

Climbing Muong Hoa Mountain on “Vietnam’s longest climbing train”


2. Experience traveling by train with Passionate Travel

2.1 Book tickets early to enjoy many incentives

No matter which route you choose, Passionate Travel’s experience of traveling by train also recommends that you book tickets early to get many attractive offers, as well as avoid the situation of running out of beautiful seats. About 1-2 months before the trip, you just need to contact Passionate Travel for assistance in buying the best train tickets

2.2 Prepare documents and personal belongings

The train is a domestic means of transportation, so you need to bring your citizen identification, identity card or passport to check-in. According to the train travel experience, for a comfortable journey, you should prepare some necessary personal items such as toothpaste, brush, tissue, etc. to use when traveling on a long-distance train. In addition, please wear comfortable clothes to relax on the train.

Hopefully, with the above travel experiences by train, you have enough information to experience the most beautiful train routes in Vietnam with family and friends.


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