10 delicious Da Nang dishes you must try when visiting this city

Da Nang specialties are not lacking, even sitting for a whole day cannot run out of hundreds of delicious gifts imbued with central culinary culture. But to call it the most special, most outstanding, visitors can not help but try to mention dozens of famous Da Nang dishes below.

It is no exaggeration to say that Da Nang is a special and diverse culinary country with all kinds of delicious dishes that people will remember forever if they eat it once.


Banh xeo Da Nang (Danang Pancakes)

If Southern pancakes are always poured on a large cast-iron pan, the thin, crispy shell is golden in turmeric color with all kinds of shrimp meat and a little green bean, a little eye-catching onion sprouts served with a cup of sweet and sour garlic fish sauce and some vegetables. Forest. Da Nang’s specialty pancakes have some more sophisticated parts.

Da Nang pancakes are poured into a small pan, similar to central pancakes but with thick, yellow skin. The inside also has shrimp and meat fillings, a few bean sprouts, and the accompanying vegetables only include cucumber, mango, and a little lettuce, but especially in that the dipping sauce is prepared very separately.

This Da Nang specialty cake must be served with peanut soy sauce, fat, salty, sweet, and very tasty. Every time you eat a piece, you want another piece because the delicious taste is very strange, very different, and very unique to this dish.


Da Nang pork rice paper roll

It is not only Da Nang that has pork rolls, but indeed in this city, every dish is extremely attractive. The most impressive thing when enjoying this dish is in the pieces of pork. Pork selected as raw material is usually butt or shoulder meat, after being boiled (or steamed) just cooked, cut into thin and large slices.

The pieces of meat are wrapped in rice paper, remember to add raw vegetables including aromatic herbs, perilla, lettuce, lettuce… and sliced fruits such as pineapple, mango, green banana, cucumber, and bean sprouts… Then we will dip it with a rich fish sauce, eat a piece and then add more, just like that and then grind it when we don’t know.


Quang Noodles – Rich and full of flavor

Coming to Da Nang, you absolutely must not miss this one-of-a-kind delicious dish. Quang noodles are considered the soul of Da Nang cuisine. Called noodles, but Quang noodles are very similar to pho, except that it is a bit bigger and thicker. Quang noodle broth is very diverse, there are places cooked with shrimp and meat, and there are places cooked with chicken, but the most famous and considered specialty of Da Nang must be named Quang frog noodles.

A bowl of fragrant Quang noodles served with raw vegetables, rice paper, some peanuts, and water, mix well, then add a little lemon to enhance the smell, and add a little green chili for more flavor. Quang noodle in Da Nang is not only a unique delicacy, but it is also the nostalgia of many tourists who love this city.


Da Nang fish sausage noodle soup

Bun cha is a famous specialty, appearing in many coastal cities such as Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Da Nang… Each region and city will have a different way of processing, with distinct colors and flavors. 

Da Nang fish vermicelli is special in that it is rich in flavor, evenly hand-made, and made from the freshest fish, so the meat is also sweeter and more crispy than in other places. There are few places as generous as Da Nang, with a huge bowl of fish noodle soup, full of food, a person can eat on a full stomach.


Nam O fish salad

If Kien Giang is famous for herring salad, Da Nang captivates people with Nam O Fish Package. Nam O is Nam O fishing village, people here live by fishing all year round, so the dishes made from fresh fish or seafood are also better than in other regions.

Although the fish used for salad is also herring like Kien Giang, the way to make it in Da Nang is a bit different, with the characteristics of the Central region. The soul of Nam O fish salad is sesame peanut sauce. Pick up some salad, roll it with raw vegetable rice paper and dip it in the dipping sauce, you will definitely not forget this wonderful taste.


Cao Lau

If someone asks about the delicious food of Da Nang Hoi An, it is Cao Lau. For many years, Cao Lau has become the soul of Hoi An cultural cuisine in particular and the Central region in general.

This dish is very elaborately processed, the Cao Lau fiber looks like Quang noodles but is thicker, soft, and chewy. Cao Lau has to be eaten with pork belly, with a little sauce prepared separately and then added little green vegetables to help reduce boredom. Anyone who has tried the high floor of Da Nang once will surely fall in love and want to come and eat again and again.


Cau Mong beef

“Cau Mong beef” is also known by the people of Da Nang by the familiar name “Cau Mong rare beef”. It can be said that this dish is as famous as Quang noodles or pork rice paper.

The art of cuddling is almost esoteric and not many people do it now, because of its special requirements. When taken out of the oven, the veal must have two layers of rare meat, clearly cooked, and the skin (skin) must be cooked to transparency, and at the same time crispy and soft. When served, skillfully sliced, each slice has both meat and skin.

Veal is served with vegetables: perilla, lettuce, baby cabbage, sour star fruit, chat banana, coriander, hung, cinnamon, bean sprouts… Wrap the ingredients in rice paper and dip it in anchovy fish sauce with sugar and garlic. , chili, ginger, sesame… All the ingredients are very helpful in helping to increase the flavor of the veal dish more bold, attractive, and unforgettable.


Banh Canh (a special noodles soup)

Banh Canh is a simple and rustic dish, but equally delicious and rich. Banh Canh Da Nang is not like any other flavor of Banh Canh in the North or in the South, it has Da Nang characteristics that make a distinct impression.

Banh Canh is tough, spicy, sweet, and delicious, especially when you have to eat it while blowing it. The chewy taste comes from the long and large noodles. Spicy, sweet, and spicy taste from the broth. In addition, depending on your preferences, you can add fish cakes or snakehead fish

Banh Canh in Da Nang is also distinguished by the ingredients that make up the flour fiber, such as Filtered flour cake soup, rice flour soup cake, and flour noodle soup. Banh Canh can be eaten at the main meal or eaten as a snack.


Bun mam (Seasoned vermicelli with fish sauce)

In Quang noodle shops, they often sell a popular but equally delicious specialty, which is vermicelli with seasoning.

Initially, the ingredients of the vermicelli bowl were simply vermicelli, seasoning sauce, and boiled young jackfruit. Later, people added side dishes such as roast pork, bacon, beef rolls, spring rolls, and pig ears … to make the bowl of vermicelli more eye-catching and attractive.

Unlike normal noodles, Da Nang seasoned vermicelli noodles do not use broth. The main ingredient that makes its quality is fish sauce, made from fish such as mackerel, anchovies, baby scad

The fish sauce is kept in small jars until the ripe day it turns bright red. After a few stages of filtering, and boiling, the result is a brown, viscous sauce with a characteristic aroma of sea fish.


Da Nang Chicken Rice

Besides Quang noodles, bread, and seafood dishes … coming to the coastal city of Da Nang, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Da Nang chicken rice. The sweet taste of chicken combined with the fragrant plasticity of rice has made a delicious dish that is hard to resist. The fragrant sticky rice is dyed yellow by chicken broth and served with medium-soft, chewy chicken that is deep-fried or sweetly boiled. All are just enough to blend together to create a dish that cannot be enjoyed anywhere but Da Nang. There are 2 types of chicken rice served in Da Nang rice restaurants. It’s boiled chicken rice and crispy fried chicken rice. The most special feature of Da Nang chicken rice is probably the golden color and delicious aroma of rice combined with crispy chicken skin.

Above are the delicious dishes in Da Nang that you must definitely enjoy when coming here to travel and relax. Don’t forget to “save” right away the above dishes to enjoy gradually and do not miss any specialties in Da Nang!


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