Top 10 best place to celebrate christmas in Asia

When it comes to Christmas, people often think of European or American countries, where Christmas is considered the biggest holiday of the year. But with today’s integration trend, Asian countries also have many places to celebrate Christmas equally spectacularly and excitingly. Let’s find out 10 best place to celebrate Christmas in Asia



Not only in Europe or America, but even in Asia, there are also many wonderful tourist destinations to welcome Christmas, and the first place that the top list would like to introduce to you is Singapore. Coming to Singapore during Christmas will be a wonderful experience for visitors. It only takes up to 3 hours and 40 minutes from Vietnam, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere with many attractive places to visit and many exciting activities during the Christmas season here.

Christmas is one of the major holidays in Singapore, especially for those who follow Christianity. During this time, everywhere on the lion island nation is decorated splendidly with countless shimmering lights and giant and beautiful pine trees. Besides, this is also the time when Singaporeans organize culinary parties, participate in many interesting activities, and indulge in shopping to hunt for the discount season. Traveling to Singapore on Christmas, you will certainly enjoy the bustling and bustling Christmas atmosphere and have many new and memorable experiences.

Enjoy shopping with the Christmas market located at the CHIJMES complex on Victoria Road, and a series of special year-end promotions at shopping centers such as ION Orchard, Paragon, and Takashimaya.


Bangkok – Thailand

Christmas is increasingly becoming a popular holiday in Thailand, especially in the city of Bangkok. Bangkok, Thailand in the mid-December days, all roads in the city are splendidly decorated with colorful LED trusses, and symbols of Christmas holidays such as Santa Claus, pine trees, and snowflakes. , or snowmen are decorated for their booths. Throughout the major commercial centers to the streets, the bridges are decorated very splendidly, giving visitors the same experience as the cities of European countries.

The streets of Bangkok, which are already busy during Christmas, are even more crowded and crowded. Should you travel to Bangkok, Thailand on Christmas? This is also the time when shopaholics can buy their favorite items at super cheap prices. All major shopping centers or local clothing and electronics stores on the streets also have many deep discounts from 50% to 80%.

Some places to have fun in Bangkok and Singapore on Christmas are many tourists that you can visit during this special holiday at the end of this year such as Baiyoke Sky Rooftop Bar, China Town.


Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam

If we do not include Ho Chi Minh City, it is a big omission. Christmas is considered the biggest religious festival of the year here. If in Hanoi, people often go to churches, in Ho Chi Minh, everywhere is decorated very splendidly, and the statues bearing the images of Jesus and Mary are also very well made.

A place that is so familiar to Saigon people that you must definitely go to this Christmas is Notre Dame Cathedral. Located in a very convenient location when lying in the center of the city with a series of attractive entertainment places around. Every Christmas, thousands of people gather at Notre Dame Cathedral to admire and have fun.

In addition, the city also has many historical and religious sites that visitors can explore such as Vietnam History Museum, Cao Dai temple, post office, Ben Thanh market, Turtle Lake, etc.


Hong Kong

Christmas is a joyful festival for children when receiving gifts from Santa Claus, when everyone enjoys the cool air, shares the joy, and the sweetness of chocolate, and wishes for good luck. Hong Kong during this time is filled with a Christmas atmosphere. In addition to brightly decorated colors throughout stores, hotels, and shopping centers… the staff here also wear Santa Claus style with red hats and clothes.

During the Christmas season, the winter festival “Winterfest” transforms the heart of Hong Kong into a northernmost fairy-tale city. One of the most shimmering and attractive spots in the Winterfest series of events is the Ice Wonderland skating area east of Tsim Sha Tsui. Visitors will enjoy skating in a space filled with colored lights and elaborate and impressive snow effects. Going to Statue Square, a giant pine tree 30m high with Swarovski crystals also attracts a lot of visitors to enjoy. The busy flow of people and the harmony of the bustling Christmas songs increase the excitement here. The culmination of the Winterfest series of events is a spectacular fireworks display to welcome the New Year taking place on the night of December 31. Right after the exciting countdown, visitors will admire the colorful fireworks display of the IFC building and the 9 largest buildings in Hong Kong. The whole sky seemed to glow and shimmer in colorful fireworks.

During the Christmas season, Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong will bring a unique Christmas atmosphere. The large group of animals on the giant boat will welcome visitors to participate in interesting entertainment games, and visit restaurants full of snowman cakes and log cakes. Let’s enjoy the sweet festival season with the family in the bustling music of reindeer rattles.


Busan – South Korea

Come to the land of Kim Chi to celebrate a peaceful and warm Christmas with family and friends. When the Christmas season comes, the streets of Korea are filled with colorful festivals, everywhere singing and singing to welcome the birth of Christ. From supermarkets, shops, and shopping centers to hotels and parks everywhere, they wear colorful costumes that make anyone coming here feel the warm Christmas atmosphere. happy. Coming to Korea at Christmas, you can not only see white snowflakes on the road but also immerse yourself in colorful festivals.

Especially in Busan, people here celebrate Christmas by decorating the streets with Christmas trees and bright lights. Gwangbokro area, Jung-gu district is the most decorated place. In addition, it also organizes concerts, street art shows, erecting wish trees, and photo and video contests.



In the land of the rising sun, Christmas is not much different from in Western countries. Christmas is celebrated on December 23 because the Japanese people have this day off because it is the birthday of the current Emperor of Japan.

At Christmas, the Japanese often decorate a lot of lights and Christmas trees. As Christmas day approaches, there are Christmas trees all over the squares.

celebrate Christmas in Asia

On this occasion, supermarkets sell many Christmas goods such as red boots filled with candies, pine needle rings with red silk ribbons, and gilded bells, some sales staff even dressed up as gentlemen. Santa Claus while serving customers. Going to Japan for Christmas is not a bad choice for those who want to welcome a warm Christmas season.


Hanoi Vietnam

The Christmas atmosphere in Hanoi is also extremely bustling. Hanoi’s weather during this period is just a bit chilly from 15 to 17 degrees, which is very suitable for everyone to go out together to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere.

celebrate Christmas in Asia

In Hanoi’s Old Quarter, there is Hang Ma Street where Christmas decorations are sold. Every year in the high season, the whole street will be shimmering with lights from these lovely items. Besides, there is also Hanoi Cathedral located in the center of the old town, which is also beautifully decorated. This is a tourist destination that attracts a lot of visitors every Christmas.


Macau City – China

Considered the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau welcomes visitors during Christmas with dazzling fireworks displays, lavishly decorated Christmas trees and special shows in churches. Coming to Macau during the Christmas season, visitors will enjoy European-style pastries and listen to Christmas songs being played everywhere, making visitors feel the bustling and warm atmosphere. Fresh of the Christmas season.

celebrate Christmas in Asia

If you are a lover of romance, sailing on Venetian Macau at night to enjoy impressive performances and admire the sophisticated architecture is an extremely right choice.


Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Christmas is a big holiday for countries in the West, but if you don’t have enough money to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in European countries, enjoying a Christmas holiday in Malaysia is also a very interesting thing. taste that the cost to ignoring is not too much. Coming to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia at the end of the year is a great choice for tourists. Although there is no winter, Christmas is always a colorful and jubilant festival. There is nothing better than seeing the shimmering scenery from the top of the Petronas tower or walking through the beautifully decorated streets filled with the Christmas atmosphere everywhere.

celebrate Christmas in Asia

Malaysia is a country with many ethnic groups living, so the culture is also rich and diverse. Christmas in Malaysia is the time when the streets are decorated splendidly, people in the country choose this time to gather with family members, enjoy dinner together and go to church to pray. wish.

You can easily see colorful Christmas trees on all the big and small roads in Malaysia. The large and small commercial centers are decorated splendidly, and the items are running big discounts. This is also a great time for shopaholics to be able to hunt for many of their favorite items at extremely low prices.



Coming to Taiwan, you will be overwhelmed by the jubilant Christmas atmosphere here. Countless festive lights sparkle and shine throughout the streets and districts with Christmas tree lighting contests held.

Here, the scenery brings both the ethereal beauty of nature and the modern beauty of the city, enough to bring you sublime emotions like melting into the vast sky full of minerals. vacant.

celebrate Christmas in Asia

More specifically, visitors can also participate in promotions, and discounts for hotel rooms, restaurants, and many other diverse items at shopping centers.

Christmas today has become a popular holiday, not only in Europe but also in Asian countries. A trip to celebrate Christmas in Asia is one of the right choices if you want to celebrate Christmas in a completely new place to experience diverse cultures without spending too much. 


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