What is the most beautiful season of the year to travel to Hai Phong?

The city of red phoenix flowers is not only one of the leading economic centers in the country, but tourism here also attracts visitors all year round with rich cuisine and beautiful beaches. So what is the most beautiful season to travel to Hai Phong? Find out with Passionate Travel right below!


General information about Hai Phong climate

Hai Phong – is one of the key cities directly under the Central Government in terms of economy and tourism. The climate of this place possesses the typical weather of the North of our country with subtropical nature. Spring is usually warm, summer is hot and humid with lots of rain, autumn is relatively cool and pleasant, and winter is relatively cold and dry.

The average annual temperature in the whole city is not too high, only about 23.3 degrees Celsius. Besides, due to the influence of the sea, summers are usually cooler and winters will be a bit colder than in other places. same area. In general, here each season or time of the year has its own characteristics to create the attraction of the beautiful Port city.


What is the best season to travel to Hai Phong?

This industrial port city now owns many ancient architectural works mixed with modern architecture. There are Cat Ba Islands, the famous Lan Ha Bay, beautiful beaches, and luxury resorts. Not only the typical culture expressed through cuisine, traditional festivals are also factors that attract visitors to this place throughout the four seasons. Here are some impressive moments that you can refer to.


Come to Hai Phong in the summer

What month should you travel to Hai Phong? Summer in Hai Phong starts from about May to October every year. Due to owning many beaches, bays, …. so the climate here is somewhat cooler and more pleasant. The weather is sunny and dry, but it is very convenient for you to have many experiences such as sightseeing, swimming, boating, and scuba diving,… Therefore, this is the time to come here to avoid the heat. It is more appropriate.


Hai Phong travel experience, some places you can choose to visit in the summer in this city such as:

– Cat Ba Island: This world biosphere reserve is one of the top places you must visit when traveling in Hai Phong. Here you can explore the National Park with extremely diverse ecosystems, and beautiful beaches that attract the eye. This promises to bring you many memorable experiences with your loved ones.


– Lan Ha Bay: Referring to beautiful scenic spots in Hai Phong, Lan Ha Bay is equally poetic and charming. The wild beauty of the blue sea and white sand is enchanting throughout the 4 seasons of the year, here you will find that any time will bring special emotions.


– Do Son Sea: Talking about the sea, Do Son tourism is no longer strange to many people. The resort has small beaches but clear blue coast, and extremely beautiful primeval forests. Come to Do Son beach to enjoy the fresh beauty of nature, mountains, and clouds.


– Check-in Elephant Mountain: What is the beautiful season to travel to Hai Phong, this place annually attracts a large number of tourists to visit in the summer. Unspoiled with beauty and charm, famous caves such as Be cave, Carp cave, … The Fairy chessboard area or the special festival will attract those who love to explore this land.


– Visit the villa of King Bao Dai: in the summer, visit the villa located on the road to the famous Do Son beach. Located on Vung hill, the villa bears the impression of French architecture, over 1,000m2. The campus is fresh with lots of plants and flowers, very relaxing, in addition, there are many precious artifacts about the king and his family.


– Check-in Hon Dau Island: With deep beauty like a jewel in the vast ocean, the island is surrounded by white pebble beaches and a primeval forest is a place you should go in the summer. Not only that, but here you can also check in the hundred-year-old lighthouse standing in the middle of the wild sea and sky.


Hai Phong tourism in the festive season

What is the best season to travel to Hai Phong? It can be said that the seasons of festivals bring tourists many great attractions. There are impressive and famous festivals of the year that you can come and experience during your trip such as:

– Red Phoenix Flower Festival: takes place from May 7 to 13 every year and is held at Hai Phong Opera House. Each year will have its own themes, accompanied by cultural and artistic performances such as Carnival, Dragon dance, … special.


– Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival: takes place throughout June, the final is on the 9th day of the 8th lunar month. Hai Phong festival has a long history and is famous throughout the country, traditional cultural activities bring unique beauty. Representing the strength, will, and chivalry of Hai Phong people.


– Earth Cannon Festival: According to the Hai Phong tourism experience, in any beautiful season, attending the unique land firecracker festival will be a pretty cool activity that you can participate in on the 3rd day of the 8th lunar month every year in Vinh. Tell. The gunners with skillful hands kneaded the earth until it was smooth so that when it was thrown on the ground, the outer edge had to break off the longest.


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