Try these 10 other types of noodles – make you forget about PHO, special Vietnam cuisine

In Vietnam cuisine, vermicelli is a common dish with many different ways of processing and eating. Even delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam are almost everywhere, from popular shops to luxury restaurants, from the countryside to town. It can be said that going to any province, people also encounter typical delicious dishes made from vermicelli depending on the typical products of that locality. Perhaps that’s why vermicelli is extremely popular in this S-shaped strip of land, just behind rice and pho.


1. Bún chả Hà Nội

Hanoi’s capital is not only a land of ancient beauty and a “food paradise” of the North in particular and of Vietnam in general. Anyone who has ever set foot in this land will find it difficult to forget the unique and impressive taste of the dishes, especially the vermicelli dish with its unmistakable delicious taste.

This dish is usually chosen by people at noon. The ingredients of bun cha are usually kept separately and then dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce. This dish has become more and more famous and popular since President Obama visited Vietnam and trusted to use this dish.


2. Bún Bò Huế

This original Hue dish is most delicious when it is cooked by Hue people because only then will visitors feel the rich flavor of marinated beef, spicy but delicious broth. The broth is made from beef bones, pig’s hoof, lemongrass, and chili. The noodles are thicker and rounder than most other types of noodle soup. When eating beef noodle soup, it is indispensable to have banana flowers, bean sprouts, and a few pieces of red chili.


3. Bún đậu mắm tôm (Noodles with tofu and shrim paste)

One of the other delicious vermicelli dishes in Hanoi is vermicelli with shrimp paste, consisting of vermicelli with yellow fried beans, shrimp paste, lemon, sugar, chili and a few herbs such as perilla, marjoram, basil, and lettuce. … Later, many other ingredients were added to form the current versions of vermicelli such as fried pork rolls, boiled pork, pork intestines, … to make the dish more complete and delicious. diverse.

Although originating in the North, because it is quite easy to eat but not fussy in processing, the price is cheap and suitable for the income of many people, so vermicelli is widely popular in all three regions of the country.


4. Bún riêu cua 

Crab noodles are considered a popular dish and there are many different versions in each region across the country, so it is difficult to see which one of the famous vermicelli dishes of this Vietnamese cuisine is a specialty of any particular province. But one thing that anyone can confirm is that crab vermicelli is the most widely known traditional Vietnamese dish.

This dish has very popular ingredients, only consisting of vermicelli (can be vermicelli or vermicelli) and ‘crab noodle’ – ingredients cooked from crab bricks, pounded crab body and frozen into cubes. The broth is added with tomatoes that have been sautéed with cashew oil to give the dish a natural color, seasoned with a little bit of water, gooey, and familiar Vietnamese spices such as fish sauce, salt, and scallions.


5. Mỳ Quảng

Mỳ Quảng is a famous specialty in the Central region, it originated from Quang Nam. This is a popular dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any time. This dish is considered very delicious and more and more dishes come with it such as frog noodles, shrimp, ram…


6. Cao Lầu

Cao Lau is a famous specialty in Hoi An, a place that makes international tourists praise. When coming to this land, visitors can enjoy a special type of noodles, tough and dark, served with a rich broth with the flavor of lemongrass and 5 spices. In addition, the dish is also indispensable with accompanying dishes from roasted pork, crispy fried pork skin, lettuce, bean sprouts, herbs and pieces of grilled rice paper. It is said that the real taste of Cao Lau is that the broth must be taken from the water of the Ba Le well of the ancient Cham people.


7. Hủ tiếu Nam Vang (Nam Vang noodle soup)

Hu Tieu is a popular dish in the South, there are many variations of Hu Tieu, but in general, they all have the same broth. The broth is stewed from bones, dried squid, and vegetables, etc so it’s naturally sweet. The noodles are tough, and served with bean sprouts and herbs is number 1.

8. Bun Thang

Bun Thang is a harmony song that combines the delicious flavors of more than 20 ingredients such as pork bones, tiger shrimp, duck eggs mixed with pork rolls, shiitake mushrooms, chicken, skinless chicken neck, shrimp head, and dried radish. safflower, dried squid, grilled onion, fish sauce, salted, scallions, dried onions, laksa leaves, grilled ginger, shiitake mushrooms, etc.

Bun thang is a dish that requires sophistication right from the preparation of ingredients, and the preliminary processing to the stage of cooking the broth and the last stage is to display the ingredients to create the perfect bowl of vermicelli with colorful standards. and attractive.


9. Bún mắm miền Tây (Western fishsaurce noodles)

Bun mam is a variation of the famous hot pot dish in the West. The broth of this delicious dish is cooked from linguine, choke fish like vermicelli, but with a number of different spices added to create its own distinctive flavor. The complete bowl of vermicelli with vermicelli will have a medium-sized portion of vermicelli, shrimp, squid, calamari stuffed with chili peppers, a few slices of roast pork with a pot of boiling broth, in addition to a few slices of ripe eggplant with a strong smell. sauce and herbs sprinkled on.

Bun mam is often eaten with chopped or grated water spinach, a few stalks of water lily, bitter vegetables, shredded bananas, rafters, bean sprouts and lettuce. If you come in the right season of floating water in the West, the vegetables served with vermicelli will also have dandelion flowers, lotus roots and many other types.


10. Bún thịt nướng (Noodles with grilled meat)

In the list of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam, vermicelli with grilled pork is a rare dish without broth. In terms of ingredients, vermicelli with grilled pork has many similarities with Hanoi vermicelli because it also includes fresh vermicelli and spiced pork, then grilled over charcoal, with a variety of accompanying vegetables. But the grilled pork vermicelli has a stronger meat flavor and the sweet and sour fish sauce served with it is also a bit saltier. Grilled meat vermicelli is present in all three regions of the country and is also an extremely popular dish, as well as quite easy to eat. 

Vietnam cuisine

You can use this dish as a breakfast, main meal, or in the middle of the meal, both are very delicious and attractive. The requirement of the grilled meat vermicelli dish is that the meat is grilled evenly on both sides and then chopped, with the aroma of lemongrass and sesame when eaten; Sweet and sour fish sauce served with must-be mouth-watering but harmonious with sweet and sour flavors.


The top those noodle dishes above are familiar but equally special dishes that captivate many diners, even the most fastidious because each dish is a harmonious harmony of scent, color and delicious taste. where the tongue is deposited. Let’s travel together, discover the beauty of each region around the country and enjoy each delicious Vietnamese noodle dish in each place you have visited.


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