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Laos is one of the countries in Southeast Asia and is also a neighboring country to Vietnam. Therefore, traveling between these countries is easy. One of the cities in Laos that you should visit is Thakhek. Let’s save for the latest Thakhek travel experience


About Thakhek city

In the beginning, this city was called Khottabong, it became a frontline post of the Mon-Khmer kingdoms Funan and Sheng La with the name Pali: Sri Gotabura. Until the French colonialists invaded, this place was renamed Thakhek.

Located in a town on the left bank of the Mekong River, in the Khammuane province of southern Laos. Opposite Thakhek across the famous Mekong river is Nakhon Phanom of the Golden Temple country – Thailand.


The best time should visit Thakhek

With the typical climate of Laos, this city is always hot all year round and has 2 basic seasons: dry season and rainy season. The dry season here is quite sultry and hot while the rainy season has a lot of rain, so the weather is quite cool and much more pleasant.

Therefore, to have the most meaningful trip, you should choose the most appropriate time to visit Thakhek. Finding out about the weather in advance also helps you get the best preparation for your journey.


Find out about tourist attractions in Thakhek

Unlike many other regions of Laos with a vibrant atmosphere, Thakhek has an ancient feature with architectural works from the French colonial period. Most of the sights that tourists can visit are natural scenes and interesting man-made scenes.


When coming to Thakhek, you can visit Khammaounae museum, lak Sao town, Wat Si Khottabong … and many other attractive places. Another point of interest for you is to be integrated into the lives of people who are both peaceful and pure.

It is the beauty of nature that has contributed to making visitors feel more comfortable. Here are the details of some of Thakhek’s prominent places


Khammouane Museum

This museum is a place to store a lot of cultural memorabilia of the people of Laos and Laos. The museum was built by the French in the 20th century. Inside the museum, there are stored guns, crockery, porcelain and rattan that are more than 2000 years old. This place also stores many precious memorabilia typical for the culture and long history of the Lao people


Khoun Kong Leng Lake

It also known by locals as Kong Leng, is a lake in Khammuane province, located about 30 km north of Thakhek town, the lake has a clear blue color and crystal clear water.

The water in this lake is clear and you can see big fish deep below. The lake has a depth of about 21m in the central part and is one of the lakes with the clearest and bluest water in Laos. This is explained by the limestone layers surrounding the lake that filter water from the underground river flowing through. The lake area is very clean because it is maintained by extremely strict rules of the local people. There is a shaded area near the lake that will be an ideal place for your picnic. You are only allowed to swim in the clear cool water from the lake’s stream near the wooden bridge.

The scenery around the lake is also quite beautiful, with natural and harmonious scenery, you can take a relaxing walk on the trail around the forest, listen to the sounds of birds, and the murmur of the water or feel each lane. cool wind of the forest.


Wat Si Khottabong Temple

As a temple built in the 18th century, the foundation of the pagoda was originally a great tower from the 9th century under the reign of King Nanthasen. Si Khottabong Pagoda is still magnificent and majestic. It is also a sacred place of worship for locals and many international tourists. You can come here to pray for peace and luck for yourself and your family.


Delicious dishes at Thakhek can’t be missed

Coming to Laos in general and Thakhek land in particular, besides attractive tourist destinations, the unique dishes here also attract tourists unexpectedly. Take a look at some attractive dishes at Thakhek for you to discover.

Delicious and attractive Lao cuisine



This is actually just a stir-fried meat dish, including accompanying ingredients such as minced meat, vegetables, assorted vegetables, onions, garlic, chili, and lemon juice, served with rice or khao nio in the main meal. This dish will surely bring you the most novel sensations for your taste buds.


Khao niao 

This dish is processed quite similarly to sticky rice in Vietnam, but in Laos, it is famous for the taste of durian and mango. You can enjoy this dish as a dessert. You can also enjoy it like a breakfast

The food in Laos is not only delicious but also extremely cheap. You can safely enjoy them without worrying too much about the price.


Some notes for you when coming to Thakhek

 In Laos, visitors are not allowed to drink tap water directly, but should instead drink boiled or bottled water or boiled water.

Because Laos is the land of Buddha, no matter where you go to Thakhek or other places, you need to remember to dress dignified and politely.

To have a trip to avoid the risks of visa as well as schedule, please book through a tour agency for the best experience.


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