Check out some jubilant year-end festivals in Asia

Winter is not only a jubilant festival season in the West but also in Asia, the festive atmosphere is equally explosive. If you are cherishing a big trip at the end of the year, don’t miss these year end festivals in Asia on Passionate Travel!


1. Yi Peng sky lantern festival in Chiang Mai – Thailand

With the largest scale of sky lanterns in the world, the Yi Peng festival is held in December every year according to the Thai calendar (November 8 and 9 according to the Vietnamese calendar) at one of the tourist destinations in Thailand. The most famous Lan – the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. With the meaning of paying respect to the gods, this is also an opportunity for people nearby to pray and ask for luck, peace, and prosperity. Thai people also believe that when a lantern is released into the sky, it will also “deposit” all suffering and diseases in the world. So whatever you wish for will come true.

The sky lantern festival in Chiang Mai has the largest scale in the world.

Yi Peng festival takes place in 3 main days: before the full moon, the night of the full moon, and after the full moon. Visitors can cycle around Chiang Mai to admire the scenery during the day, mixing with the bustling crowd. The evening is the best time for the ceremony, you can experience interesting activities such as lighting candles along the canal in Old Chiang Mai and Three Kings Monument, and watching parades and performances. colorful traditional art,… Don’t forget to manually release a lantern with sincere wishes for good omens to come.


2. Chichibu Night Festival in Saitama – Japan

As one of the three largest float festivals in the land of the rising sun, the Chichibu night festival in Saitama originated about 300 years ago and was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage in 2016. The ceremony at Chichibu Shrine aims to give thanks to the gods who have protected this area and is also a spiritual ritual to end an old year and prepare to welcome the new year.

Chichibu – Japan’s hottest winter night festival.

The Chichibu Night Festival is one of the rare festivals held in winter, specifically on the 2nd and 3rd of December every year. More specifically, the ceremony itself is set in the evening, the time when the temperature drops to the lowest of the day. However, the atmosphere here is always heated with an estimated annual number of no less than 400,000 visitors to Saitama Prefecture to participate in the festival.

In particular, on the 3rd day is the festival with elaborate procession, and spectacular fireworks performance that many people expect. The highlight of the night is the moment to admire the 6 floats gathered at the town hall. At this time, fireworks are also fired continuously for 2.5 hours, creating an extremely eye-catching scene. Do not forget to fill your belly and warm your body with hot fried dishes and signature sweet wine sold at the stalls.


3. Hwaseong Suwon Festival in Korea

As a festival that takes place from March to November every year, the programs will take place on the grounds of the ancient city of Hwaseong in Suwon Province – which was built by King Jeongjo at the end of the 18th century to protect the mausoleum. of his father.

Because it is only about 30km from Seoul and has the largest population in Korea, this is always the festival that attracts top visitors when coming to the land of kimchi. During the festive seasons, the wall is the venue for martial arts demonstrations, specifically the 24 martial arts that the soldiers of the Jeongjo period used to practice.

The Hwaseong Suwon Festival is considered a “national” cultural symbol of the land of kimchi.


When visiting the Hwaseong Festival, you will admire the reenactment of the royal rites of ancient times, walk around the grounds of the ancient citadel, listen to the historical beats imprinted on each stone, and witness the performances. It is performed meticulously and beautifully with the combination of hundreds of dancers, musicians, and talented artists.

Hwaseong Festival is a World Cultural Heritage imbued with national identity, this is also an opportunity to help you understand more about Korea’s long tradition, as well as experience the vibrant rhythm of life, interweaving between modernity and modernity. nostalgic right in the land of Suwon.


4. Taiwan Open Surfing Tournament

If you only know Taiwan with its traditional roofs and unique cuisine, you will miss a lot when not mentioning a dynamic Taitung.

The land to the east is home to long, flooded beaches, worthy of a famous event in the sports community: “Taiwan Open of Surfing”. Within the framework of the program, visitors will admire surfing performances, experience surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), longboard walking, kitesurfing, and other peripheral activities to promote the theme. travel theme of winter sports.

This is an annual event that attracts a large number of the public to Taitung in November to witness the talents showing off their skills.

Taipei is one of the famous capitals of surfing events.


Above are the outstanding festival events in the last months of the year in Asia. If you are still looking for year-end self-rewarding gifts for yourself, your family, and your friends, now plan your flight ticket abroad with Passionate Travel! HERE


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