Banh mi Vietnam: From a normal dish to a popular one in the world

“Banh mi”, a dear name that has been deeply imprinted in the minds of many Vietnamese people, has become the pride of the nation and is one of the representatives of the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. Experiencing many ups and downs in history, banh mi Vietnam has now crossed the national border and left its mark on world cuisine.



The appearance of banh mi in Vietnam

The original recipe of bread was flour mixed with water and yeast, then shaped into different shapes to attract diners. Until now, the origin and time of bread appearing in the world have not been determined, but there are documents that say bread has been around for 10 thousand years, in the Neolithic age when agriculture there many transformations. In particular, at this time, people knew how to grow wheat and use it to make bread.

There are also other documents that record the appearance of bread more than 30,000 years ago or in ancient Egypt. Until the early years of AD, the Romans brought bread to France and from the 11th century onwards, this cake gradually became the main food in this country.

In Vietnam, the first loaves of bread followed the French colonialists to our country in 1859 with the name Baguette bread. At that time, because of economic conditions, bread was only used as a snack.

Then, under the hands of talented Vietnamese bakers, bread bearing the very nature of Vietnamese people was born. Initially, there were only a few small but very famous places such as Hoa Ma bread, then the bread continued to be modified to have the current size and length. Experiencing many ups and downs in history, today bread has become a special highlight in Vietnamese cuisine.


Starting to become the iconic dish of Vietnam

Today’s rustic cake is sold all over the roads in big cities to the countryside, making many foreign diners excited. The golden loaves are baked on hot coals to make them crispy before adding the filling to make anyone who sees them crave. People no longer consider bread as a toy anymore, but bread has become the main dish for all subjects, it is both delicious, cheap, and very convenient.


Not only famous in the country, Vietnamese bread is also loved in many countries around the world. Proudly, on March 24, 2011, the word “bread” was added to the Oxford dictionary, ranked at the top of the world’s best sandwiches. Not only that, but National Geographic magazine also praised Vietnamese Banh Mi as one of the 11 best street foods…

In particular, in 2018, Hoi An bread was recognized by CNN as the “King of sandwiches in the world” and most recently, on March 24, 2020, Vietnamese bread continued to be honored when it was on the interface. Google homepage in more than 10 countries.


Ingredients for making banh mi Vietnam

What makes the world’s diners surprised when enjoying Vietnamese bread rolls is the wonderfully delicious taste created with very rustic and close ingredients. The beauty of Vietnamese people is in the simplicity but still exuding sophistication, from the most ordinary ingredients, but when combined, they give birth to the famous and famous banh mi that transcends borders. nation.


The main ingredients for making Banh mi Vietnam are animal meat processed into sausages, sausages, shumai, roasted pork, liver pate, stewed minced meat with spices, and sausages… There are also eggs and fish. sardines, shredded chicken, onion fat, ham, butter… Going around the three regions of the country, you’ll find that each region will have its own unique flavor of the bread, but it’s delicious everywhere, and also makes the hearts of many people. guest.

However, a delicious loaf of bread not only has meat but also needs to have thinly sliced ​​cucumbers, pickles, coriander, onions, scallions, basil… and especially indispensable the “divine” sauce. ” to wake up the famous delicious taste. Many places do not make the sauce, use soy sauce, salt, and pepper, fish sauce, or soup powder … to replace, add a little mayonnaise or chili sauce, and just like that, there is a loaf of bread to make “sobbing” the hearts of many people.


Types of bread in Vietnam

The most interesting point in Vietnamese cuisine is going through three regions of the country, everywhere there is bread, but each region has different types depending on the filling inside:



  • Bánh mì thịt (Meat bread): The most popular in Saigon, the filling includes meat, butter, rolls, pate, cold meat, cilantro, pickles, and chili.
  • Banh mi shumai: Xiu mai is actually pork with tomato sauce, a bit sweet in Saigon, while in Da Lat, shumai bread has a spicy taste.
  • Banh Mi bì (pork skin bread): Bread is sandwiched with minced meat or pork skin, with a little fish sauce on top, simple but very delicious.
  • Bánh mì chà bông (pork jerky bread): Hearing the name means knowing the main ingredient to make this type of bread is definitely rubbing cotton. Usually, the seller will spray a little soy sauce on the cake to add more flavor.
  • Bánh mì cá mòi (Fish bread): Sardines in tomato sauce are delicious when eaten with bread. If you have tasted it once, you will definitely remember the delicious taste of this sardine’s bread.


In addition, there are many other varieties such as braised beef bread, char siu, pate, toad bread, tofu, fried rice, avocado, omelet, and breadstick… Although there is a difference, it certainly has been As Vietnamese bread, the taste is always delicious, not fussy, but the delicious taste is made from the simplest ingredients.



Some Vietnamese bakeries in the world

In Hong Kong, Le Petit Saigon is an extremely famous Vietnamese restaurant with banh mi filled with chicken, shumai, pork, and vegetarian cakes. Theign Yie Phan – The restaurant’s chef once shared that she was fascinated by the delicious taste of this simple cake.

London (England) is known for its most luxurious European dishes, but the simple taste of the loaves at Banh Mi 11 still attracts many people. From a small stall located in the Broadway market, now Banh Mi 11 has become a famous brand frequented by gourmets.



Next to Banh Mi 11 shop, Kêu! It is also a famous place to sell delicious Vietnamese bread on Old Street in the British capital. The cakes at this shop are made with traditional ingredients such as pork, salted carrots, cucumbers, coriander, onions, and chili peppers. Although simple, it is very delicious and pleases even the most fastidious diners.

Located at Waseda Dori Street, near Takadanobaba Station, Banh Mi Sandwich restaurant makes many diners of the land of cherry blossoms “fall in love” with delicious Vietnamese bread rolls filled with grilled beef, ham, pork, chicken, and pate. perfect. The price of each loaf depends on the size, averaging about 550 yen (115,000 VND).

Another Vietnamese bakery in the world that cannot fail to mention is Bun Mee in San Francisco, USA. If you have tasted the bread here once, surely every diner will always remember the delicious taste of the rustic cake from Vietnam.

It can be seen that Vietnamese bread has been and continues to be recognized by the world, is a harmonious combination between the quintessence of national cuisine with world cuisine, and is the pride of the whole country. Any child who is far from home is always reminiscing about the dishes of his motherland, and there, it is certainly indispensable for a simple and dear loaf of bread.


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