10 tourist attractions in Cao Bang that make you fall in love

Cao Bang is a place that attracts a lot of tourists every year. Join us to find out 10 tourist attractions in Cao Bang that are so enchanting that they forget the way back to you!


1. Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave is more than 300 years old


Nguom Ngao Cave is a masterpiece that nature bestows on Cao Bang tourist destination. The cave is more than 300 years old. Because it is located in unfavorable terrain, the road from Cao Bang city to Trung Khanh with quite winding and dangerous passes, Nguom Ngao cave was little known before. This is an adventurous Cao Bang tourist destination for young people who are passionate about backpacking.


2. Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is in the top 4 largest cross-country waterfalls in the world


Ban Gioc Waterfall is a famous Cao Bang tourist destination. Not only for Vietnamese tourists but also for foreign tourists. The waterfall is in the top 4 largest transnational waterfalls in the world. Prominently located in the middle of the mountains, Ban Gioc waterfall makes visitors come here fascinated and forget the way back.


3. Lenin Stream

Lenin stream is located in Pac Bo’s historical relic complex. With revolutionary historical significance, Lenin’s stream has won the attention of young people who are passionate about famous places of adventure. If you have come here once, you will not regret your decision!


4. Phat Tich Pagoda Truc Lam Ban Gioc

Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc is a famous temple located right at Ban Gioc waterfall and also the first temple on the northern borderland of the country. This is practical work, serving religious and spiritual needs, and is important in developing Ban Gioc waterfall tourist area into a national key tourist area.


5. Phuc Sen Blacksmithing Village

Phuc Sen Forging Village is located on the travel route connecting Cao Bang City with Ban Gioc Waterfall, Phuc Sen has taken advantage to become an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Every day, there are many groups of tourists from home and abroad who stop at Phuc Sen.

Coming here, you will see with your own eyes the artisans who forge sophisticated knives with all designs. This is a place worth exploring and exploring!


6. Dong Khe Victory Historical Site

Dong Khe Victory Historic Site is a cluster of national revolutionary historical relic sites, including the Na Lan relic in Duc Long commune and the Dong Khe Fort relic in Thach An town. This relic is associated with the Dong Khe Victory, creating a solid premise for the resistance war against the invading French colonialists.

Visiting this place, you will not be able to help but be moved to remember “the old days when Uncle and we went on a campaign” as well as learn more examples of brave sacrifices for the Fatherland for a beautiful border countryside. , let a glorious country.


7. Nam Tra Waterfall

Nam Tra Waterfall is a suitable stopover to visit Cao Bang. The waterfall is located in the middle of a deserted valley, bringing a wild feeling to those who visit. The image of a waterfall appearing between the green of nature and the flowers of the forest brings vibrancy to people’s hearts.

You can go to Nam Tra Waterfall to travel and relax with your family or go on a trip with friends. And especially, you can go to Nam Tra Waterfall all year round because no matter what time, Nam Tra Waterfall always retains its wild beauty.


8. Kim Dong’s tomb relic site

Kim Dong’s tomb relic is located in the complex of Pac Bo special national relic site

Kim Dong’s heroic martyr’s grave relic is located in the complex of Pac Bo’s special national relic site (Ha Quang district), which is a place to remember heroic martyr Kim Dong who had the merit to protect revolutionary cadres during the war. anti-French period.

This place was built right in his hometown, including Kim Dong’s grave and a spacious monument at the foot of the massive high rocky mountains, next to the green ginkgo tree. Every year, at this relic, there will be interesting and useful activities for teenagers and children.


9. Karl Marx Mountain

Karl Marx Mountain is a famous mountain located in Pac Bo relic and also where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked for a long time since returning home. The name of this mountain was given by Uncle Ho during his time here. Coming here, you will feel the wild, rustic beauty with the fresh and cool air of this place.


10. Pine hill Thien Son Thinh An Gia

Thien Son Thinh An Gia Pine Hill is considered by young people as the “Da Lat of Cao Bang”. This is a suitable place for picnics with family or friends to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery that can help you relax after a tiring working time.

Above are 10 tourist attractions in Cao Bang that make you fall in love and forget the way back that Passionate Travel has compiled. Hope this information is useful to you. Wishing you much health!


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