Vietnam tourism is expected to bounce back in 2023

In 2023, Vietnam Tourism set a target of welcoming 110 million tourists, of which about 8 million international visitors and about 102 million domestic tourists; the total revenue from tourists is about 650,000 billion VND.

Impressive growth after the pandemic

Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Nguyen Trung Khanh said that in 2022 with the fluctuations in the world’s economic and political situation, world tourism activities have not been restored as forecast but took place slowly. especially in Asia.

Domestically, with the attention of the Party, the Government, the National Assembly, and the direct direction of the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the tourism industry has actively and actively implemented many solutions. important tasks and achieved outstanding results, making an important contribution to the recovery of economic development after the pandemic.

2022 is the first year to restore tourism activities under new normal conditions since March 15; up to this point, the tourism targets have achieved very encouraging results.

According to Director General Nguyen Trung Khanh, international tourists in 2022 are estimated to reach 3.66 million (reaching over 70% of the target set at the beginning of the year). The number of domestic tourists reached 101.3 million, an increase of more than one and a half times the target set for 2022 of 60 million visitors and far exceeding the number of 85 million domestic tourists in 2019 before the pandemic occurred. COVID-19. Total revenue from tourists is estimated at VND 495 trillion, 23% higher than the 2022 plan and 66% compared to 2019.

The spectacular growth of the domestic tourism market after the COVID-19 pandemic is a bright spot, a lifeline for the whole industry, affirming the role of this market in the overall development of the tourism industry in the context of tourism. The international calendar still faces many difficulties on a global scale.

With the reopening of tourism activities on March 15, 2022, Vietnam is assessed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as one of the countries with the most open-door policy in the world. Vietnam is also one of the earliest countries to open up in the region.

Efforts to safely adapt, flexibly and rebuild Vietnam’s tourism industry have brought remarkable achievements. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2022 report, the development capacity index of Vietnam’s tourism in 2021 ranks 52nd, up 8 places compared to 2019, in the group of 3 countries with good improvement. best in the world.

At the World Travel Awards 2022, Vietnam’s tourism excellently won 16 top award categories in the world and 48 top award categories in Asia. In the last 5 years, Vietnam has been honoured as the World’s Leading Heritage Destination 3 times; Received the title of Asia’s Leading Destination 4 times; Vietnam National Administration of Tourism was voted the leading tourism management agency in Asia 3 times; Vietnam has won the title of “Asia’s Best Golf Tourism Destination” for the sixth time at the World Golf Awards 2022 and many other prestigious international titles for Vietnamese localities and businesses.

Immediately after tourism was reopened, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism focused on promoting the communication program with the theme “Live fully in Vietnam” to attract international visitors and the program “Safe travel, full experience”. “to promote the domestic market. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has presided over and accompanied localities and businesses to organize a series of events to restart tourism activities nationwide.

On the occasion of the 31st SEA Games held in Vietnam, the tourism industry took advantage of the opportunity to strongly promote the image of safe, friendly and attractive Vietnam tourism to sports delegations and international tourists, contributing to the success of the Congress. On this occasion, the National Administration of Tourism released the video clip “Vietnam: Going To Love! – Let’s shine and live fully” to welcome international friends.

With the companionship of the Tourism Development Support Fund, the tourism industry has organized many exciting promotional events, including VITM Hanoi Fair, Ho Chi Minh City ITE Fair, and Kontum Tourism Forum. , Mekong Tourism Forum 2022. In particular, with the participation in the world’s largest international tourism fair, WTM London 2022, Vietnam Tourism strongly affirms the message of opening, presence and integration with the market. the international arena in the new normal.

International cooperation activities are promoted by VNAT to catch up with and reconnect with partners. Prominent include attending World Tourism Organization Conferences in Maldives, World Tourism Industry Conference in Korea, ASEAN Tourism Forum in Cambodia, KOPIST High-Level Policy Online Forum, and deploying international tourism initiatives. bilateral meeting between Vietnam, Japan and Singapore. Along with that, there were many meetings with foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam and international organizations to discuss cooperation in promoting Vietnam’s tourism.

One of the highlights of 2022 is the strong implementation of digital transformation activities by the whole industry with the companionship and leadership of the National Administration of Tourism. The smart tourism ecosystem has been formed on the basis of the core digital platforms of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, such as the Vietnam Tourism database system; background in Tourism Business and Administration; Vietnam Travel multi-service platform – Vietnam Travel; Vietnamese card – Smart travel card and many other technology products to support tourism business and management. At the same time, the National Administration of Tourism has implemented support programs to guide digital transformation in many localities across the country, such as Hanoi, Nghe An, Hai Phong, Ha Giang, Khanh Hoa, Son La, Can Tho, and Kien. Giang, Gia Lai … meet the needs and aspirations, remove “knots” for localities in the process of digital transformation of tourism.

The communication and promotion of tourism on the websites and social networks of the National Administration of Tourism is focused on promoting. In particular, with a new and effective way of doing things, a tourism communication program on YouTube with the theme “Vietnam: Going To Love!” of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism was honoured to be awarded the second prize at the 8th National Award for External Information – a prestigious award organized by the Central Propaganda Department.

With efforts to promote the image of Vietnam’s tourism abroad under the theme “Live fully in Vietnam”, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism’s website has risen sharply in the world. According to data from, in October 2022, the website ranked 152 thousand globally, up 423 thousand places compared to the same period in 2021. This rank increase is superior to competitors in main competition such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Expecting breakthrough developments

Besides the “spectacular” comeback after being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry still faces some difficulties and challenges, especially when the world economy is showing signs of improvement. recession, financial and monetary risks, public debt, energy security, and food increase. In the country, the economy has opportunities, advantages and difficulties, challenges are intertwined, but difficulties and challenges are more. The pressure of inflation, exchange rate, and interest rates increased along with epidemics, climate change, and natural disasters, which continued to develop abnormally, causing more severe impacts.


World tourism continues to recover but has not returned to the level of 2019; domestic tourism continues to have growth, but the speed will slow down; Many of Vietnam’s main tourist markets have not yet fully opened. Vietnam’s visa policy does not have many advantages compared to other countries in the region. The impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 on the tourism industry will be stronger; The trend of applying information technology, artificial intelligence and digital transformation will promote innovation in tourism activities. The tourism industry is expected to have breakthrough developments evenly across regions and localities.

In 2023, Vietnam’s tourism industry sets a goal of welcoming 110 million tourists, of which about 8 million international visitors and about 102 million domestic tourists. Total revenue from tourists is about 650 trillion.

The tourism industry will focus on key tasks such as implementing the announcement of the “Planning of Vietnam’s tourism system for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045” after being approved by the Government; implementing the Vietnam tourism marketing strategy to 2030, the project “Application of technology of industry 4.0 to develop smart tourism, promoting tourism to become a spearhead economic sector”, the tourism development project. Vietnamese community calendar after these documents are approved. Complete the consultation and submit to the competent authorities to define the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the state management agency in charge of tourism after the reorganization of the VNAT model.

Besides, well prepared for the National Conference on Tourism, scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2023; the Conference to review the 5-year implementation of the Politburo’s Resolution No. 08-NQ/TW on developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector; Intensive conference on training human resources for tourism in Vietnam.

In the promotion work, the tourism industry will participate in international tourism events such as the ASEAN Tourism Forum ATF 2023 in Indonesia; ITB travels fair in Berlin – Germany; WTM travel fair in London, UK; Media organization Vietnam Tourism on CNN TV channel and some major international media channels. Coordinate with Vietnam Tourism Association, Tourism Development Support Fund, localities and businesses to continue organizing programs to introduce Vietnamese tourism in key markets: ASEAN, Northeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Coordinate with Binh Thuan province to organize the National Tourism Year 2023 in Binh Thuan with the theme: “Binh Thuan – Green convergence”…


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