Save now these 6 eco-tourism areas in Dong Nai for hanging out with friends

If you are tired of crowded street scenes, eco-tourism areas in Dong Nai are sometimes a great choice for a cool weekend getaway.

Not a new place, but Dong Nai tourism always attracts a large number of young people with many green tourist areas, each with its own unique design. In this article, Passionate Travel will review the top 6 Dong Nai eco-tourism areas that are “storming”.


Nam Cat Tien National Park

  • Address: Hamlet 3, Phuoc Khanh, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai.

Nam Cat Tien National Park is one of the six largest biosphere reserves in the world, recognized by UNESCO in 2001. Stretching over three provinces: Dong Nai, Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc, Nam Cat Tien National Park has an area of more than 80,000 hectares, possessing a diverse ecosystem, fresh nature, suitable for families and young people who want to learn and explore wild nature.

In the summer, the climate here is cool, which is the most suitable time to travel and camp. With relatively flat terrain and mild climate, the forest retains many of its original wild features, with many precious kinds of wood, and wild and semi-wild animals living together.

Nam Cat Tien National Park also has many ecotourism routes for visitors to choose from according to their interests such as a route to explore the botanical garden with more than 300 different types of precious wood; a route to visit animals at night; a route to visit Bau Sau; forest walking route.


Golden Scorpion Resort

  • Address: Hamlet 3, Phuoc Khanh Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai.
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 17:00.

Only away from the city. Less than 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, the Golden Scorpion tourist area is a particularly ideal place for young people and companies to organize team building. With an area of ​​nearly 4 hectares and more than 200 camps, Golden Scorpion has a full range of camping, picnic, and weekend picnic services, suitable for both young people and families.

In a rustic, fresh countryside setting, visitors will be comfortable relaxing, resting, and having fun “unstoppable” to say goodbye to all daily stress.

Sports enthusiasts can also experience activities such as playing on tarps, and slides, swimming, swinging, and walking on the country’s western-style water.


O Island tourist area

  • Address: Vinh An town, Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province.

O Island tourist area is also a recently emerging place with tourist followers. O Island is still quite wild and has not built any amusement facilities, so it is extremely suitable for tourists who want to find a fresh and deserted natural region.

O Island is suitable for 2 day 1 night tours. You can rent an overnight camping service in large tents of 4 – 10 people, or rent a room on the island at an extremely affordable cost.

However, because the number of rooms in this Dong Nai eco-tourism area is not many, you should prepare a tent, register to rent a room, or rent a tent early to ensure a comfortable and suitable place to stay. 

At each time of the day, O island shows a different beauty. You can sit by lake Tri An fishing in the early morning, rest in a hammock in the riverside forest in the afternoon, or enjoy bathing in the cool water in the late afternoon. The evening is an opportunity to enjoy a BBQ party by the flickering campfire.


Mai Thac tourist area

  • Address: Gia Canh Commune, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province.

If you are a genuine backpacker, you definitely cannot ignore Mai Waterfall when it comes to Dong Nai eco-tourism areas. With a pristine landscape, never affected by humans, Mai Waterfall has an attractive appearance with many unique experiences waiting for curious feet to discover.

Mai waterfall is not high, but it is located on the edge of the forest, so it has majestic scenery. The air here is fresh, and cool, filled with the sound of rushing waterfalls, birdsong, and murmuring streams.

The forest near Thac Mai has many rare and precious trees with hundreds of years old and is home to many rare animals and plants.

Mai waterfall is suitable for experiential activities, and eco-tourism such as fishing, waterfall bathing, swinging, and experiencing the feeling of crossing a rope bridge over a large waterfall. Visitors who like gentle activities can simply sit and watch the rolling rapids and waterfalls to temporarily take a break from the busy daily grind.


Cao Minh eco-tourism area

  • Address: Hamlet 2, Vinh Tan, Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai.

One of the Dong Nai eco-tourism areas with the most luxurious – genuine – smooth check-in scene is definitely Cao Minh tourist area. This place has a peaceful picture, with small wooden houses along the river, a wooden bridge, and somewhere sad features.

Cao Minh eco-tourism area is both suitable for couples or family travel, as well as an ideal destination for team building trips near Saigon. This place is famous for picnic camping and BBQ service by the lake.

You can bring your own equipment or contact the management to reserve this service. In the peaceful space between the mountains and forests, being able to grill meat together, telling each other everything in life, and inhaling the smell of the moist soil of the forest in the rustling of leaves is an activity everyone wants to try once.

The entertainment activities here at first glance are not special, but they are quite diverse and bring many new feelings. You will try to cross swaying wooden bridges, visit mysterious wine cellars or majestic fortresses, and row a boat in the middle of a peaceful lake.


Han Stone Waterfall

  • Address: Bang Bom Town, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province.

Located away from the city. About 70km from Ho Chi Minh City, the most special feature of Da Han waterfall is the scenery on both sides of the road. You will be passing through orchards laden with fruit when in season; Enjoy a variety of delicious fruits at extremely low prices when you buy them at the garden such as mangosteen, rambutan, and durian…

Going to Da Han Waterfall, visitors will be immersed in a quiet, fresh space, with only the sound of birds singing and the sound of the waterfall falling. At this Dong Nai eco-tourism area, there are also special activities such as letting go of fishing rods, and mountain biking with many memorable experiences.

Waterfall bathing is an indispensable activity when visiting Da Han waterfall. After hours of hot driving, being immersed in the clear, cool water is an extremely “high” feeling.

You can enjoy sitting and catching the water pouring from above, as an extremely effective neck and shoulder massage therapy. Those who like to excel should not be afraid to take a dip in the clear lake – a rare experience when living in the middle of a crowded city. However, for your safety, remember to wear a life jacket when swimming in the waterfall.

If you are looking for a tourist destination near the city with an economical cost but still full of experiences, do not ignore the top 6 Dong Nai eco-tourism areas that Passioante Travel has just reviewed above. Guaranteed relaxing moments here will help you recharge your energy for the upcoming busy days.

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