Koh Rong Island – “Sea paradise on earth” in Cambodia

Koh Rong island in the Sihanoukville waters of Cambodia is “close to” Vietnam. Referring to Koh Rong Island, people will immediately think of beautiful beaches such as Song Saa Island, Koh Ouen Island, etc. In addition, this place is also famous for the experience of watching glowing plankton (plankton). Everyone is shocked and amazed. The following are the most useful Koh Rong Sihanoukville island travel experiences that Passionate Travel has compiled for you.


When is the best time to go to Koh Rong island?

The time when Koh Rong island is the most beautiful and suitable for you to explore is from November to July. At this time, the sea is calm and the sea is calm, the weather is very beautiful, it is sunny and there is little rain. A number of Cambodian tourists from all over the world flock here, the peak is in the middle of summer.

If you do not want to be crowded and want to enjoy a peaceful space, you can go in early summer or autumn. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you go to make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.


What interesting activities in Koh Rong?

Boat Trip

When you come to Koh Rong Island, you must definitely try the Boat Trip tour. Some tour companies are popular with tourists such as Adam Adventure, Three Brothers, … with an average price of 10-25$. So what’s interesting about the Boat Trip tour?

Tour Boat Trip usually departs at 12 pm or 1 pm. The interesting experiences that you will have when joining this tour are: you will get on a boat to go fishing, and diving into the sea to see corals with a mask (snorkeling).

Next, go to Long Beach to bathe and watch the sunset. The sunset on the sea is very romantic and magical, you will definitely be captivated by that poetic scene. The water in Long Beach is clear with fine white sand, and the whole pristine space creates an indescribable attraction.

Then you will continue to board the boat, immerse yourself in the BBQ, eat fruit, drink beer, vodka… At the end of the evening, the boat will return to the island and you will end with the most memorable last experience: watching the plankton. (the glowing marine plankton).


See Luminous plankton

This is a unique and extremely impressive experience for you. When it’s dark, you’ll be taken to the darkest sea area with no light. Then jump into the water, and you will see there are many light spots around you, every time you move your limbs, the tiny plankton touches you and glows. The whole fanciful space is like you are in a shimmering galaxy.

Your every move, every move is a different galaxy with many shapes drawn by you. They are not fixed but constantly change according to your body. Feeling like whether in the sky or in the water is a magical sparkling starry sky that makes anyone excited and ecstatic.



A zipline adventure game is located in High Point park. This is also an experience you must try when visiting Koh Rong island. Zipline is a game on a rope, swinging in space quite high and dangerous. However, don’t worry, you will be fully equipped with sturdy seat belts from professional staff. The instructor will guide you through each stage, going from halfway up the mountain to the tallest treetops.

With a large view, you can see the whole island of Koh Rong Salem. A bit adventurous, adventurous, but very attractive and stimulating, do you want to try this game?


Trekking through the forest

Imagine how you will be when it takes about 30-40 minutes to go through a forest and the end of the journey is the beautiful Long Beach beach waiting for you. Trekking through the forest is an activity where you will go in the forest, the path is small trails, sometimes obscured by leaves.

Following the traces (a sign, a slipper, a rope) left on the tree by the previous person, you will find a way through the forest to reach Long Beach. The feeling of being conquered and challenging yourself is the feeling of visitors who have experienced this activity.



Koh Rong Island is still quite pristine, so the marine environment here has a very diverse and rich ecosystem. Under the clear blue water that can see the bottom, you will experience impressive scuba diving. Or join snorkeling or scuba diving to see schools of colorful fish swimming in the sea or colorful coral reefs swaying in the water.


Sky Bar

After spending a long day in harmony with nature and the blue sea, why don’t you try going to the beach bar in the evening to find out the bustling atmosphere of everyone here? Sky Bar is the most famous bar, with the best view on Koh Rong island. Directly overlooking the wharf, Sky bar not only has delicious drinks, but also beautiful views, space, and photos.


Specialties on Koh Rong Island

When traveling to Cambodia and visiting Koh Rong Island, try the famous specialties here such as grilled seafood, uu food, Khmer cuisine or seafood BBQ. Any seafood BBQ set for $ 5 includes vegetables, potatoes, bread, and a bit of grilled seafood such as squid, grilled ribs, red snapper, and shrimp … guarantee one person can eat full. The average price of food in Koh Rong island is from 2$ to 6$ per serving. In addition, you can try delicious fruit smoothies for only 1$.


What to buy when going to Koh Rong Island?

Coming to Kohrong Island, you should buy typical Cambodian items as gifts such as Krama bandanas – woven from soft cotton fibers, which help absorb sweat for many people every day. Or you can buy beautiful small sculptures such as Buddha images, famous landmarks, etc.

Above are the experiences of discovering the “sea paradise on earth” in Cambodia – Koh Rong island that Passionate Travel wants to share with you. Wish you a happy and meaningful trip to this beautiful beach.


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