Follow the locals, enjoy the top 8 delicious Gia Lai specialties

Coming to Gia Lai, visitors are not only impressed by the unspoiled nature, and unique highland culture but also “fall in love” with the typical cuisine in the mountain town. With experience from local people, let’s fill your hungry stomach with Passionate Travel with delicious and delicious Gia Lai specialties!

Enjoying local dishes is one of the indispensable experiences when you travel to a new land. And for your upcoming trip to the mountain town, let’s join MoMo to list the top 8 Gia Lai specialties that you will try once and forever.


1. Gia Lai dry noodle soup

If asked what is the dish “haven’t eaten yet know Gia Lai”, surely dry pho (also known as two-bowl pho) is the most popular answer.

In order to create the unique flavor of this delicious dish, the two decisive ingredients are the noodles made from rice flour, tough like noodles; and sweet bone broth served with meat.

A bowl of pho full of topping will have noodle soup, shredded chicken, minced meat, topping, lettuce, basil, and bean sprouts. Add a little brown sauce, and chili sauce, and mix well before serving to have a great taste.


2. Noodles with crab sauce

Possessing a rather “difficult” appearance and name with a thick black broth and a unique thumping scent, bun mam crab (rotten vermicelli) often makes visitors wary. However, once you taste it, you may be “addicted” to this Gia Lai specialty.

After cleaning, and removing the shell, it is pureed and filtered to get the water. This water will then be fermented for 1 day and night and then cooked with bamboo shoots and boiled duck eggs.

A bowl of crab vermicelli noodles will have vermicelli, a little bit of fat, fried onions, peanuts, and a hot broth with bamboo shoots and duck eggs. Slurping a piece of vermicelli with fresh vegetables is the perfect way for Gia Lai people to enjoy a snack on a hot summer afternoon.


3. Lam rice and grilled fire chicken (gà sa lửa)

Lam rice and grilled fire chicken are what make many diners nostalgic for this Basalt red land. Rice is cooked from upland glutinous rice, boiled in the embers of the embers until the tube turns yellow and gives off a fragrant aroma.

The chef will choose a type of chicken weighing about 1kg, cleaned, and marinated with spices such as granulated salt, é leaves, and green chili. The chicken will be clamped on two bamboo sticks and placed next to the smoldering fire for 2 – 3 hours, creating a characteristic smoky aroma.

The meat after grilling is still moist and sweet, dipping it with salt and eating it with a piece of lam rice is nothing better.


4. Dried beef under sunshine

The one-sunny dried beef originates from the Krong Pa ethnic group, usually made to celebrate the new rice festival. In order for the beef to retain its delicious taste over time, the chef must be extremely meticulous in the selection of meat, marinating, timekeeping, and drying conditions.

The popular way to cook beef one day while still keeping the sweetness and softness of the meat is to cut it into small pieces and grill both sides on charcoal.


5. Wild vegetable leaf hot pot

Referring to Gia Lai specialties, how can you ignore the extremely fresh and healthy wild leaves and vegetables? Just a pot of hot broth, familiar side dishes such as mushrooms, beans, meat, and seafood, .. and a basket of wild vegetables with around 10 different types is that you have a true forest leaf hotpot dish. 

Some familiar vegetables to eat with hot pot can be mentioned as sesame buds, cloves, happy vegetables, plantain, and earthen boats. With a mildly bitter taste and characteristic throne, dipped in sweet hotpot broth. This wild but super “roll” flavor of wild vegetables will make diners remember it forever.


6. Gia Lai seasoned noodles with fish sauce

As a familiar dish of the Central region, vermicelli seasoned through the hands of Gia Lai people will bring a very unique flavor. A delicious bowl of vermicelli will be filled with raw vegetables, boiled meat, spring rolls, and beef rolls cut into slices, and do not forget to sprinkle some fragrant roasted peanuts.

When eating, you will drizzle over the seasoning fish sauce made from anchovies mixed with garlic and chili paste, and mix well until the spices are absorbed into the vegetables and noodles.


7. Weaver ant salt

A specialty food of Gia Lai with 1-0-2 that you can buy as a gift is weaver ant salt. Ants will be roasted in a hot pan, removing dirt, and then roasted with salt and chili to create the final product.

Not only has a high nutritional content, but weaver ant salt also has a unique flavor, suitable as a seasoning for a sunny cow, grilled chicken, or mixed with mannequin salad.


8. Pleiku Coffee

Dubbed the coffee capital, coming to Gia Lai without enjoying this delicious drink is a mistake. Besides the usual types, the expensive, unique weasel coffee from taste to processing is a specialty that attracts a lot of attention from tourists.

Weasel coffee is not bitter, but fragrant and has a nutty aftertaste that makes even the most fastidious coffee lovers nod in approval.

If you hear this and your stomach is already hungry, what are you waiting for, but not yet go on a raft to explore the mountainous town of the Central Highlands to have the most impressive Gia Lai specialties! And for the most economical and convenient travel, don’t forget to book airline tickets, bus tickets, and hotels right on Passionate Travel with many attractive offers.


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