Be ecstatic with the TOP 10 delicious and irresistible Western Vietnam specialties

Going to the West of Vietnam, besides enjoying the fresh air, and experiencing many fun entertainment activities, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many super attractive Western Vietnam specialties that everyone must try upon arrival.


Cơm cháy kho quẹt (Braised fried rice)

This dish is very simple with crispy golden brown rice, dipped in the delicious braised pot. In addition, the locals also eat it with a plate of delicious boiled vegetables to create the “delicious” taste of this dish. Although popular, eating in is very mouth-watering and gives diners many different emotions.


Vịt nấu chao (duck soup with chao)

Duck soup with chao is one of the dishes that are said to represent Western cuisine with the main ingredient of this dish being Siamese duck, which undergoes meticulous processing, marinated in the right taste, the dish will be fragrant and taste very unforgettable. Chao is fermented tofu and originates from Guangdong, China. 

Duck cooked with chao often has to choose delicious chao to make up the delicious flavor of the dish, combined with taro will make the dish more fleshy, more fragrant and delicious. To eat with this duck, it must be served with vegetables because it makes the dish delicious and eats less boring, can sip slowly.


Grilled snakehead fish

Traveling to the West without eating grilled snakehead fish is a big omission. The fish grill is made up of bricks stacked up, the fire is burned with straw rather than coal, and the fish is left whole without scraping the scales, using a bamboo stick or bamboo stick to burn each fish from the tail to the heart of the fish, then place to the grill. The fish is grilled until it is burnt, but it must be turned over evenly. The fish will be more delicious if it is spread with a layer of onion oil on top and sprinkled with peanuts to add fat to the dish.


Coconut worms

It sounds strange, but this is a familiar dish for those who are passionate about unique Western cuisine. Coconut worms are healthy protein-rich insects and there are also many ways to cook this dish that are born in addition to eating raw with a fish sauce such as: roasted coconut worms, grilled coconut worms with salt and pepper, steamed coconut worms, etc. If you like novelty and experience, you can try this dish.


Bánh xèo miền tây (Western crispy pancake)

It’s a pity to go to the West without trying the countryside pancakes. To make a plate of crispy and delicious pancakes is a whole process to pour the cake, the crispy golden fried cake has many kinds of fillings such as bean sprouts, meat, cassava, etc. delicious flavors blend. Western pancakes will be more rolled if eaten with forest vegetables dotted with sweet and sour fish sauce and pickles, which will make the dish more delicious and explode the taste.


Ba Khía (Crab)

Ba Khía is a crab-like species, living mainly in mangrove forests. This species of sea urchin has a small size, lots of bricks, and firm meat without sticking to the claws and claws. There are many specialties of the West that are made from three aspects such as: Ba Khia, roasted with tamarind, roasted with salt, mango salad, papaya, boiled in batches, etc. Ba Khia is small but meaty. very delicious and sweet promises to bring visitors a hearty meal.


Lẩu cá Linh, bông điên điển (Small fish hot pot with special flowers)

Small fish hotpot is often eaten with dandelion flowers and a number of other side dishes, all of which have been blended into a dish with a simple sweet, sour and sour taste, but with a faint echo of the nature of the river. This hot pot dish can be flexibly served with rice or fresh vermicelli. Linh fish hot pot is very easy to eat, suitable for many ages and surely only when you come to the West, you can enjoy the right taste of this dish. This is said to be a specialty of the West of the river.


Bánh Tét lá cẩm (Camellia leaf tet cake)

This is a kind of cake with green skin, and an eye-catching purple sticky part, accompanied by a yellow and red mung bean cake filled with meat. The delicious taste of the cake is also created from the fatty taste of coconut milk, when eaten, there is the softness of sticky rice, and the sweet taste of the cake. If you have the opportunity to come to the West, try to eat this cake to feel the delicious taste of this specialty cake.


Bò bảy núi An Giang (An Giang’s cows)

Dishes using this type of beef for processing include: boiled beef and boiled beef with banh cuon, beef porridge, beef khaki bread, stir-fried beef with Giang leaves, rattled beef, rattled beef, and beef steak. Each beef dish is different in terms of processing, but each contains a very unique flavor of Sam mountain beef. This is said to be an An Giang specialty that every person who comes to these “seven mountains” must enjoy.


Sa Dec noodle soup

One of the legendary noodle dishes of the West is Sa Dec noodle soup. The bowl of Sa Dec noodle soup will include: pork, heart, liver, intestines, beef balls, … and broth stewed from sweet and fragrant bones. This is a dish that any visitor can hardly contain when coming to Dong Thap.


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