Amok fish dish – specialty with Cambodian flavor

Eating habits in Cambodia also have many similarities with their brothers from Asia. But there are still many distinct and unique features. They also eat rice, noodles or dishes such as meat and fish and dessert with tropical fruits. But Cambodian cuisine still has its own unique features. It is thanks to the secret of cooking water and the way of processing Cambodian dishes. Amok fish dish is such a dish because it carries the traditional and typical features of Cambodian cuisine. Let’s learn about the Amok fish dish below


The culinary symbol of the land of pagodas

Cambodia is mentioned as the symbol of temples with two masterpieces Angcovat and Angcothom, but few people know that this land has an extremely delicate cuisine with elaborately prepared dishes hidden under the exterior. quite simple. And one of the most unique dishes is Amok. Cambodians also call amok soup, a great dish used as “lai rai”, but also very delicious to bring rice. This rustic dish is not scooped into a bowl but is often presented quite sophisticatedly: sometimes in a coconut, sometimes in a homemade bowl made of banana leaves… This presentation causes a sense of excitement. for people to enjoy, it makes one feel like receiving a gift from nature.

Amok fish is one of the dishes with a typical Cambodian flavor with a simple appearance but extremely elaborate and delicate processing. Amok is a famous traditional dish of Cambodia and is a symbol when it comes to the culinary quintessence of the country’s golden pagodas. Fish Amok is a combination of many ingredients such as fish, jaggery, coconut water, and bohoc sauce to create a unique flavor for the dish.

However, if you try it for the first time, it may not be to your taste, because you are not used to it and the amok dish may be a bit strong, but if you eat it for a long time, eat a little more, you will see that this dish is truly a “human masterpiece”. space”. The fish is soft and absorbent. In addition, the sweet and pleasant aroma of banana leaves is equally stimulating.


How to cook fish Amok

The main ingredients to make this dish are snakehead or catfish because these fish have a lot of meat, and little bones, and the fish is not friable. Besides, there are other ingredients such as Khuong, coconut milk, eggs, jaggery, prohock fish sauce, and some leaves to create color and flavor for the dish. Especially to cook, this dish must be full of ingredients because without any kind of flavor is missing part of the uniqueness.

The cooking method is also quite delicate and complex. The first is to bring Khuong, beef sauce, sugar, and eggs to a mixture, add turmeric powder, and bring it to cook until it becomes thick and has an attractive color. Clean the fish, remove the intestines and then wrap the whole piece of fish in this mixture. Add a few leaves, then wrap it with banana leaves and steam.


Amok fish can be combined with other dishes

Before bringing it out to eat, people will add a tablespoon of coconut milk and a few slices of chili to make the steamed fish more fragrant. An aroma blended with coconut milk, chili, and fish sauce is extremely attractive that makes you want to eat immediately. Peel off the banana leaf layer to release the smell of smoke and smell good. Try a piece, anyone will be captivated by both the aroma and the taste. It is a mixture of the delicious taste of fish, the aroma of banana leaves, the fatty taste of coconut milk, and the sweet taste of jaggery.

The yellow color of turmeric and the same ingredients give Amok steamed fish an extremely beautiful color. This dish is more delicious when eaten while it is still hot and served with sticky rice and a glass of palm-leaf wine. When enjoying this dish, you also have to slowly, slowly eat each piece so that the delicious flavors melt in your mouth. That way, you can fully feel the quintessential and wonderful combination of two seemingly unrelated ingredients: fish and coconut.

This Amok steamed fish dish is often eaten with sticky rice. Soy sauce and if you have a cup of palm wine, it’s even better. And in addition to fish ingredients, sometimes Cambodians also break this traditional dish. With other ingredients such as chicken, beef, pork, tofu, etc. To create different flavors to attract more and more diners.


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