2 days wandering in Phu Yen

Summer in Phu Yen not only gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the blue sea but is also an ideal spot for photographers as well as an adventure place for young backpackers.

As a coastal province in the South Central Coast region, Phu Yen has three sides bordering mountains and a diverse system of rivers, lagoons, bays, and islands. This destination still has many beautiful, wild, and mysterious landscapes.

Below is a two-day itinerary for visitors to Phu Yen.


Day 1: Move to Phu Yen

If moving from Saigon, you can catch a bus at the Eastern bus station at 5 pm or 6 pm to arrive in Phu Yen in the early morning. Travel time is about 12 hours.

If traveling from Hanoi, you will have to travel a longer distance of about 1,250 km, the total travel time is 26 hours by bus. In addition, you can choose air transport to save time, about 2 hours

You will arrive around 5:00 or 5:30, arrange, check your belongings and start your exploration. You can check in at 14:00 according to the hotel’s regulations. In addition, for the convenience of moving, you should rent a motorbike.

Breakfast with fresh squid porridge – a specialty of the sea. Then you depart to Dai Lanh lighthouse.


Welcoming the dawn on the lighthouse

Dai Lanh (or Mui Dien) has very beautiful sandy slopes. Following the trail, you can go to the lighthouse, where you can see the vast sea, watching the ships go up and down on the sea. This is the place to see the earliest sunrise in Vietnam. This lighthouse is up to 100 years old and is still in operation. 


10 am passing Ca Pass, watching Vung Ro Bay

On the way back to Tuy Hoa, you can stop to see Vung Ro Bay and hear more about the Ho Chi Minh Trail on the sea. Then, if you’re still interested in exploring, learn how the locals catch lobsters and observe the pace of life of the fishermen.


11 am return to Tuy Hoa for lunch

Phu Yen specialties have attractive dishes such as chicken rice, fish salad, oyster porridge, and shallot soup… You should also try the apricot fish salad, squid vermicelli or fresh seafood.

Apricot fish salad, one of Phu Yen’s specialties


14 pm visit Nhan mountain

This is a mountain about 60 m high above sea level, looking from afar, it looks like a swallow spreading its wings. On the mountain, there is an ancient tower built according to the artistic architecture of the Cham people. Standing from the top, you can have a panoramic view of Tuy Hoa city, and admire the beauty of the green patches of the sea, trees, and houses.


16 pm wandering Tuy Hoa city

The afternoon is the right time to go to the sea breeze. You can visit the 1/4 square to drink water, snack, and feel the rhythm of life of the people here.


18 pm continue to explore the evening cuisine

If you don’t want to eat full but are looking for regional specialties, try going along the sea to choose grilled seafood dishes, don’t miss tuna fish – a famous dish associated with the land of Phu Yen.


20 pm walking around the city

After dinner, you can come to experience the sky bars located in luxury hotels here such as Sky Lounge on the rooftop of Cendeluxe hotel. Here you can drink coffee, and enjoy the city view at night.


21 pm – 22 pm back to the hotel to relax

GanGanh Da Dia (Da Dia Reef) is 50 m wide and stretches over 200 m.


Day 2: Ganh Da Dia (Da Dia Reef) – Mang Lang Church – O Loan lagoon

5 am to welcome the sunrise on the sea

To see the whole sunrise, you should get up early and move to the sea right in Tuy Hoa. At this time, the sun has just risen, and the sun shines gently on the sea, creating very beautiful light streaks.


7 am breakfast at restaurants near the sea or along the road

You continue to the roadside shops to enjoy the hot delicacies of Phu Yen.


8 am depart to the North of Tuy Hoa and visit Ganh Da Dia

This is one of the most famous sights of Phu Yen. From afar, Ganh Da Dia looks like a giant beehive with square blocks lined up next to each other reaching out to the sea. The rocky beach is likened to thousands of black pearls that stand out among the blue sea and white waves. You also see the fisherman’s basket boats moored, creating harmony and tranquility for the poetic coastal picture.


11 am visit Mang Lang church

This is one of the oldest ancient churches in Vietnam, located on the banks of Ky Lo River (local people call it Cai River). The church was built in Gothic architecture with many decorative patterns combined with simple gray-blue colors to create an ancient and mysterious feature. This is the place to keep the first Vietnamese book printed in Quoc Ngu script compiled by priest Alexandre de Rhodes.


13 pm go to lunch

To facilitate travel and save time, you can prepare carry-on food such as bread, mineral water, canned food, etc.


14 pm visit O Loan Lagoon

Here you can enjoy the famous oysters and blood cockles here. Walk around and admire the captivating beauty of the lagoon landscape. You can wait until the afternoon to watch the sunset. In the twilight at the end of the day, the sunset on the O Loan lagoon inspires many professional and amateur photographers.


16 pm return to the city center for dinner then returns to Saigon or Hanoi. Finish the trip.


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