10 famous dishes of Laos

If anyone has ever traveled to Laos, they will surely be moved by the traditional dishes of Laos. One of the reasons that have created the attraction is the combination of food with natural spices. in every dish. The processing is simple but still leaves the dish frugal with unique flavors. Here are the dishes with bold uniqueness in the culinary culture of Laos. Please take a look 10 famous dishes of Laos


Lapp Naam Tok (Minced Meat Salad)

Minced meat salad is a salad known as the national food of Laos, this is a dish favored by many people because of its taste and ingredients. The mannequin is highly appreciated when eaten with glutinous rice and a few raw vegetables to make the dish less boring. People chop the main ingredients such as fish, shrimp, and meat and mix them together, then they mix them with Chinese flavor, basil, mint, pepper, and chili.


Or Lam

A spicy stew, originating from Luang Prabang and the main ingredients are vegetables such as beans, eggplant, lemongrass, cinnamon, wild mushrooms, herbs, chili and Mai Sakaan. Mai Sakaan is a spicy, locally grown plant. They are quite fibrous so you can chew mai sa kaan to enjoy the flavor and then discard the pulp. In addition, this dish can also be cooked with other types of meat such as beef, chicken, and buffalo… to increase its deliciousness. A combination with this dish is Laotian sticky rice


Khao Piak Sen

Also known as Pho Lao, this dish is considered by many international tourists as “the first meal to welcome the new day, great for any culinary trip”. You can find this dish on any street corner as Khao Piak Sen is very popular with locals. The unique feature of the dish is the thick and chewy rice noodles, served with a rich broth with chicken or pork


Khao soi

This is a soup made with large rice noodles, minced raw pork, tomatoes, fermented soybeans, chili peppers, shallots and garlic, then topped with grated fat, bean sprouts, scallions, and chopped coriander. Northern Lao people have a special way of preparing this dish, and variations of it can be found in many Lao restaurants.


Tam mak hoong

This is a dish quite similar to son tam of Thai cuisine, also known as papaya salad, with the perfect blend of all flavors spicy, sour, salty, sweet… Lao people can replace papaya with papaya. other ingredients such as green mango, green banana… sliced ​​or thinly sliced ​​mixed with spices such as chili, lemon, salt, sugar, and fish sauce. In addition, many places also mix other ingredients such as seafood


Khao Jee Pa-Ta

Also known as Lao bread. The seller will cut the bread lengthwise, then spread it on a thick and greasy pate, then add grilled sausage, cucumber, scallions, carrots, pickled radish, and meat with a layer of spicy sauce. sweet. Many tourists said, for them, this best bread can be found in Khua Din market, Vientiane.


Sai Oo-ah (Sai ​​Ua)

This will be one of those Lao dishes that you will order a second plate a few seconds after finishing the first plate. As many food bloggers, they call this “something worth your time coming to Laos just to try this dish”. Sai Oo-ah is also known as fried/grilled sausage by Vietnamese tourists, with a sweet and greasy taste. This dish is best eaten when hot, and placed on a banana leaf.


Sien Savanh

Lao-style beef jerky is a snack, often served with beer. However, it also appears on the lunch menu with rice. Sien Savanh is made from beef (or buffalo), marinated with a mixture of garlic, fish sauce, ginger, sesame seeds, sugar, salt, and black pepper, and then dried in the sun. Locals like to cook this dish over the fire, for a smoky flavor, served with sticky rice or dipped with jaew maak len (a dipping sauce consisting of tomatoes and chili peppers).


Nam Khao

Nam khao or naem khao is Laotian crispy rice salad, a delicious dish eaten with your fingers during a family meal or with friends after work with beer. Nam Khao is hard to make, but luckily it’s available at street stalls and markets all over Laos.

The rice is mixed with shallots, grated coconut, garlic and chili or red curry powder, then formed into balls and deep fried until golden brown. After cooling, the dish is divided into round portions with a salad that makes the dish more appealing.


Ping Kai

Another delicious dish that many people love is Ping Kai – grilled chicken. Ping Gai grilled chicken is made from the kind of chicken that is left free in the garden, so the meat is fragrant, delicious, and firm. After being processed, the chicken is sliced ​​in half, clamped on bamboo sticks and then rotated in a special charcoal fire. Grilled chicken is often eaten with white sticky rice and dipped with a typical Lao dipping sauce. Visitors will be fascinated by the delicious, spicy, sweet and sour taste.

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