Mui Ne is famous for its long white sand beaches, blue sea and soaring coconut trees. It is a cape in Phan Thiet city, a famous tourist center of Binh Thuan province. The name Mui Ne comes from fishermen fishing. “Mui” is the headland leading to the great sea; “Ne” means a place to avoid thunderstorms. In 2018, Mui Ne was recognized as a national tourist area. Let find out the trip to travel to Mui Ne now.


What season is beautiful in Mui Ne?

Visitors can come to Mui Ne all year round, each season “sea paradise” brings a different beauty. From April to August is the most beautiful time to travel to Mui Ne, at this time the sea water is clear and cool.

August to December, will be suitable for those who like windsurfing and extreme sports because of the time. In December, it can rain, so visitors should bring an umbrella if going out.


Where to go in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is not only an “entertainment paradise” with a beautiful coastline stretching, it is also famous for many historical sites and rich Champa culture. Here are the 10 most famous destinations in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.


Hon Rom

Hon Rom is the name of a small mountain that is still unspoiled, located in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward, City. Phan Thiet. Visitors should come to Hon Rom in the early morning or late afternoon to watch the sunrise and sunset. This is also an ideal camping spot to make campfires at night or watch the moon and stars. The beach cluster in Hon Rom has smooth waves, no reefs and clear blue water, you can ask for directions to Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 or Thuy Trang beach to swim.


Pink Sand Dunes

Near Hon Rom is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Mui Ne – Red Sand Dunes. In addition to the long wavy sandy beaches, the color of the sand is also an attraction for visitors, there are times when the sand on the hill has 18 different colors. Up the sand hill, you can rent skis. This is also a favorite activity of all visitors when coming here

At the foot of the sandhill, there are some fast food and drinks for sale such as Coconut three times, filter cake, tofu…


Bau Trang – Bau Sen (White sand Dune)

Bau Trang – Bau sen are two natural freshwater lakes located between immense white sand dunes. Coming to Bau Trang in the summer, visitors can admire thousands of lotus flowers blooming among the white sand dunes.

Bau Trang sand dune is likened to a “mini-Saharan desert” in Vietnam with its vast and wild scenery. Here visitors can rent an off-road vehicle or a Jeep to drive around Bau Trang


Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is called the “Heaven fairy scene” by tourists. Here there is a small creek located next to Hon Rom. Next to the stream are naturally red and white stalactites with many strange shapes due to the erosion of time.


Ke Ga Lighthouse

If you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, you will meet Ke Ga lighthouse first. This 100-year-old lighthouse was designed by a French architect, and all construction materials are imported from France. After all this time, the lighthouse is still standing, emitting light to guide ships moving in the sea at night.

To visit Ke Ga lighthouse, you need to rent a canoe to the island. Then climb more than 180 steps to reach the lighthouse. From above, you can zoom in to see the beautiful sea. From the lighthouse, you can explore more grasslands on the right side of the island. The green lawn with a direct view of the lighthouse creates a beautiful background for you to check in!


Ta Cu Mountain

If you love to exercise, like walking, and trekking, Ta Cu mountain with an altitude of about 650 m above sea level is very suitable! Along the route leading to Ta Cu mountain are very beautiful flowering plants, most prominently by a mausoleum. The highlight of the trekking trip is the giant statue of Buddha entering nirvana with the posture lying on the top of the mountain.

If you do not have too much time to conquer the 1000 steps leading to the mountain, you can choose to travel by cable car. With only 15 minutes of travel, you will reach your destination. On the cable car, you can also admire the beautiful scenery around you. On Ta Cu mountain is a complex of pagodas such as Long Doan Pagoda, To Pagoda, Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda… Besides, you also have the opportunity to participate in fishing, play duck riding or choose to continue trekking to reach the top. the highest point of the mountain at the 694 m milestone.


Co Thach rock beach

Co Thach stone beach is located in Co Thach Pagoda tourist area, Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan. The unique feature of the stone beach is the strange shape of the stones with extremely rich colors. Over time, under the wear and tear of sea waves, sun and wind, large rocks are also honed into very unique shapes.

Every year, from February to March is the time when the rocky beach puts on a green and fanciful coat of moss. This is considered a golden time for you to hunt for photos of a lifetime at the rocky beach. Attention for you: moss growing season makes it slippery, while taking photos, you should pay attention when moving to ensure your safety.


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